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  1. I agree with you genie. He must be related or know of this vile person to defend her like this. Is murder a justified act?
  2. You shouldnt believe everything that happens in courts. Whats your beef? Even the jury can get it wrong likewise were they there when the murder was taking place? When someone dies its harder to bring evidence forward. Whats your beef in this matter? He didnt deserve to die like that but i guess 3 against 1 he didnt stand a chance. You think murder is a justified act?
  3. Show the proof on here. who gave you this so called information? Was you in the court room? Do you know this gang? Just to add she deserved more than GBH.
  4. The 'attempted rape' text was recieved by a guy named Sunny Sahota,the person Mundill,Shokar & Peters claim was 'Gagan's Guru' and who was going to slap him up. Sunny Sahota received this text from Gagan's phone,now this don't add up - no one would write ' i attempted to rape my friend' when talking to another friend - Sunny Sahota either got the text sent from Gagan's phone or got some one to do it.He was the mastermind behind this entire terrible crime he planned it even the court agreed with this. People think that Gagan sent Mundill the text but this text was recieved by this Sunny Sahota
  5. Fella? Lets get the chav speech out the way im a girl not fella! Seems to me you know too much about this, let ask you who are you? How do you know such accusations? Do you have some sort of invested intrest in this matter?
  6. No evidence to suggest attempted rape.. A txt message what does that prove anyone can send a txt message they probably stole his phone. As for the other girls how many are we talking about? Seems by what your saying there were loads, yet not ONE girl could expose him when he was alive? You cannot just go by what is said in the news or newspapers that has no factual information. If he was alive then you could state what you want, he aint here to defend himself so dont mud up his name regardless of his character people who knew him said he tried to be a good SIKH which clearly did show. Everyone makes mistakes, but rape, consider why these girls havent come forward surely something big as this family would support these girls to get justice and what about being pregnant if some girls were raped. Raises a lot of questions yet unanswered.
  7. Money is the root of all evil. Most problems are due to money if not all.
  8. This topic is talking about a murder of a young victim, how does this topic relate to sexual grooming? theres a topic on that already :s The reason you dont hear me complaining is because you're not listning. Its all about reading. How is spreading words over a forum going to get justice? Is it not for the courts to decide? Instead people are stating opinions that might or might not be true hows that fair when the one person who cant defend himself is not here? thats where people are getting the information from websites and just copying them onto this forum. Whats done is done i doubt a few words are going to give justice.
  9. We should keep silent on this issue, as we dont know the truth we dont have the right to create such asumptions or acusations based upon biased news/opinions. Gagandip is not here to defend himself. no matter what happend killing a human being is probably one of the most vicious crimes anyone can commit. Close topic.
  10. There is crime in all areas all over the UK, however in terms of the midlands i would say handsworth has a lot of crime around some parts of that area, people getting robbed. Smethwick, west Bromwich are good places to live with good transport links and a a lot of sikhs live here. Wolverhampton some parts may be good but its a city id keep out the cities like wolves/bham and keep within a nice small area.
  11. m4ndy

    Big Mistake

    Its people like you that think these sort of problems can be swept under the carpet, it ok though doesn't matter does it if Sikh men go around having sexual intercourse before marriage and expect sympathy when things go wrong. Lets face it if your old enough to know what's right and what's wrong then he should be able to deal with the consequences. He should get professional help not off people on the internet who clearly dont have a clue. Glad to have hit some nerves.
  12. m4ndy

