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  2. lets get one thing straight the freehold was purchased by the gurdwara purely out of gurdwara golak funds........yes the building itself was built from other sources.......including a contribution from the nishkam sevak jatha and baba ji himself laid the first brick.....all these are facts!!! guru ji's property/land has been used for immoral purposes...end of!!! what we should be talking about is the woman spokesperson for the centre how dare she call mahraj da saroop...a book......further beadbi here to a national audience what a total disgrace!!!
  3. omg the community centre actually made a loss of £18K!!!! don't worry the gurdwara will bail it out again :ipunchyou:
  4. Dudley will be defiant they have another 2 days to send the letter to satkaar and the akal thakt..........i personally don't think they will sign it then we are all back to square 1........like the idea of maybe closing both buildings the gurdwara and centre giving all the money to sikh charaties and call it a day...plenty of gurdwara and comunity centres in the surrounding areas and all the booday have free bus passes....don't think it would be a great loss to anyone......in another 10 years no one will be going to the gurdwara or the day centre anyway....
  5. Agree with Dudley Singh you can never condone violence and thuggish behavior and the law will take whatever action takes place..... But again when looking at who to blame for this entire fiasco it must be the Gurdwara/Centre comittee Why on earth did they decide to hold this party and put innocent people at potential risk... They knew there where going to be potential issues here especially when they cancelled the protest....it was antogonostic behavior to hold this party people where already angry when they got there......you can't say anymore than that.... The committee put there own fam
  6. great debate but we losing track on the central issue..........has the minds of the comittee wale or dudley sangat changed??? listning to the nihal programme a trustee of the gudwara came on and it don't seem the case..........the bloke on the picture of the sun and the mail is still a comittee wale of the sikh cultural centre and the gurdwara simultaneously...have the committee signed the letter and sent it to the akal thakt?? i hear that the dudley sangat now wishes to ban all gursikhs from the gurdwara.....and turn the gurdwara to the first mona only gurdwara?? is this true
  7. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3607664/Militant-Sikh-mob-wreck-Sikh-Cultural-Centre-in-Dudley-in-booze-row.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1392108/Militant-Sikhs-trash-OWN-community-centre-bid-ban-sale-meat-alcohol-private-party.html i'm a celebrity please get me in here ;-)........
  8. Gosh great debate and i Think the Akal Thakt sandeesh was the winner!! However the callers forgot to mention that the Centre was actually a Gurdwara for 2 years and that 99.9% of the users are the same users and which community centre has had the Bhai Sahib of Soho Road and Panj Piara lay the founding stone??/ Hmmm smells a bit religious to me...I'm sure Channi from alaap was a Icon at the time and he would have been happy to lay the first stone :-)
  9. I will be unbiased as possible I arrived at the gurdwara around 12.15 and found that the car park which belongs to the gurdwara having a barrier on it and members of the gurdwara/centre committee directing people into the car park for party users. At the gates of the centre those attending the party where standing and watching At the bottom of the road singhs started to come and were told by the police not to go near the carpark that meant that the singhs increasing in numbers had very little space the singhs then started to do simran and chaupi sahib in the road...this carried on for a goo
  10. The Protest is back on thanks to Dudley Committee Wale.......You have just showed your true colours :-)
  11. Yes I have heard the same thing should be a good watch but would have preffered them to come on the Sikh Channel's Youth Show as I reckon Kam Singh would have got vexed again and the programe would still be on air :-)....it was a good one last week. Back to the point we will hear today that the centre has never been part of the gurdwara, not one penny has been spent from the gurdwara on the centre etc etc etc.....you can speak as much as you like the facts speaks for themselves the gurdwara has always been the custodian for the centre the foundation stone of the centre was laid by the Panj Pi
  12. Yes we must remember that this job is not complete its a good job but until anything changes and the centre refers back to the gurdwara this problem will still exist.....think the best thing should be that a kabzaa on the centre should take place with immediate effect....the jathia bandia leaders will have a lot to answer for when this situation arises again...as i'm sure it will and the fun and games will begin again!! Still think the protest would have had the best end result...even if it meant the uk sangat did simran in the gurdwara!!!
