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  1. Forever Balihaar to the sevadaars of BSRS trust for making Bhai Sahib's books available to sangat.
  2. Go to Bsrstrust.org. Under literature go to punjabi e-books.
  3. Kabeer Bhang Maschuli Sura Paan Jo Jo Prani Khahe, Teerath Barat Naym Keeai Tey Sabhey Rasatal Jahhe
  4. Sadhee Jeeb Naa Rajeea Kar Bhog Bilase|| why kill an animal for the satisfaction of our tongue. the only satisfaction for our tongue should be Naam.
  5. Baba Iqbal Singh Jee always said to me when I was little to continiously doo mool mantar jaap just as "SunSIngh" veer stated. Just try concentrate on that mool mantar jaap and concentration comes subsequently.
  6. English works the best my friend (without the excess amount of z's and awkward spelling. On-topic: Like posted above, the only thing that helps us is bani. Do ardaas for positive thought, take amrit, and listen to katha about pyaar.
  7. kookarramko

    Bad Smell

    Don't want to seem rude but I'll just bluntly say it. This is a gurmat website where bani, guru sahiban, and gurmat is discussed. There are several websites where you would get a more better answer like medical forums etc.. So why are you posting threads seeking answers on a forum that is irrelevant to your problems?
  8. "its happening in other countries like uh like uh,," classic
  9. Can someone post this shabad in gurmukhi with a translation? http://www.keertan.org/keertan/RARE%20LIVE%20Recordings/Bhai%20Balbir%20Singh%20Jee/Bhai%20Balbir%20Singh%20Jee%20%28Bir%20Ras%20-%20Tadar%20Dani%20Dani%20Tadar%20Dom%20Tirna%29.mp3
  10. and when they found out they where going around having premarital sex think about ow much of an impact it would be to their parents. think about the mentality of punjabi parents. not trying to be rude but punjabi parents arent easily educated. for instance in their situation, how are you to educate families about sikhi when you comitted a bujjar kurehat. not trying to criticize but this is how most people react when you try to "educate" them. Only thing i can say is: Naam Japlo, Bani Parlo, and do Ardaas that this lust doesnt effect you and look deeeeeep inside of yourself to see if this guy is really worth it.
  11. Maybe they're trying to tell you to wake up and do your nitnem.
  12. A Bujjar Kurehat is the 5 sins in sikhi in which a sikh should never commit. Adultery is the one that the people were refering to. The 5 Bujjar Kurehatan are: -Adultery -Consuming alcohol -Kesan Dey Beadbi, disrespect to our hair (inevitably meaning cutting it, and in the eyes of more stricter rehitvaan sikhs doing anything disrespectful to you hair cutting, getting highlights, dying, etc..) -Consuming meat -Taking intoxicants Bul Chuk Maaf
  13. hows it going against god? please care to elaborate... the fact that they commited a bujjar kurehat of having sex kindof makes it a pretty bad predicament and it kind of makes it in a situation where you have to get marries. i just dont understand how you can accidently do something like that. and if your amritdhari that makes it even worse.. krvqu Blw n krvt qyrI ] karavath bhalaa n karavatt thaeree || I would rather be cut apart by a saw, than have You turn Your back on me. not trying to be rude but, im assuming your amritdhari (correct me if im wrong). but if you are, then you pretty much turned your back to guru sahib. first and foremost you and your friend should get go infront of the panj pyara and take peshi. we learn from our mistakes but you need to understand that maybe you should listen to you parents because maybe theyre not only saying it for caste but maybe because they dont trust the guy or something.. you never want to argue with your parents. what are we without our parents? they raised us. most of the time they lead us to sikhi. they teach us manners and how to live. we will always be in debt to them so we should always respect our parents. if you know for sure that they are saying no because of his caste, then sit down and talk. dont be too convinced that this guy is great. he may seem great now but you never know how ppl change. bul chuk maf
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