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  1. There is usually one at soho road gurdwara every Sunday after sangrand.
  2. Good Idea Khalsa ji, However I would suggest that the Ik oankaar image shouldn't be in line with the feet of the baby. perhaps you could cascade it with the top line having Ik oankaar and then have everything beneath it. Or maybe even change it as its gurbani, so no beadbi happens when being hung on a wall. Good work, nice summary. vjkk vjkf
  3. Someone please provide more info on this situation after the meeting to inform the rest of the Sangat outside of Luton..
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lq-o0MagHAY&feature=hp_SLN&list=SL This is on the front page of youtube at the moment. Bhai Atma Singh sharing his veechar. Very good to see gursikhs speaking in mainstream media.
  5. Everyone please download the new track from MDK MOB ft Realist & Pavitar Singh called INVESTIGATE 84 from itunes. This track has made number 2 in the world charts after being online for 1 day. Its only 79p, and all proceeds go to Seva for the panth. This is an excellent way to do parchar and let the world know of 1984 directly through a track that exposes the indian goverment. We need to support our singhs doing parchar and 79p is nothing to contribute. promo: Search 'investigate 84' in itunes Get it to number 1 and help END THE SILENCE. Lets really push this, its a simple but effective way to get the word out Please forward to all family and friends
  6. I just went on youtube and saw a pic of a singhni on one of the videos, lol check this out: forward to about 1.20
  7. definatly Sukha Singh Gravesend. If you can get him to come down im sure he'l do a good job
  8. good timing aman0001 ji and a fair point. if you need any info pm me. im not from east london, or have had anything to do with the setting up of the academy, i simply spent some time there in the summer due to a work placement near there. So my experiences are first hand and i left there quite amazed and happy, and came back home telling all the local singhs that we should go there to help out. I think the only way you can appreciate what these gursikhs are doing is by seeing it first hand.
  9. VJKK VJKF Over the summer i spent some time at the academy, and from my first hand experience there, i can vouch for it and say it is an amazing achievement and truely an inspiring place. I think as a sangat we all owe our seva or daswand to help the sevadaars continue with the seva. The place is named after our mother, mata sahib kaur ji, how shameful would it be if such a place had to be closed down because of lack of maya? The things the academy has done shouldnt be overlooked. When the beadbi of 11 pavitar saroops of Satguru Granth Sahib ji happened in the bow gurdwara fire, it was these sevadaars and at this asthaan that the seva of these saroops was done. This asthaan has the biggest sach khand sahib in the UK. The Satkaar taught to the kids is more of a higher level then most of us probably could consider. The kids are learning how to be tyar par tyar gursikhs, they are taught how to do mahraaj sahibs seva, ardas, kirtan, santhiya, and so much more. It is a bright light and amazing prospect for the future and brings hope for our panth. Please do not look at this and consider it to be someone elses problem, hear the benti from these gursikhs, and please donate what ever you can. VJKK VJKF
  10. vjkk vjkf Seems every year so many new faces come and get inspiration of the immaculate jeevani of such a Gursikh. You can clearly see how massive the kamai of Baba ji was, as even after 6 years of them leaving for sach khand, more and more youngsters are being inspired by their life and jeevani. The smagaam was amazing, well done to all the sevadaars and may maharaj continue to do such kirpa on you all.
  11. For those of you that havent seen this video: http://tkohub.com/de...-online-stream/ just watch it to find out, brilliant episode, see katar, khanda and chakkar in action.
  12. VJKK VJKF BARSI UPDATE: Sant Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale has been confirm to attend the barsi today. Should be an amazing smagam so please attend
  13. vjkk vjkf. the smethwick camp is still in planning stages. however there is a gurmat camp at west brom gurdwra (Guru Har Rai Sahib ji) which starts on the 8th of august for 5 days.
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