  13. Good news that the family have come to the senses and cancelled the party....... BAD News: Dudley Committee have not changed there minds on this issue and will continue to be defiant on this matter infact from what I have heard there position and popularity within the "sangat" has actually increasd...... Nothing has actually changed????? What will happen when we have no time or noticethat a party has been arranged ie if they got one on the 5th June when they know it maybe safe to do soo???? Has anyone actually resigned or been sacked from the committee.......NO I personally think cancelli
  14. gut feeling tells me that the party will be cancelled as it was never really going to take place but was seen as a test on what the reaction would have been but the committee are hoping that by next year the satkaar campaign will die out so maybe next year once the 5 member committee has got its feet under the table made the centre more "Asian" and then all will be ok..... from previous history this committee cannot be trusted and has been seen to be one step head of the 8 ball....Be AWARE very AWARE....
  15. Guru Ji is actually being robbed of its future sangat who are disallusioned and confused by inept gurdwara commitees like this one.......where as other gurdwara in the area have thriving community centres dudley has a party hall with no youth activities or support network for people who have just left school college or are returning from university......or need help.......information from individuals who live in dudley say that this centre serves a few old people who play cards during the weekday and some ladies fitness sessions and they get a free meal which they could easily get at the gurd
  16. Actually Mr Mandare you were not present at the gurdwara on sunday satkaar sevadars peacefully approached the sangat and talked to the "elders" with respect........inside the gurdwara these very elders where calling them kuthay etc and apparently it was the wife of your very respected financial sevadar mr anokh mandare that called one of the singh's a "bas**d" to his face......she was then politely told to go in the gurdwara by a local singh!!! facts about the party........its organised by the gurdwara committee/centre committee (same thing) local people received texts to come to the party
  17. For someone whose arguments for the centre are based solely around income generation i'm totally astounded that you don't check the figures before you write your words my friend......if you where on apprentice you would be fired for this....as for you identity being public and your grandfather being a decorated soldier my grandfather was also a soldier so no brownie points for that mate.....please check your facts before posting your ideology on business economics to the sangat....as you are probably a novice to the business world and also sikh principles so i advise you to do a bit of researc
  18. you donate to the gurdwara or the centre?????.......................ooops until recently they were the same thing until the gurdwara sold the hall for a £1 to a 5 member committee all of whom bar 1 where members of the gurdwara committee :-)....as for being jelous of "our" hall check last years accounts and see how much the parties actually made.....and compare that with "our" centre and also the facilities we have and you have and you will see its better to have a vibrant home than a massive building with nothing in it :-)
  19. Just asked my cousin who lives in dudley the only madares he knows in dudley is *personal info edited* who is one of the main "stakeholders" of the sikh cultural centre..so i guess *edit* is related to him and has a interest in this matter......for all his views on income generation can he expalin why a gurdwara like edward street in west brom where i am from is smaller than the dudley one and has a community hall smaller than the dudley one and runs adequately without maas sharab......also he needs to go to sedgely street and see there centre as well.....no wonder he lives 120 miles away from
  20. Fantastic show on sikh channel last night.....highlighting the Dudley issue think this should be followed up...next week after the rally!!
  21. Sounds like Dudley Committee Wale once again flexing its muscles and endless resources to promote there agenda.....I wouldn't be suprised if they bring the heavies in at the rally.....the lengths and determination they are going to side step any rules to satisfy there thirst and hunger for maas and sharab and to keep both the gurdwara and the centre in there control is amazing!!!
  22. Was a great show as usual.....can you confirm that this sunday's show will be about the continous beadbi and anti sikh stuff happining on our very doorstep at Dudley Gurdwara???
  23. Yes meat and sharab will flow at the Sikh Cultural Centre like the waters of the punjab............will rai,purewal,sandhu and atwal be there is the big question.....they have in there own minds beaten the uk sangat and told the midland jathadars and even the akal thatkt jathadar what they think of them and where to go!!
  24. Maybe someone can arrange for the akal thakt da jathadaar to come to dudley would love to see him take on these guys......my £1 is on dudley to win :-)
  25. A good update and reflection on whats going on the defiance of the Dudley "Sangat" is amazing if only a similar lust for sikhi existed as there is for maas and sharab we would rule the world......does anyone know where the funds go to the gurdwara (or the un accountable managment commitee of the centre) ...when you have a tea at the centre before the wedding??? I hear about £300 is charged for this privilage which is a good earner!!
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