    Big Mistake

    You commit such 'crimes' you live with consequences of those actions. Obviously you knew what you were doing, sex before marriage not exactly a family man are you? ​seems a bit odd the whole story. what are arranged marriages for? if you were intending to marry this girl why create such problems for yourself before? The world has bigger problems such as sexual abuse and you come here stating this stuff, why get into this situation? Time to face the music my friend.
  13. Why does everything have to be about competition between the 2 channels? To be honest there should be one channel that way it would be better funded. Sikh channel advertises the Auction House on one hand they say people should stay away from that then they advertise it, Sangat TV news is very bad its not even like a sikh news report too many repeats and not enough information.. Overall sikh channel is better due to the knowledge that it spreads better layout news is improving.. However you can see a bit of hindu related stuff going on in both channels...
  14. I totally agree with West London Singh, you have the same thinking as me! :D Its not rocket science to work out when someone is telling you somthing impossible no matter what level of sikhism your at... its like someone saying they got magical powers and that they can cure any illness... Why turn to humans for guidence on anything sikhi related? Obviously the main issue is money and power for these people and if sikhs were strong they wouldnt even listen to them... People like that target the weak because they know they are not strong enough so they hit the weak spots. You cannot be affected by anything if you have the knowledge... Looks can be decieving anyone can dress up for show doesnt make them a religious person old saying by mothers never speak to strangers... you only get led into traps if your lacking in knowledge and concepts of your own religion just goes to show what extream measures some people will go to...
  15. This seems a little to strange... Firstly: if people are being affected by this ABUSE then why hasnt the police been involved? (Abuse can cover physical and mental) Secondly: if this couple are really dangerous and intimidating why are they not exposed? For example where they live, what they look like? You say investigation is being carried out but by whom? Thirdly: It seems a bit odd that 2 people from the midlands will go around telling people stuff where is the exact meeting place of this couple? Are they renting a house out? Are they publishing leaflets to get people in? What are there marketing techniques and what do they charge for such nonsense? If these people are falling on the vulnerable then the sangat have a right to know exactly who they are why is there privacy protected?
  16. Dont eat meat at all you dont NEED it to survive... My opinion i wouldnt want to eat jhatka meat i view that video as a horrible act on defencless animail who has no idea he is for lunch... Even if they did serve it in india i wouldnt eat it... I believe everything in the world has a right to live and death should only occur in Gods will and not some human who wants a piece of meat which later will become faeces so really it comes down to taste on the tongue.. Just to add do they carry out this act?
  17. I live in the midlands, but havent come across this news its the first i have heard. Thanks for creating the awarness i will keep my eyes and ears open if i hear or see anything i will report it on here... However i do recall there was a youtube video about an amritdhari couple in the smethwick area engaged in anti sikh activities not sure if thats related or is a seperate issue i maybe totally wrong.
  18. If I had a chance to run a gurdwara, I would translate Gurbani in English for the youth, organise activities for the youth like question time where the youth can ask questions about the Sikh religion. Since most gurdwara have halls the hall that I would be a massive museum where I would have all the gurus teachings, what they taught, what they believed in and what they stood for. All the sacrifices with massive pictures underneath I would have descriptions in English and punjabi. All finaces published on the notice board and the gurdwara website on a weekly basis.
  19. m4ndy

    Gossiping Neighbour

    Well sounds like she must have a mental problem just leave it or report her for saying stuff to you... Why do people gossip about others anyway? Noones life can be perfect either they must have a lot of time on their hands or something is not right..
  20. m4ndy

    Gossiping Neighbour

    Don't go in an angry manner speak to her with respect about the issues and if she is not willing to listen then your only option is to call the police and report harassment because what you described it does not sound like the odd gossip it's more like harassment like verbal abuse that's what I would do anyway let in the hands of the law give her a warning...
  21. m4ndy

    Gossiping Neighbour

    Well from what I have seen over life... Is never get taken for advantage and dont walk away because problems won't end they will get worse she will see that your weak and will take this abuse and who knows what else abuse she may bring your way.. She will keep targeting you until you do something about it.. Noone is perfect but if someone is deliberately making your life a misery then you have the right to confront this woman and ask her what problem she has with you.. You need to sit down and work out such conflict and tell her if she keeps abusing you then you will report her to the authorities for harassment... How can you live in such a way when she is constantly on your case you can't so you got to stand up to her woman or man.. I'm sure there are laws against harassment.. tell her to focus upon her own family and don't interfer with yours.. Tell her shall I gossip about what your husband may be doing half across the world? We all have skeletons in our closets but it doesn't mean we should gossip about each other.. Communication is the only way to resolve this not hiding away and not doing anything about it.. She will see this as a weak point and keep on going until she pushes you over the edge make a stand to this woman and say iv had enough and talk about the reasons I stated.. Hope all goes well!
  22. m4ndy

    Parents Saying No

    From my knowledge, yes a sikh shouldn't look at caste, colour etc but that doesn't mean one marries someone who doesn't believe in the Sikh faith. Anand karaj can only be performed if both couples are Sikh and accept the Sikh way of life. Otherwise the marriage is pointless in choosing someone from a different background. I know many gurdwara would allow mixed marriages and the other partner has no interest in the Sikh faith... family need to be convinced in a way that the partner accepts the Sikh faith.
  23. I agree with you ^^^ Earning a living by criminal means e.g. Supplying and selling drugs for Money they are better off deported back to India. Parents should think when they send their children to a foreign country have a back up plan in place.. But I guess because this is the UK they are lucky as a lot of countries would traffic weak people from a country that is not their own into human slavery. Although human trafficking does take place in some parts of the UK. Everyone has the right to earn, but earn it in honest means according to rules and regulations otherwise that's how these troubles start.. UK border Agency do have a point.
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