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  1. The Punjabs water table needs to further deplete and Inflation needs to rise further before any Arab Spring arrives in the Punjab.  At the moment people are too comfortable to demand a change.

    The only hope we had was for Mann Akali Dal to form a coalition with PPP and concentrate on tackling social problems such as corruption, unemployment, drug abuse, dereh, poor education and healthcare.  If these two parties united then Badal and Congress would have a serious rival to contend with.  Only then would the everyday Hindu and Sikh get a glimpse of how a Punjab would function to benefit lives of the everyday person.  This would be a start for Khalsa Raj. 

  2. I've been following this up on the Indian media channels today and it seems to have hot the nerve of the Hindu ministers in parliament. I've also heard Manmogam Singh is being urged to intervene but I am also aware of the problems Sikhs have been facing in France regarding the Dastar and I also remember that this issue just went over the heads of the mainstream Hindu Parties in India.

    No support from me as my brothers and sisters have suffered and no one listened to them in their hour of need.

    I know these are harsh words but I'm done with political correctness!

  3. A couple points of concern need to be corrected here.

    That Manpreet girl was right in what she says but Im a little concerned why you would go into a Ramgharia gurdwara that worships viskarama? Then come on here to complain? Surely it was good enough for you to step foot inside in the first place.

    Also as you said most tharkhans are against khalistan, so what? They make up part of the community as well and are entitled to their opinion. If it does not fit in with your views dont attack them as im sure there are many others who do not agree with this khalistan nonsense like you do. I mean take a look at punjab now and you find many non-sikhs who would not want the land taken from under their feet.

    Also lastly what on earth is a Ramgharia Ravidas Gurdwara? Are you not mixing the two?

    Anyway ravidasi is a different religion to sikh, so what makes you think you can march in giving the shots? Its there religion so leave them to it.

    you going to march into the Vatican next and start laying down the law? lol


    You have made a few points that I feel I would like to address.  

    First of all the cast issue needs to be condemned regardless which camp you have been born into.  The Ramgharia community need to remove the the boards from the Gurughars if any form of unity is to formed amongst the Sikh community.   Unless they are direct decendents of Jassa Singh Ramgharia they have no place associating themselves  with the Ramgharia label.  This was Jassa Singhs family name and not one to highjacked by a group who have nothing in common apart from so called professions they identify themselves by.  I do not call my self a Nalwa Sikh because of our families professional similarities.  These boards are an insult to Sikh Faith and must go!  Thankfully this a practice which has not caught on in Gurdwaras in Punjab.

    You have also referred to Khalistan as 'nonsense' and this is an insult to the very Ardas we partake in our daily lives.   Any Sikh who does not agree with Khalsa Raj is not a Sikh.  This is not questionable and the only debates or opinions on this matter should be of how we can achieve Khalistan.

    The Ravidas issue is somewhat complex because I sympathise with the oppression they have faced but they cannot be identified as a different religion as long as they house the Guru Granth Sahib in the Gurughar.   My problem is when certain groups decide to pick and choose the Bani they wish to adopt.

    The time is nearing for these labels to be discarded and decisions need to be made in relation to who we are.

    Are we Sikhs or are we men and women of Labels?

    Can Sikh and Khasa be seperated?

    You need to do some serious research and listen to the words next time you partake in Ardas!

  4. I came across 1469 workshop during a trip to Amritsar. They have shops in major Cities across north India. The quality of the T- Shirts is fantastic and it's nice to see them paying equal attention to design, packaging and labels. You can also come across their traditional Punjabi Arts and Craft items such as bags, accessories and ornaments. It was quite refreshing to see an Punjab based company producing high quality and original items that promote Punjabi heritage.

    Thumbs up from me!

  5. My fears are that the Jathedar will cleanse Bachan from these allegations on the orders of Badal. There will be huge political pressure to shield Bachan from his role in 1984.

    But this doesn't mean we as individuals should leave this despicable man to be dealt with by our Panthic leaders. I'm hoping that someone can produce these videos from a private collection. Maybe the BBC or Pakistan media may have copies!

