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  1. British gave loft position to sikhs and they had more respect for sikhs than hindus ... So , many hindus converted to sikhism
  2. There is no proof for the HOCUS-POCUS claims in that book !
  3. It is because of arrogant people like you that sikhism is becoming uncommon these days ! whats with so much superiority complex ?
  4. How can we measure this paleness or strength of a mantra , since its an intangible quantity .... please tell how to measure ?
  5. Thats ok brother , but if perfect one has made us perfect , then why we cut our nails , since they are also created by Shri Waheguru ji ! And baby is born without clothes , then why do we add to his creation by wearing clothes .?
  6. God also gave us nails . Why don't we let them grow as well ? Why do we cut it ?
  7. This is a simple curious question ( mods , please allow this for God's sake ) : Why hair-cuts not allowed in sikh religion ? I stay in mumbai and whenever I go out with my friends ( who all are moneh and clean-shaven ) , they ask me one thing : "Sarabjeet , God has blessed you with such a cute looks and your fair and handsome , then why you spoil your looks with this beard and long hair ?" I am not saying I want to cut my hair , but my only question is that all religions have allowed hair-cut , why in our sikhism it is not allowed ? thanks
  8. When I told my mom about this incident , she said "kissi di muraad nai poori hoi honi " ( someone's wish may have not been granted ) ... but then if someone's wish is not granted , then why do they throw GGS in a well ?
  9. Well Kaljugi , Have you tried to see it this way : Guru Sahib is alive , not just a book .. Atleast , a Sikh has this view of GGS . So , if we are in trouble , our Guru shares our troubles on his saroop .. When sikhs died in delhi in 1984 , GGS must have said "My sikhs are getting sacrificed , why shouldn't I ?" .... I guess same situation applies this thrown in well case !
  10. Some tortures beyond human threshold of suffering like sawing alive , broking on a saw wheel ( charkhadiya te chade ) getting scalped ( Bha Taru Singh ji ) BOILING ALIVE ( Bhai Dayala ji ) and things like that So , my questions are 1) Did it cause them physical pain ? If so , why they never expressed it outwardly by screaming or otherwise ? 2 ) If it did not cause them physical suffering , then why so ? Does it not indicate that human body can bear torture beyond what we think .. Also , isn't this like "mind controls the body " because presumably the shaheed sikhs had conquered over mind ( mann )
  11. Why don't you first clean the trash from your own house ? Today , Sikhs are having more female feoticide than hindus ... Look at Punjab , rather than trashing other religions . We have absurdities in our own as well !
  12. What a pathetic way of thinking ! There is something called your magnetic field and "receivership".. To receive from the world in abundance , you should be willing to receive . Don't have guilt feelings for receiving gifts and luxuries of world ! Whenever your mind says "Who am I to deserve all this ?" , backslash it by saying "Who am I not !" You ( like every other human ) deserve the comfort and luxury of this world ... But , are you willing to receive ? There is no empirical evidence to suggest that its your Karam . Think in real world terms ; You have internet connection and perhaps good family , because someone provides you for all that ! maybe your loving dad who earns hard day and night & pays for your luxuries and internet also ! Don't put the credit on Sky daddies ! coz' that same sky daddy is apparently unable to feed starving to death kids in Africa !
  13. Thats damn offensive and unless you have a chardikala , those kind of remarks could make you doubt on your sikhi and possibly motivate you to hate your saroop ... If she hates you and calls you a hairy bear for keeping flowing dhadi or too much facial hair , just politely decline the proposal ! But , the girl not wishing to marry a man with untrimmed bear is not her fault either ! Since her childhood , she is ingrained ( via TV and culture ) to believe that clean shaven means handsome , long dhada means ugly and boring babey-type .... I don't blame the girl !
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