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  1. Balbir Singh is the SGPC and Indian Government nominated leader of Budha Dal. The Jathedar of Budha Dal that is recognized by the panth is Baba Surjit Singh Ji. Baba Ji is currently in Patialia jail on false charges that were placed on them by the Punjab police under the influence of Balbir Singh. As well, Baba Surjit Singh Ji had to spend years underground as there were hired agents after them, during this time and currently Jathedar Baba Joginder Singh Ji Raqba Wale is leading the Budha Dal under the nomination of Baba Surjit Singh Ji. Balbir Singh does not hide the fact that he's provided
  2. “Into the Lion’s mouth” Accounts of the Anglo-Sikh Wars (1845-1849) Painting depicting the battle of Aliwal between the Sikh army and British invaders in 1846 “The Seikh Artillery, with whom we contended, were picked men, both for valour and size; the were indeed gigantic, their usual stature being from six feet to six feet three inches, muscular and active in proportion. We were only like Lilliputians in comparison with those huge monsters, and I marvel they did not kill us all and swallow us slick out the way. Had they been without tasting food for a while, I am sure we would have bee
  3. Afghan soldiers of the Durrani Empire [/center] Between the years 1747 to 1769, the Emperor of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Abdali of the Durrani dynasty invaded India nine times, majority of the time entering through the Punjab. A member of Abdali’s entourage was the Qazi (Muslim religious judge) Nur Muhammad. Qazi Nur Muhammad has documented the invasions of Abdali in the “Jangnama”. During one of the war councils of the Shah’s, a member of the Baluchistan troops rode on horse back to report a surprise attack by the Sikhs. Qazi Nur Muhammad has written this about the war tactics of the Sikhs
  4. Baba Mitt Singh - sampooran Nihang singh mahapursh http://www.nihangsingh.org/website/war-mitt.html
  5. Ik-Oankar SatGur Prasad! Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! With Guru Sahibs kirpa the site has been updated, please see the traditions section for a new article on Sarbloh which discusses the Sarbloh Sarbloh Parkash Granth and its relations to Sarbloh Bibek within Khalsa Maryada and to Sikh psyche. Link to page: http://www.nihangsin...ad-sarbloh.html
  6. Here's the audio link for Karni Nama as well as other bani from the Das Granthi recited by Giani Mehtab Singh Ji http://www.nihangsingh.org/website/mm-mehtabs.html Video's for Karni Nama and Khalsa Rehatnama
  7. This is Baba Balwant Singh Ji, he wears this 500 + metre dumalla to show the youth of Punjab and Sikh youth world wide, that if he can wear such a huge turban everyday then we all can at the least wear 1 dastar and keep the Guru's gift on our heads. Baba Balwant Singh Ji is doing an immense seva of being a walking billboard showcasing the Guru's beloved dastar.
  8. These three videos are on the history and traditions of Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Sahib. We would like to thank Giani Partap Singh Ji head-granthi of Sachkhand Sri Hazoor Sahib with his help with www.NihangSingh.org. Video one he speaks of the puratan maryada of Hazoor Sahib including parkash of Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Dasam Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Video 2 shows parkash taking place in the Takht Sahib. Video 3 discusses the maryada of Nihang Singhs and at Hazoor Sahib. see: http://www.nihangsingh.org/blog/?p=805
  9. watch?v=biYEY5FI510 http://www.nihangsingh.org/website/his-gurugobind.html
  10. http://www.nihangsingh.org/blog/?p=773 Images of Nihang Singhs participating in the Dharam Yudh Morcha and Operation Bluestar.
  11. The Jakaray at the end of his keertan are always amazing
  12. One of the greatest moments in Sikh Keertan of the modern era. http://www.nihangsingh.org/blog/?p=706
  13. What's your e-mail? We can e-mail you a power point for Aarti Aarta.
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