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  1. Sorry paji, just read back what I wrote when I was half asleep this morning... Just wanted to correct myself ' there is NO darkness where he resides...hope it's helped And keep up nitnem n Simran...and smile May waheguru bless you!
  2. Fateh jio Paji, it takes a lot to admit to ones self that you have made a mistake and that's the first step and u have taken it! I will give u my stance on each point of ur post: 1. Who did pesh to panj piaare, but still feel guilt. Guilt will only build up as your aatma maybe telling you something. Are you able to go pesh where ur uncle will not be present? Altho that is mentioned to panj piaare is in confidence do you should try not to let that get in the way but I think I'd feel the same if I had to go to someone I knew....I think being fully open wit panj piaare will get rid of the guilt and this feeling of being on a downer 2. Pesh is going to asl Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji for forgiveness as panj piaare are guru ka roop. I heard some katha and it me mentionned that if you do commit a bujhar kret, it's important to be fully open with panj piaare as they grant forgiveness and if you mistake isn't forgiven here at Amrit Sanchaar, one has to answer to his guru and dharamraja after death which is more daunting than confronting your faults now 3. It's great you have ur nitnem which will only help you and maybe push ur self further with this to keep on track 4. Nothings falling apart- mahraaj is just testing ur faith in him....trust whatever's happenng with have a good outcome and u will see this over time...and will only make I stronger! Mahraaj only tests his loved ones and as gursikhs, we should see a hardship as a gift as well as good times 5. As far ss fulfilment of desires goes..fact Is in baani it clearly states ' Jo maangai thakur apne te, soi soi deve' Have faith and mahraaj will fulfil ur hearts desires so long as u trust mahraaj...leave it to him and continue on his path. A Katha I hears once sAid...waheguru may delay granting ur wishes by testing u, but there is darkness where he resides... Der hai (delay), andher nehi ( no darkness). Stick on the path and everything will Come to you.. Ps: just the bit of stuff I've heard I've shared...a kamaee vaala gursikh will hopefully answer ur post for you. Good luck and have faith
  3. What a beautiful piece of writing-I love it ... May guru Ji let u write more in his praise :)
  4. Akaalkaur84

