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  1. You never answered my question about your allegations on Daduwaal wale. Please elaborate/provide evidence on your allegations.that he is a "womansing and human trafficking Baba". You accuse the youth of arrogance and hot-headedness, when your condescending posts display this exact approach. This is not limited to the Vaisakhi event, but a much wider issue: youth will continually be critical when they see their leaders selling out on Sikhi-principles for a "political" game. This is the whole problem - the leaders are engaging in political games with each other to get one over the other. From the outside, it all appears as displays of ego. Also, if you lot project yourself as our leaders, the Sangat has every right to place demands on you. Don't complain when you can't handle criticism. The fact that you claim you are willing to work with the youth is a bit of a joke. How many Sikh, educated professionals are there under the age of 35/40 in SCUK? Fine - more youth should be willing to be pro-actively involved, but are the elders genuinely trying to blood the next generation? Course not. It's more about them staying at the forefront for as long as possible. Another point - it's a function of the "political" games that are played amongst leaders promoting themselves/their organisations that is the EXACT reason why youth can't trust the elders to deal with the Panthic agenda with a straight bat. They are forever fearful of being used as a pawn in the ego-game of the leaders.
  2. I've personally never advocated leadership of Daduwaal Wale. However, you make grave personal allegations against him. Care to offer any solid evidence, or is this further mud-slinging in this thread? Rajoana speaks the truth. The truth causes revolutions. This is what our Gurus did - Aad Sach Jugaad Sach, Hae Bhi Sach, Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach. A lot of "nutters" as you term them see Sikh leadership of constantly selling out on Sikhi asools, most often for preservation of their individual Kursis. This is why youth are disheartened. It's easy for the elders to tarnish the youth as hot-heads, but the truth is that many making the complaints have much intellectual capacity and the "nutters" are also are very active in Sevaa. All this will surprise you no doubt. But the nutters don't like putting themselves on a pedestal for a personal Kursi. What it seems SCUK has degenerated into is another status quo organisation that preserves the existing things that are wrong. What differentiates "hot-head nutters" is that they are happy to publicly disagree with the elders and will continue to be vocal in making their points. Elders don't like this as it challenges their authority. Elders need to realise that every "hot-head nutter" does not have anything personally against the elders, but they DEFINITELY disagree with the approach elders take on certain issues. Part of this approach is doing back-room deals with others, instead of making oneself openly accountable in front of the Sangat.
  3. Our leaders tip-toe around British politicians. That's all it is. No-one's willing to make a stand for Sikhi asools. That's why Bhai Rajoana is such an inspiration for ordinary Sikhs. Panth First, Self-Interest Second. These are the type of leaders we need.
  4. This is an absolute heartache for Panthic-minded Gursikhs. Why are our Sikh "leaders" so willing to readily compromise on Sikhi principles, just so that they get to hob-nob with the Prime Minister? Sikh Council UK members are also there - surely they must be held to account?
  5. Sikh Channel turned up today when they realised it was a massive success! Both channels need to work with the Panth's interest at heart rather than petty squabbles over who is affiliated with who. Agree that they need to move on from the Dastar Day Fiasco. The Sangat showed yet again today its amazing presence. Brought Aldwych area to a massive standstill.
  6. I was talking about the Dr Ambedkar situation. Sikhs need to be humble and, whilst we may not actively seek to convert people, if they are coming to Guru's dwara (door), we should be there for them with open arms. We need to drop our egos, as per Guru Ji's Hukam, and then our jeevans will have much more influence on the world. The Gurdwara system is completely failing in Parchaar in terms of its output of Sikhs. Most young Sikhs join with Guru Ji either through the internet or camps such as Sikhi Camp or Khalsa Camp. The Ravidassias like Guru Granth Sahib Ji's message, but are put off by the hypocrisy of "Sikhs" allegedly living the message. We, as a community, need to put these things right.
