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  1. gurfateah , there is a business plan etc there is a nursrey buliding behind the sportsall which will bring alot of income in ! and paji/penji you are saying that sanagt are asking money from the sangat so will it hapen again . You have a right to ask this beacsue maybe someone else has this same question ... when this 70grand is lifted from our hearts the academy wont stop thier they will be going to gurdwara and doing parchaar until the seva team no that the academy has built a foundation and will stay put !!! EVERY LITTLE HELPS !!!!! sorry if i had said anything wroung that was not my
  2. 2) naam japo ( chant the lords name saas grass (every breath you take !) than than than sri guru tegh bahudar sahib ji has howed us this many mANY times ! For example they used to sit in a bola sahib (where you couldnt sit up straight ) and they would sit there for 21 hours ! Thats how than than than than sri guru tegh bahudar sahub ji gave his head for the hindus janeyo ( scared thread in hinduism ) and our guru than than than sri guru tegh bahurdar sahib ji didnt even believe in the janeyo but still they thought for another religion ThAN THAN ThAN SRI GURU tEGH BAHUDAR SAHIB Ji !!!! 3) kir
  3. Gurfateah , How amazing is this we have reached so much IN 12 DAYS !!!! I can just feel and imagine mata sahib kaur ji is so happy with us ! BUT do we stop here ......... NO lets finsh this lets find people that can give or even give donations our selves ! Then ONLY we an say we are a true gursikh ! Than than than sri guru nanak dev ji give us all 3 GOLDEN RULES that we should carry out in our everyday lives ! 1) vaand ke shakna (share everything even with people u dont no ) for example guru nanak dev jis father gave them some money to buy something and guru nanak dev ji saw people sitt
  4. Gurfateah , As u can see this academy is really importanted to the kids , as paji has just told us . I myself , are one of the kids who come to the academy . At school lesson 5 , im always so excited and cant wait to get to the academy . Thiers something inside me that tells me i have to go ! And when the bell goes i just feel like screaming WAHEGuRU !! Beacuse im just so happy . I see kids coming straight after school and im like " how amazing is this , this is how much love they have for the academy !! Please please please please from a 13yrold singhni , save the academy !! look how muc
  5. Gurfateah , beni to everyone please please please save this gurugar , im. Not really understanding beacuse if so many singhs and singhni have to give thier lives up and all we have to do is give some maya (money) to the gurghar ........ Its not like someone is asking forr you head isit ???? ...... NO ITS NOT !! Ask youself sangat ji , HAVE YOU EVER HEARD A GURDWARA SHUT DOWN ? no wahegurus kirpaa a gurdwara has NEVER been shut down ..... So why start now ??? so many girls that are suppose to be in sikhi are moving away from Beloved SIkhi thier doing all the wroungs . No one has told
  6. gurfateah Paji its on today at 7pm ! it doesnt say but it will be on just keep sikhtv on from 6:30pm . (By the way paji its the meeting and a short video to go with it . Its really good dont miss it ! ) gurfateah
  7. The mata sahib kaur sikh academy please do all you can plaease beacuse thiers so many ki8ds that will be let down beacuse a lack of maya (money) which we all do have but just have to many doubts BUT HOW CAN U HAVE DOUBTS WHEN SUCH A PLACE WILL BE SAVED ???

  8. Gurfateah , Paji the meeting is not going to come on today . But yesterday on Sikh tv there was a program about The Mata Sahib Kaur Sikh Academy ... So today it should be on aswell hopefully , just keep on watching sikh tv and it should show up . Plus today the presentation kids went to a local gurdwara . And that should be shown on tv soon aswell . Hopefully that will be shown asswell on Sikh tv , but the sevadars of the academy will surely update sikhsangat !! Gurfateah
  9. Gurfateah , Penji the thing is that in gurdwara thiers alot of politics basicially commities and thats tge thing in the a acAdemy which is different the kids run it . And the sevadar this weekend are trying thier best to go to gurdwara ! ...
  10. Gurfateah , paji the sevadar did not did not ask for this ..... But when itz in your karam to have such a test in your life all we can do is try our bests and even more . Than than than mata sahib kaur ji is just testing us so lets keep our head high .. If we have faith in maharaj , waheguruwont let anything happen to thier gurugar .... Gurfateah

  12. Gurfateah , gurdssingh yh i went to the meeting yesterdai and it was amazing kids were sain how theyve changed some of themm were so emotional waheguru .. The meeting will be on sikh tv and sikh channel by saturday maharajz kirpaa .. And singh i dont no if thier have been any amounts but even the nursrey was talked about so things should start to kick in maharajz kirpaa Gurfateah
  13. The acadsmy has done so much for all of us kids . Just think all them kids who have got saved from janam maran ..... And think how many otherz will be saved aswell ! A beanteee to tge sangat whoz reading from a 13 ur old daughter of mata sahib kaur ji .. If this was our house we would save it this is the gurusgaarr !!!
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