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  1. Leh khalsa ji, dont judge any one, everything is goin on in guru ji hukam. Remember in this life n this world, only ur relationship with guru ji matters, ur role model is Guru Granth Sahib ji. Hum nahi change bura nahi koye!Therefore, what others do shouldnt bother you, lifes too short for us to see who is being a good gursikh or bad, satgur jaani jaan han ! Just forget all this and focus on ur jivan and bhul chuk maff
  2. Singh/ Singhni please don't cut your hair :'(, it breaks my heart to think your thinking like that.
  3. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/31519 Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office Codemn India for hanging Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana on 31st March 2012 at 9 am in Patiala Punjab jail. Bhai Bhai Balwant Singh refuses to plea for clemency from the killers of the Sikh Nation. There has been no justice for the Sikh Genocide in 1984 by the Indian State. Bhai Balwant Singh has lost all faith in the Indian judiciary. India is not a democratic state has it crushes the voice of its minority citizens.
  4. wooww waheguru its definately iss guru sahib kirpaa, plss carry on doin art i love ur amazing work related to sikhi its in contemporary style,
  5. Singhhhhhhhhhhh ur work is amazingg, :D keep doin what ur doin , btw just waana ask did u do degree in fine art? Gurfateh
  6. plus who shud we blame, we ain't perfect , this is kaljug, from 100% there will only be few percent that are connected with waheguru, we are all going as our karam are, only guru ji knoow. We are no one to judge whos in what stage, never know when we will be in that stage. About encouraging others to wear dastar, sachii when they begin to fall in love with waheguru and they will automatically search ways too make waheguru be please with them, just like a wife who adorn her self for her husband and so will we dress the way waheguru wants us? but the probz is its not easy fallin in love with w
  7. waheguruu so now im realllyy hurt, singhniya wear dastar just for a show? im sorry maybe i havent met any yet, imm singhni myself , i still adorn dastar not because for a show, maybe if it is then it is because it's my crown, my pyare guruji has blessed me with it, i dont understand, therefore im thinkin singhs these days judge singhniya who wear dastar, thinking dey only wwear it as a show? saareh kyon ehne valeya, i dont understand y are there now seperate rules for singhniya? i thot sikhi was not abt gender, y is it that the crown can only be worn by singhs, but aint we princesses too?
  8. isnt it hard for everyonee.. sometime i just think not to marry will be a easy way out but what is written in ur life by guru ji will happen, but wont it be better if u have extra sangat, husbandd/ wife doin amrit vela, nitnem ,sharing same value to find waheguru, n how each others will help each other to build their spritual level for example if im failing badly, startin to build up doubts abt life n sikhi, then sumtime ur partner understands u will direct u and vise versa, butt its really important that ur partner life goal is same as u or else like ma mom she wants amrit so badlyyy n keepin
  9. One word WAheguru!!!! I hope yu take the next step slowly
  10. Singh...just do ardaas to waheguru that you stay in the right path...yu know that Sikhi is against love before marriage!! Singh you Dunt want to dissapoint Pitaji and Mataji (guru gobind Singh ji and mata sahib Kaur ji) Singh ji why will you want to do things that yu will have to do Pesh and regret later on life.,my point is before to late...remember waheguru and that yu are guruji roop and you can't even think or imagine guruji doing this!! My advice is that forget tht girl! Stay friends if yu want to..but Dunt even think about goin out with her...yur mind is playing with yu before things ge
  11. WJKK WJKF this is another writing to waheguru, this moorak is only sharing because it knows everyone go through the same.... What is the name of this love - Part 2 I look for sunshine which is not approachable but it seem so near when my fingers slowly reaches out to caress it soul reaching rays... The feeling of eternity forms within the core of my heart because it has realize it is part of the universal love that binds the existence of nature together without revealing itself it absorbs into the root of their nucleus, yet this so called lover yearn to be with it but do not accept it
  12. It would be Great if anyone could post more...its really amazing.
  13. Khalsaji this relationship that we have between wAheguru is different from all those other relatiionship like love. Of cos we will have to get married...remember wAheguru is in everyone..so why wont we love everyone?
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