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    Losing Faith

    When I feel down, i think of how Guru sahib's kurbania for the khalsa panth. I think of Shaheed Singhs of puraatan times and from 80s How they were tortured, boiled alive, cut piece by piece, Yet they continued to Japp Naam. We as human beings feel down or low sometimes when put in tough situations of life. Then we tend to question our faith. But when you have such strong history, you feel strong yourself, and feel inspired and motivated by shaheed singh stories...makes your faith stronger!! I would suggest doing ardaas on regular basis in the charan kamal of Guru Mahraaj Jee and keep up wi
  2. Another video revealing how punjab pulas made somone take their pagg off.. They are total hindustani channels, they never show anything like that, never showed Shera's khabar either. But they always show news of Babbar khalsa Singhs getting caught with hathyaars & terrorism.
  3. Speaking of the movie "Gadar" It was a big hit in Punjab, I remember it so well the sikhs in punjab were soo excited when it came out, They didnt see anything wrong with a Tara "singh" coverting to Islam for a girl & it was a big deal when he had to say "hindustan murdabad"... Thats exactly where the mentality of proud indian sikhs come from. Now if you ask them, Did Guru Gobind Singh make His Singhs like this tara singh in the movie? The real singhs were those who got their skulls pull apart, got cut limb by limb, got boiled alive but didnt give up their Sikhi, their Love for Guru ji...a
  4. it is very humiliating when we see sikhs/sardaars cheering for India and tell us to forget about 1984. The hindustani proud Sikhs just dont seem to care about Sikhi, they are the ones who support bollywood movies in which they make mockery of sikh image. Its because of "them" we can't unite, boycott everything "hindustani" and be true Sikhs. I am sorry but i have no love for india at all. Alright there are so many historical Gurdwara sahibs there, Punjab is part of post-paritition india. But if you think about it, Gurdwara sahibs are in pakistan too, Why shouldnt we support Pakistan then, and
  5. I was just wondering if Sikhs celebrate Sangraand or puneya and other days?I know a lot of gurdwara sahibs in india have special programs/ divaans on these particular days. But i have never kept up with it & i have no idea why we should celebrate these days, and what is the significance of them in Sikhi? please share if you know anything about it. thanks.
  6. Gyani ji Can you tell me - What time would it be on according to US time (Eastern and pacific standard time)? and thank you for making such a great effort. We all need to pray!
  7. Need a link to sikh audio books that are available on the net. Thanks!!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FphHnITkJ4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB1bhY-yQfI&feature=related
  9. I always say this, if your faith is important to you, then you will want to get a life partner with similar values. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter. i agree with this. I have an uncle he married a gori (christian) they married in the court and decided that they both will follow their own faith & wont impose any specific religion(sikhichristian) on their children but tell them about both faiths. They named their son a sikh name and daughter a christian name (not kaur, something different) so they both compromise with each other & dont let the faith come in their way. Its been wo
  10. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh I am not sure if the topic on "sikhligars" have been discussed before on this forum, so just attempting to request the sangat here to help the Sikhligars with any possible seva. I dont know how many of you are aware of who Sikhligars actually are!! I wasn't until today...You could google and read about them, if need to ( they were blessed with the talent to make kirpaans for the sikhs by guru saheb!!) These Sikhs are the " forgotten ones" because they have no access to Guru Granth saheb (for 6 generations), they live in the slums, they are deprived
  11. he has got papers (citizenship) for Australia, so dont think he is doing all this just to come to US. He says you cant know everything about one but he is sure that he knows me well and will keep me happy. I also thought that i knew him well enough to make the decision, but lately he has been acting psycho - goes outta control just when i say i am not gonna talk to anyone, acts impatiently call me , then cant even speak properly, scares me, keep saying 'please please' to me (quite disturbing). so i am not sure if i know him anymore. thanks all for your suggestions!!
  12. Vaheguru jee ka khalsa Vaheguru jee kee fateh! This is one of the serious issues in sikh kaum/punjab today. About a couple months ago, when Joginder Singh, SGPC Secretary had come to US, I had a chance to talk to him about such issues. When I brought this issue up of "female infanticide", I said i think we need to do something about it..The numbers of females to males in punjab are very disporpotionate and something need to be done about it. He goes Oh Now the numbers getting better...almost equal to boys. I was like No way, as far as I know ,it is not true. Then he smirked and goes "jehdia m
  13. i am in a similar dilemma. I havent taken amrit yet, i have seriously been looking into where to go, i mean which rehat maryaada to follow (ofcourse akal takhat saheb, but there are a few minor differences in rehat maryaada which are not possible to be ignored). I usually go to most of the akj smaagams but dont quite agree with raagmaala not being baani. Keski being kakaar doesnt bother me much because i wear a keski too, but dont consider it a kakaar, but i know i will never be without it. However, when i looked into taksaal maryaada. I follow taksaal santheya and do think their rehat maryaad
  14. Karamheen Dhann Karai Benanti Kadh Naanak Aavai Vaari

    1. chupchapiti


      Sabh Suhaagan Maanai Raleeya Ek Dehvo Raat Muraari <3

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