  7. I can see the arguments of why a "Sikh" channel shouldn't cover them, but we, the Sikh Nation, made a historic mistake in the early '50s by pushing away all the "dalits" from the UP and Rajasthan areas who were willing to align to Sikhi, as in theory Sikhi gives them equal status. The population of UP alone is 200 million - 20% of India's population. A potentially massive number of Sikhs. However, our leaders at the time, rather than inspiring and bringing them into the fold of Sikhi, we pushed them away because their cultural practice was slightly different from the prevailing Panjabi caste mentality. The Ravidassias are on our doorstep in Panjab, and again they have been historically discriminated against, contrary to the teachings of our Gurus. Strategically, we are weakening the acceptance of Sikhs amongst general Indians, meaning we have even less allies there. The minority Ravidassias are beginning to openly question Kesh, Amrit and Rehat as a result of discrimination from mainstream Sikhs. If we carry on the way we are, nearly all "chamaars" will reject practising Sikhs as hypocrites and go their own way. However, there are many "chamaars" that are Amritdhari. You can see some of them with their Kesh and Kirpaans on the Sangat TV footage. RSS is fully behind the proliferation of separate Deras and sects in Panjab (including Noormehlia, Jhoota Sauda, Ravidassia religion, Bhaniarawala). If we choose to be blinkered and ignore it, that's up to our own conscience.
  8. Agree that we are different. But they (the majority, excluding the minority who are trying to create a Ravidassia religion under RSS instruction/inspiration) still see themselves as Sikhs. Their Jakara is different but they still matha tek to Guru Granth Sahib Ji. They call Bhagat Ravidas Ji, Guru Ravidas Ji. Even amongst "mainstream", Sikhs there are differences. If we follow your logic, AKJ, Damdami Taksaal, Nanaksar, Rara Sahib, Nihang Singhs have differences between them. Should we, in our own little group, reject these other groups as "not Sikhs" because, as you say, "The fact of the matter is how can you integrate when you have different beliefs?"
  9. Practices of Ravidassia community may seem weird to "mainstream" Sikhs, but Ravidassia community has been heavily ostracised and treated as "outcastes" by mainstream Sikhs in previous generations. Hence, their desire to separate and build their own religion. This has been promoted by RSS to weaken Sikhs. Actually, what the elders and Sangat TV are doing is good. We need to build community relations, show them that they are our brothers and sisters, and re-integrate them into the mainstream Sikh fold. It will take time, but we don't want to be in a position where, due to caste differences pursued by Punjabis in India and, to some extent, in UK in elder generations, we break these people off from Sikhi completely. People won't like this post. I'll probably be vilified, but we need to take a long-term view and not fall for the tricks the Panth Dushts are trying to inflict on us.
  10. http://www.newsshopper.co.uk/news/9553087.Charlton_man_guilty_of_Gagandip_Singh_Blackheath_boot_murder/ Charlton man guilty of Gagandip Singh Blackheath boot murder 2:22pm Friday 24th February 2012 in News By Nina Massey A 20-YEAR-OLD has been found guilty of killing a Bexleyheath television executive whose body was found in the boot of a burning car. Gagandip Singh, aged 21, of Langdale Crescent, Bexleyheath, died on February 26 last year. His body was found in the boot of a blue Mercedes C-class in Angerstein Lane, Blackheath, at around 2am. At the Old Bailey today screams from the public gallery greeted the verdict as 20-year-old Harinder Shoker (also known as Ravi) of Charlton Park Lane, Charlton, was found guilty of murder in a majority verdict. Darren Peters, of Shooters Hill Road, Blackheath, aged 20, was found guilty of manslaughter. Mundill Mahil, aged 20, of Regent Guest House, Maidstone Road, Chatham was cleared of murder but found guilty of GBH with intent. She was left in tears by the verdict. During the trial the court heard that in August 2010, Mr Singh had attempted to rape Mahil, and after this incident, the once close friends fell out. It was alleged that Mahil lured Mr Singh to her student house in Brighton where Peters and Shoker lay in wait to attack him. After beating him up he was put in the boot of the car and driven to Blackheath where the car was set alight. Although Mr Singh had suffered severe head injuries, a post mortem gave the cause of death as inhalation of fire fumes. Jurors had deliberated for 40 hours in the case.
  11. This is extremely positive news. It goes to show when Sangat unites and takes PRE-EMPTIVE steps to stop Beadbi, corrupt committee members have no choice. Much better that it was nipped in the bud now, than Sangat having to raise their voice when the hall had taken bookings for parties, and disrupting peoples' personal functions.
  12. It's not OK for a Hindu to marry a Sikh. A Sikh MUST marry a Sikh.
  13. No official raensbaee from AKJ this year, I believe.
  14. If you choose to accept utterances of Bhai Gurdas Jee (the second one), why reject other utterances of respected Gursikhs of history which reference the Saakhiaan of Guru Ji's times (as per AK47's posts)? Bhai Gurdas Jee (the first one) is known to have done Kathaa to Sangat. From these Kathaas, he wrote his Vaaran, of which we now do Keertan.
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