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  1. vaheguroo ji

    Even if you change your physical appearance, your own perception of the world will stay the same.

    Some questions:

    Do you ever hear voices when nobody is around? do you notice significance in certain numbers/patterns. Do you feel that you are part of some sort of conspiracy and people are after you/talking about you? you've mentioned that you sometimes think people know what you are thinking, do people ever interfere with your thoughts/withdraw thoughts/insert thoughts into your head. Do they ever block your thoughts? are you withdrawn/guarded and like to keep your own company. How is your mood at the moment.

    Ultimately singh, you had some very good advice a few pages back that you should seek professional help as it is difficult to help you over an internet forum. I suggest seeing your GP. Whatever you do, dont compromise your sikhi

  2. definitely agree with reciting/listening to as much gurbani as possible. I would also suggest trying some self help CBT books for anxiety. Alternatively your gp may be able to refer you to some counselling for anxiety. Fateh

  3. I do not know how to explain this you, but I'm not your average Singh. I stand out a mile away from others and I'm distinguishable even in a room full of Singh's. My weight is nearly 16 stone, heavily built honestly with influence from steroids, have got a good size and look great. I would post a picture but I want to remain anonymous. I haven't taken amrit yet but will do. I'm kesh dhari and tie a dumalla. I'm 21 yrs of age.

    Recently I was racially abused in the area I reside in. I ignored the abuse as I knew I didn't want to face the repercussion of retaliation because of my career in the public sector would be on the line. However the racism by this one white gentleman was extreme and consistent. He was abusing me whilst I was walking down the road in his car. His abuse was horrific however with some self control I managed to ignore it for 5 mins. However he continued with the abuse and asked for me to fight as his car came closer to me. His car was nearly mounting the kerb as I walked goading me.

    My regret.

    I reacted furiously I managed to punch him whilst he was driving by the kerb. This caused him to drive onto the pavement. He then got out of his car. So I went for him. Let just say I have experience in martial arts, I absolutely annihilated him. I couldn't stop, an onlooker went to help the gora so I started on him too. I had both men on the ground and I was head stomping them.

    Since that day last week I have felt so bad for what I have done, I cried in darbar sahib. Im not even amritdhari I felt like I needed to go pesh. I been doing seva everyday after work but things haven't been the same. You don't understand I literally destroyed that racist gora elbows to the jaw as he got up,etc it was completely sadistic what I did.

    Sangat each Im depressed I feel so bad, how do I get out of this

    Lay off the steroids singh, this is anti gurmat and completely against sikhi. People here seem to be completely ignoring this. I think that you yourself realise that you should have used restraint. In the eyes of the law, we are allowed to use self defence, however we should use restraint. Beg to guru maharaj for forgiveness and stop the steroids singh.


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  4. vjkk vjkf

    Im about to have a year out of my career, and was looking into doing some voluntary work in punjab for a few months. I was wondering if sangat here had any experience with this and could recommend any organisations or places where i could to do voluntary work. I dont mind what type of voluntary work. One issue is that my punjabi isnt great (although im from a punjabi background).


    vjkk vjkf!

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  5. vjkk vjkf

    ive been thinking recently of attending a kundalini yoga class in the uk to help with my physical health. I was wondering if anybody on this board does this yoga and could recommend any good teachers in the west midlands. Also was wondering if anyone would recommend doing kundalini yoga? i dont want to do anything anti gurmat. i know that a lot of american sikhs do this style of yoga.

    vjkk vjkf

  6. Me and few Singh I know used: Reflex Instant Whey - https://monstersuppl...=48&Search.y=16

    I used to use this, but it contains Bovine serum albumin,

    Ingredients: Reflex Instant Whey - 909g Ingredients: Ultra filtered whey protein concentrate and ultra filtered whey protein isolate (43% B-Lactoglobulinm 18% Glycomacropeptide, 16% Lactorferrin and others, 15% a-Lactalbumin, 5% Immunoglobulin, 3% Bovine Serum Albumin.), Flavourings, Natural Colourings, artificial sweeteners (sucralose, acesulfame k), Digezyme, (digestive enzyme blend), Lactospore probiotics.


    the albumin is extracted from the blood of cows. its annoying because i have 2 tubs unused and i enjoyed the taste. Looking at the nutrisport 90+ it looks like it is suitable. http://www.nutrisport.co.uk/90-Plus-Protein.

    they seem to do a vegan version of this too so no dairy products either http://www.nutrisport.co.uk/90-Plus-Vegan

    think i might try some nutrisport, thanks for that!!!


  7. possibly one of the best threads on this site for a long time. I hope admin make it a sticky. we need more threads promoting unity. People who promote disunity are helping the anti sikh forces trying to divide and destroy us. please delete any negative posts in this thread.

    forgive me for anything wrong ive written

    vjkk vjkf

  8. All youth in the uk need to make unity between caste and jathebande one of our top priorities. we should all actively tackle this in our local cities, set up dialogue and communication with each other regularly, work together on a positive goal of sikhi parchaar, unite against anti sikh forces and recognise we all bow before sri guru granth sahib. we dont want to become like other religions shia and sunni muslims are a prime example of how bad things can get. older generations need to address this issue too and speak about it with the youth

  9. No don't do it. The 2012 olympics is part of a global ritual. And it is mind programming sublimnaly to accept aliens. because the government is planning on doing a fake alien invasion. Why do you think the London 2012 mascots are aliens?


    Bunch of Zionists.


    Ermmm ok...

    thats a pretty crazy claim?

    i think ask bhai fauja singh the marathon runner to be one of the torch bearers :)

  10. i have listened to a cassette of swami ji where he says that sikhism is the best religion and the religion that one should go for.....khalistaniguman just make sure you dont get hold of a AK-47

    i cant speak punjabi so i have no idea what he says in his katha. But what i dont understand is that if this statement is true, why isnt he a practising amritdhari gursikh?

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