    Male Bana

    I think India is your best bet bruv....England may be hard to find such a Taylor
  5. Fateh jio I totally understand the route of your question jee. I can only give u my own interpretation of it..here it goes: For me personally,Darshan is more of a presence than visually being able to see... If u feel that presence then that can be seen as Darshan... For example sometimes at amritvela keertan at the gurdwara,ones hairs may stand on end,one may feel a breeze of wind...or something else..with regards to pictures which are ones interpretation of what someone may have looked like, when one looks at a photo or painting of guru Nanak Dev Ji, and gets a feeling like whet I mentioned above..I would say that is Darshan...it's all about ones sharda to see and meet their guru. Theres a lot more to it than what a papi like me can say but just trying to explain my understanding of it... Fateh jio
  6. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,waheguru ji ki fateh This post is for Harsharan.... Not sure what u were hoping to achieve from ur original post but it seems that u are deluded about guru mahraajs basic teachings...u have missed the fundamental message of Sikhi! I totally agree with 'only five' in that you haven't attempted to answer anyone's questions as u are just rumbling on about whatever ideas u have in ur head...and do not have answers to others' questions. U cannot be a Khalsa without Amrit Sanchaar from the panj piaare and panj piaare are the roop of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji...what deluded cult are u from? Ur twisted thoughts aren't going to be accepted by gursikhs so may waheguru help u sort ur head out!
  7. In response to guptthinkings last post: I'm not a knowledgable person in anyway but I don't think supan Darshan means it's time to move on...I don't know the full story but from the little info given, I Wiujd say If mahraaj gives supan Darshan at such a time of need, waheguru is telling you that ur not alone n that he is by ur side...tu kaahe dole praania, tudh raakhe ga sirjanhaar... Y are u losing faith,when the creator of the world is with u to look after u! I think it was a sign to tell the Person that whatever is happening is by wahegurus will and that person should not worry but attach themselves to waheguru who will see them thru such a hard time Waheguru tests his loved ones beyond limits...those that love him are put to the test...put thru pains and hardships because Sikhi is a test of faith. As was bhsi Taru Singh, Bhai Mati Daas, Bhsi Sati Daas and many others in our history U know gold is heated and heated to confirm it is real gold where no other metal is put to such a test as gold...the same happens to guru jis beloved Sikhs whom he tests to the limit but when u pass the test, he never let's anything touch u. Waheguru
  8. There are four types of Darshan- to my knowledge from katha that I have heard and discussed with gursikhs 1) chitar Darshan - pictures, photos, images 2) sarban Darshan - when we hear baani, we are hearing dhur ki baani and this is a form of Darshan, or sitting in guru jis sharan 3) supan Darshan- in a dream..u may not see an image but feel a presence 4) partakh Darshan - face to face Darshan of mahraaj - may include a conversation with mahraaj or mahraaj giving Darshan in a form or anything where u feel mahraajs presence Hope this clarifies it for u...just how I've interpreted katha- I may be wrong
  9. Paji,I'll send u a detailed response later about this With regards to anyone getting Darshan....ek pita ekas ke ham barik...' one father and we are all his children,his creation' Why wud mahraaj only selectively give Darshan?he wouldn't...it's about how much love u have for him and how much ur heart desires to meet him...there are many chardi kala Sikhs out there who no doubt get Darshan but alone reading baani...lots n lots without love or taking it on board and putting ur fathers teaching into practice...don't mean u will get rewarded with Darshan...believe we are all worthy of Darshan...will write more later so keep checking
  10. Ur on the wrong website bruv!
  11. Wjjkk wjkf... I think I mentioned something about this in the post about weird dream...if that's the post ur referring to,let me know and I'll post more details about the four types of Darshan ji
  12. could u post the PDF link ji? Witt regards to ur post...keep the amritvela up... N push utself wen ur minds telling u to stay in bed...we're all kalyugi jeev and have that voice telling us to stay in bed... Also maybe try increasing ur nitnem by an extra baani..ullll need more time to do it so u will push urself..don't worry tho...keep doing it and just do ardaas for sarbat da bhalla...u will be helping urself by doing so too as u are part of sarbat too..
  13. Paji just stick with the answer u feel mahraaj is giving u...read baani,do ardaas and take a hukamnamma... Mahraaj will guide u the right way...have faith n I know it's daunting when u feel u got to make decisions like this alone...but just remember...waheguru is the only doer... Nothing u do will be out of his hukam...ask for an answer with faith n mahraaj will answer
  14. It's a difficult one..maybe put it to mahraaj and ask for a hukamnamma and then see how to go about it but I think it defo would be wrong to keep quiet..just got to make sure to don't rush n do it the wrong way-only wahegurus hukam Can tell u how to do it...I will do ardaas that mahraaj let's u do it the right way...
  15. Good you feel u want to take the first step..waheguru will only take 100's of steps towards u..all the best with it
  16. Good you feel u want to take the first step..waheguru will only take 100's of steps towards u..all the best with it
  17. Vvv I think ur assuming a lot there! Yeh all those things will only help so encourage them but u can't assume they don't already do it!
  18. Fateh jio Confidence is a problem for a lot of us...u can either choose to deal with it by being shy(not advised), or you can let the world see you as confident by having faith in yourself and mahraaj! A lot of ppl probably feel the same if they've not been in work for three years but it's never too late to make changes...u might also be feeling like this as u feel ur family are supporting u and u feel u need to be doing something with ur life... Basically as a sister,my advice would be to take on board the above, have faith in yourself rather than shy away, put yourself out there for work and any voluntary opportunities that will get u into a routine of getting out of the house, meeting new people,making new friends etc...even going and helping with some sewa at ur local Gurdwara....help out some of the aunties n uncles... It's rewarding and will give u things to do and keep ur mind off the confidence issue and it will fade And st every opportunity,listen to or recite chaupai sahib which will lift ur spirits-chardi kala...and do ardaas that waheguru helps u too...he will as waheguru always listens
  19. The right path is always the hard one and guru jis path Was never meant to be easy! Guru ji had to give up his four sons...thats not easy for a father to do...guru ji had to sacrifice his father guru tech Bahadur ji for the Hindu faith...that wasn't easy yet others lived lives of luxury. It's a test and u just got to decide what's the right path! Eating meat...ur turning you body into s burial ground for dead bodies..guru didn't create us for that reason..... Fact is..physical pain from illness or health problems hits us...but pain to our conscience is what should be steering ur life! Not physical stuff! U want to please ur guru n achieve ur goal...u know what u got to do...keep away from the poor animal corpses n not feed off them! Remain headstrong and fight whatever's telling u to join the club of meateaters! I hope waheguru shows u the right way
  20. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh I love the post...and cAn assure u that ur not the only one who has this desire to do something for the panth, n for your guru. Be tyaar bar tyaar for when your guru may need you but in the meantime,live by the gursikh rehat Maryada as guru gobind singh Ji said ' rehat piaari muj ko,sikh piaara naahe' Not sure about ardaas to punish dushts as baani quotes ' fareeda,bure kaa bhala kar'...so may be just do ardaas for sarbat da bhalla and justice for the panth...and just read lots of baani to give u strength and faith to achieve your goals...Witt guru jis kirpa, you will get what you desire so deeply for....
  21. Akaalkaur84

    Weird Dream

    Penji Dreams are a reflection of our subconscious thoughts. There are 4 ways that waheguru gives Darshan and one is supan Darshan (dream)! I thinks it's a personal thing on how u interpret ur dreams but if you feel there is a gurmat answer or sign for you, then you should follow it...only u know what's on your mind or what ur questions are and maybe ur dreams are associated Witt it On the other hand,scientifically they say u only remember dreams when u wake up in the middle as the Hunan mind apparently dreams throughout the deep sleep part of sleep but we only remember those dreams where sleep has been broken... I'd go with the first answer tho Wjkk wjkf! Waheguru shows us dreams for a reason
  22. Penji Don't get nervous, and just do ardaas before you start. Guru ji will bless you with the successes you deserve You wouldn't have got the job if you weren't capable so y be nervous? Just do the best you can... Wjkk wjkf!
  23. Akaalkaur84


    Naam jap is the answer to all problems-read chaupai sahib.will help you fight anything!
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