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  1. are there any decent MMA clubs in the west midlands coventry/birmingham/leamington/nuneaton areas? i wish all cities gurdwaras set up MMA training schools would you recommend BJJ for fitness and self defence? is training with a GI applicable?
  2. hi im planning to start training in brazillian jiu jitsu, i was wondering how people keep their kirpans hidden/secure when grappling/wrestling. thanks
  3. As far as im aware Flora EXTRA light is unsuitable, normal flora light is fine
  4. vaheguroo the best advice that i can give is to get to know local gursikh sangat, that will really help you to keep your kesh and not worry what others say/think. remember we are meant to stand out from the crowd i personally started off wearing a patka/bandana whilst it was growing then after a few months started tying a dastaar. but some people start tying a dastaar right away (use youtube videos to learn).
  5. i agree with rebel singh. we need to use more english in our uk gurdwaras. this is to educate the ever increasing proportion of children from families where punjabi isnt spoken at home, and whos parents dont send them to punjabi school. sure once they have the link with sikhi, they themselves will start going to santhiya/punjabi lessons. our community needs to be more open minded and try every avenue possible to inspire people within our community towards sikhi. If you cant see that the current system is failing miserably then you are blind to what the vast majority of punjabi sikhs in the uk
  6. quite possibly the best post ever in the gupt section, but unfortunately such posts get very few replies
  7. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/jasdev-singh-rai/death-penalty-in-the-land_b_1370903.html For a country that brands itself on Gandhi, non violence and cow protection, the death penalty in India and Balwant Singh Rajoana's imminent hanging on 31 March might appear to be an aberration. Not quite so when Balwant Singh's statement in the court is heard. He accepted being party to the assassination of the Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh, on 31st August 1995. In court he said he had no faith in Indian justice and refused legal representation. He refuses to plead for clemency. This puts many
  8. What significant Sikh literature was lost when the sikh reference library was burnt and looted in 1984 by the Indian government (null)
  9. why hasnt this niddar singh been excommunicated from the panth?
  10. vjkk vjkf i am concerned that i may have accidently had jhoot. I regularly play 5 aside football, and my water bottle was by the goal. although i didnt see anyone drinking from my bottle, it is possible that somebody may have had a few swigs without me noticing during the game. Would i need to go pesh just incase i did have jhoot? or can i just do an ardaas to guruji and then be more careful next time with where i place my bottle.
  11. appears to have vanished the past 2 days, has the channel closed down? just received a personal message from someone: Sikh TV will back in a few days
  12. vjkk vjkf daas will be travelling to dubai and mauritius soon on a family holiday, and i was wondering what the kirpan laws in these countries are? vjkk vjkf
  13. discussion on sikh channel now about mata sahib kaur academy
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