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  1. osingh if you read the history of the maryada (which they publish) the maryada that akaali kaur singh ji and the taksal jathedar ec had vichared about wasn't published because the committee couldnt agree on it... Its only after so many years after it has been published and after it was changed three tyms, meaning you can't say that they all had an input
  2. Mate what maryda was being followed before sgpc... N y was it changed three tym? y did they say u can read 3 banis in the morning? r u saying guru gobind singh ji told us this maryada? U do know that when the SGPC maryda was made not all memebers were there... that it was never given premission to be printed.... Just read the SGPC history that they publish about themselves... And if it was panth maryada y dont the five takats follow the maryada, including akaal takat... they all have jot....
  3. If we would want to contact gyani ji and ask if he would be able to come and do katha at our gurdwara how would we go about it?
  4. A large stall of puratan shastar will also be at the darbar... Wootz brand and saints-uk will also be holding stalls with many sikh related items for sale...
  5. Akali Kirtan Darbar Dedicated to the Nihang Singhs of Dasmesh Pita Saturday 8th December 2012 Kirtan by Bhai Sukhwinder Singh (Sukhi Baba) (Birmingham) Katha by Bhai Jagraj Singh (London) Sukhmani Sahib: 5;00pm Rehiras Sahib: pmAarti Arta: pmKatha: pmKirtan: PMGurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha 5 Newark Road, Fengate Peterborough PE1 5XS Contact: Bhujhang@live.com
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