  6. Ok ... sorry about the rambale a great article i found btw is http://www.neverforget84.com/history/post-independence-broken-promises-and-discrimination

    So how about the treatment of our sikhs who fight for the causes/ justice ...

    the question you should ask them is how are we NOT discriminated ...

    are we given the freedom to rule without interference from centre gov

    are we given the justice we deserve .. How have they treated us since 1947 .. Gandhi said No Constitution would be acceptable to the Congress which did not satisfy the sikhs." (Collected works of M K Gandhi Vol.58. p. 192)... we have never signed the consititution ... it dosnt even recognise us as sikhs ...is this freedom are you satisfied ... is this not discrimination

    Neru said ..."The brave Sikhs of Panjab are entitled to special consideration. I see nothing wrong in an area and a set up in the North wherein the Sikhs can also experience the glow of freedom. (Jawaharlal Nehru, Congress meeting: Calcutta - July,1944)... are we free in the 1980's how many hindus were lifted and put in prision how many girls were raped in front of their fatehrs how many hindus have been mass murdered how many hinduparents crry at niht not knowing the wereabout of their child...

    punjab's bhakra dam produces enough electricity to power punjab 3 times over and if it broke punjab would be under 3 foot of water ... however this electric iis first sent to delhi and the we get the remains ... we recieve no benifits for this other states that do the same are compensated why not punjab?

    Punjab - meaning the land of the rivers .. i ask you how many rivers does punjab hold now .. 2 which are nearly dry ... our water is being diverted we have lost the purity and fertileness of the land due to the politic imposed on the state..

    Farming the centre still controls the costs and value of crops why we produce more crop than any other state but some of our farmers just break even ... we could sell crops across the border where the purchase price is much higher .. this is so our state dosnt grow too fast .. keep the money out ... yes we are rich but that is the build up of third/ 2nd generation hard work the 4th generation (youth never had to work)... bringing me on to education

    education .. what lessons are taught in schools read them next time your there depending on district you get distortions in our history .. banda singh bahadur was hindu for example.... little kids are told to chant waheguru waheguru then ram ram then allah akbur .. they get nothing but when the chant the name of jesus they get sweets which are proped up in a net... (same tactics are used by hindu shev shena groups).

    religion ... do we have the freedom to preach? we are apposed and centre funded organisations such the sucha suda and nirnkari, rss and shiv sena groups pop day by day .. why do we not recieve the same funding .. why do those who hhave claims of rape and murder get z security where as sikhs that have done nothing like Bhai Pal singh (france) be arrested and be stripped of all identity ?.. we are sikhs and when the british ruled they introduced the sikh marraige act but as soon as they leave it is demolished and we are only married n the eyes of the court if married under the hindu marraige act we are SIKHS

    we ask for answers for those who have been mistreated and we get locked up ... we do a peacefull rally and our turban is knocked off .. dicrimination i ask you or basic human rights ...

    If politians really cared would they not bring up the issue of the sikh turban with governments such as france? Kirpan issue with France/Italy etc they dont care they wish to oppress

    Our Artifacts .. gurbani/history which were taken in Operation Blue star we would like it back ... gov policy distort history ... who controls punjab ... badal ? no who is his puppet master ? Advani goes to the same temple which he says was good to attack and this is seen asgood free undiscrimnative politcs? where is all the gold money and maya that was left a guru ram das ji charn why was it looted in by the gov ... which other religion have you seen the world we live in today that has attacked its own people whould the Conservative gov ever ever dare to go into Havlock road gurdwara with automatic wepons shoes on tie up sikhs shoot them with their own hands tied behind their backs with their own turbans? no then how can the 'largest democracy' which india calls justify its operations ?

    If the politians such as sajan kumar jagdsh tytler amietha bachan are innocent and the cases filed aagianst them are false and im lying then go look at the faces of those women who are sitting in hostels those women who wer raped and those who lost their husbands/ sons fathers and look into their eyes and if you dont see what im saying then ill admit i lie... as sant ji says if a sikh hijacks a plane to highlight the discrimnation of sikhs he is a terriost but if you hiijack a plane for indria ghandi then you get political seats... is this not discrimination is this fair why the double standards

    look into how many people are on death row .. majoity are sikhs? do we honestly commit the most serious crimes.... we Out of 2125 Indians killed in the atrocities by the British, 1550 (73%) were Sikhs. Out of 2646 Indians deported for life to the Andaman Islands (where the British exiled political and hardened criminals) 2147 (80%) were Sikhs. Out of 127 Indians sent to the gallows, 92 (80%) were Sikhs. At Jalliawalla Bagh out of the 1302 men, women and children slaughtered, 799 (61%) were Sikhs. In the Indian Liberation Army, out of the 20,000 ranks and officers, 12,000 (60%) were Sikhs. Out of 121 persons executed during the freedom struggle, 73 (60%) were Sikhs. but still we dont have freedom we are treated as 2nd class citizens.

