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  1. are there any decent MMA clubs in the west midlands coventry/birmingham/leamington/nuneaton areas? i wish all cities gurdwaras set up MMA training schools would you recommend BJJ for fitness and self defence? is training with a GI applicable?
  2. hi im planning to start training in brazillian jiu jitsu, i was wondering how people keep their kirpans hidden/secure when grappling/wrestling. thanks
  3. As far as im aware Flora EXTRA light is unsuitable, normal flora light is fine
  4. vaheguroo the best advice that i can give is to get to know local gursikh sangat, that will really help you to keep your kesh and not worry what others say/think. remember we are meant to stand out from the crowd i personally started off wearing a patka/bandana whilst it was growing then after a few months started tying a dastaar. but some people start tying a dastaar right away (use youtube videos to learn).
  5. i agree with rebel singh. we need to use more english in our uk gurdwaras. this is to educate the ever increasing proportion of children from families where punjabi isnt spoken at home, and whos parents dont send them to punjabi school. sure once they have the link with sikhi, they themselves will start going to santhiya/punjabi lessons. our community needs to be more open minded and try every avenue possible to inspire people within our community towards sikhi. If you cant see that the current system is failing miserably then you are blind to what the vast majority of punjabi sikhs in the uk know about their religion, basically very little/nothing. one of my cousins 16yr old kids recently said how he knows nothing about sikhi. if u ever do seva at a gurdwara camp you will be shocked how little some kids know. its true, that there are now frequently english talks in uk gurdwaras, however only those kids with a link to sikhi will attend them. To reach out to the masses we need regular weekly english parchaar in all uk gurdwaras on a sunday morning peak time. i bet if even just one gurdwara in the uk trialled this for one month they would see a positive result. Now before someone tells me to start doing it, ill be honest that my knowledge of sikhi is very basic still i wouldnt even know where to begin. although i am still considering doing this locally soon. we need katha vaaks to the level of sant singh maskeen ji/gyani thakur singh ji whom speak several languages including english.
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