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  1. First of all no thanks brother/ sister, we are all children of the one same Father Wahiguru Akal Purukh, in this alien land: bhavsagar. So I, me, you, he, she or we and they, is not important, only HE is important. And if any help can be provided by us in a reasonable, fair and a sound manner, should be given without any distinction of class, colour, caste or religion, and above all without any sense of gaining something in return, it should be selfless. So, as you were asking, what should or could be done, if phisicall, or monetary sewa can not be done.... Nothing to worry about much... as s
  2. We humans are prone to judge in haste, without giving a chance to see the depth of what is said, from all possible angles. Because, then only can a correct and a sound answer be given, otherwise it is just a reaction, which generally turns to be opposite of what one believes, and this attitude just shows one`s inmaturity, inspite of oneĀ“s belief of being a wise one. Having said that, amrit vela is traditionally known of the early hours of the day, because one engages in spritual practices, as that time is appropiate for that purpose, because usually at that time, there are no door bells, no
  3. The magic, the wonder, of doing the seva with our surat or soul of Paree Puran Parmatma, Satnam, is that we become one with Wahiguru, the soul , the drop merges and becomes one with the ocean, so there is no such thing like such and such bhagat, we see Lord everywhere and so we serve in that attitude. The thing is that we become one with Waheguru, in all manners, from any point of view. Here in this phisycall world we have dawn, mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights and so on situations, this world is running on the force of duality, so according to our human level of consciousness, we
  4. Sewa is first of all, a way to be humble, to remove haume in us, the egotism. It is said, humility is the only thing which the Lord likes, because He is the highest... Sewa is also a means to be more human being, by being helpful and kind in anyway to all creatures, as all have in them, that Light of Him. But not fake humility, but the real one, from the bottom of our hearts, having the sense of gratitude, and taking pleasure in doing it, for being allowed by the Lord, to serve our brother souls; sabna jeea ka iko Daata! having said that, sewas can be of 4 types: tan(body) man(mind), dhan(we
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