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  1. Is this the video ????? http://www.channel4.com/news/three-killed-in-birmingham-hit-and-run-attack
  2. Did anyone see Sky news showing sikhs in southall .
  3. Why do you not do something better instead of picking out minor faults from jus reign and aka. Clearly sitting on the computer and wasting your time on the internet is not what a sikhs actions are about. Get off your backside and fight for the injustice that is happening in the world !!
  4. After all that is that the conclusion !
  5. What do you want us to do ????????????
  6. You get all sorts of amritdhari people. Some are very good , some are ok and some are very bad. Even in normal life i cant fully trust what people say about others until i have seen it with my own eyes. You may get another guy in the neighbourhood who thinks the amritdhari person is decent. These are just a matter of peoples opinion. Now back to the questions im not an amritdhari but even i can answer those questions. 1. The guys isnt going to start handing out leaflets and go door to door to explain what he is wearing that is stupid - if somebody asks him im sure he can explain. 2. Pointless question - Doesnt have to if he doesnt want to. 3. If he treats his wife badly then he is wrong on that part but that is what your manager claims.
  7. I take it that your employers are amritdhari ...
  8. Would you say that Pro-khalistani supporters should technically support Palestine or not ?? - It still doesnt make sense to support Israel who treat the palestinian people living in their country like dirt just the way india treats or treated sikhs in the 80s and 90s. Yeah i agree with your points - its probably the same old "muslim " thing again.
  9. Since we have already started the discussion about Jews, one thing that i have found strange is that most of the pro khalistani sikhs i know are also very pro israeli as it would make sense to compare the plight of the sikhs in india with the plight of palestinians in israel and gaza ,as they are kind of in a similar situation with the same goals.... but maybe its just me.
  10. Quite a lot of the Jews you listed there arent actually that religious - they were just born into a jewish family so maybe that could be another reason.
  11. We're not stupid, of course anything can happen but i think nyung was probably trying to see what kind path sikhs will be on in 50 years regarding the current state now.
  12. Fair enough - i still disagree but its your opinion.
  13. What do you think will happen to sikhs in 50 years time.
  14. Anyways my opinion is that external parchaar is good, you claim that external parchaar shouldnt be used as the 3HO sikhs have given you a bad taste when in fact our religion was created with external parchaar.
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