    Look into the discrimnation of Shaheed Subegh Singh Ji .. here is a general that saved Punjab from attack of Pakistan .. Organised and won the campaign in Bangladesh and then was passed over for promotion was discriinated and targeted for not following top politians curropt orders and then put on trumped up charges which are still the norm for simlar people who hold high positions today

    Crime.. one rule for them one for us seems like we need to have a mass witness before a hindu is convicted where as hindus just needto point

    Media.. portrail in the media? well you know as well what stories do you read? Punjab must be holding the reserve for IDX as every other story is the Largest hord of rdsx found .. bloody hell get a new title.. you ca print diffrent lettering it dont cost any different tight asses ... Media is heavily sensored you try and put something thats against the politians .. how far could you get .. (Khalra comes to mind)

    Wow after how many years did we get Punjabi to become the mother tounge in Punjab? Still today whenpeople are asked they are pressured into saying Hindi .. they still want to change it back

    Policie s such as the amount of land a sikh can own are still about in india? why are we not free. Punjbs higways how can a state which has so much be in some much debt creative accounting by any chance?

    we are over 4 % of the worlds population we have schools and universities across the world but the land in which our fore fathers called home has been split and partitioned our rivers have been divided and our language is opprosed or religious teachings are squashed and changed. in 1947 Panjab was divided and the Sikhs suffered great loss. Sikh shrines such as Nankana Sahib, Panja Sahib and many more along with the capital city of Lahore was given to Pakistan, over 70% of the most fertile land owned by sikhs was taken by Pakistan since we have lost more we have been divided in Upper pardesh haryana


    Farmers in Panjab paid higher prices for their agriculture inputs, but were offered lower prices for their produce in comparison with neighbouring states. The Central Government assumed sole control over prices and farmers were not allowed to cross state boundaries to get higher prices for their labours in the next state.

    Electricity generated by the Hydroelectric Dam Bhakra on the Panjab borders was more costly and provided in smaller amounts in Panjab than in it’s neighbouring states.

    75% of the water available to Panjab was being diverted to other states.

    70% of the revenue raised by Panjabis, for development of Panjab was sent to other states.

    The Central Government investment in Panjab was less than 1%, the lowest amongst all the states, however Panjab was the most highly taxed.

    Restrictions on the recruitment and promotion of Sikhs in the armed forces were applied. This was a grave insult as Sikhs being 2% of India’s population counted for the majority of sacrifices in the freedom struggle against the British.

    For a great artical go to http://www.neverforget84.com/history/post-independence-broken-promises-and-discrimination

    Finally Immortal words

    In Germany they first came for the Communists; I did not speak because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the Jews; I did not speak because I was not a Jew. Then they came to fetch the workers, members of trade unions; I was not a trade unionist. Afterward, they came for the Catholics; I did not say anything because I was a Protestant. Eventually they came for me, and there was no one left to speak."

    By Pastor Martin Niemoller

    A Protestant Minister Imprisoned during Germany's Third Reich

    bhul chuk maf

    Fantastic reply!

  7. KhalistanGunMan you say..."to a traitor we are brutal.." who is this we?? People like you - who are scared of being arrested?? I think you have more in common with the Lion in the Wizard of Oz than our Sikh heroes.

    TigerForce - we are lucky to have an expert on geo politics such as yourself on this forum. But my understanding was that the USSR failed primarily because of enormous economic pressures and an undemocractic political system whereas the partition of Sudan has primarily been about oil resources in the South.

    Which of these holds for India? It is a functioning democracy. Its economy is growing at close to 10% p.a.. Sikhs are among the most prosperous citizens and the Punjab is arguably the wealthiest state.....and in the close to 20 visits I have made to India in the last five years I have never seen Sikhs being prevented from practicising their faith. Yes, there are incidents of disrespect to Sikhism and other faiths, but these are not a pattern of systematic, state-organised repression of Sikhs.

    Getting back to the original question on this forum, Sikhs living abroad will not return. Look at the moslems - many of their countries are Islamic republics (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran - the list goes on) - why are they desperate to leave those countries - they are religous people - why don't they stay...Economic opportunity and quality of life!! That is what it is ultimately about.


    Just to paint the picture about who helped South Sudan and why the USSR fell and why Khalistan will be formed.

    “It was George Bush and the Christian fundamentalists who heard the cry of South Sudan,” 

    In 2005, President Bush put South Sudan at the top of the U.S. foreign policy agenda. Knocking heads, he forced the murderous Islamofascist government of Sudan to negotiate with the South Sudan rebels, including their right to secede. That hard work led to today’s result — and with it, the first chance South Sudan has ever had to break free of its oppression.

    Los Angeles Times

    USSR fall was down to the fact that US wanted to wipe Communism from the face of the Earth.  The US worked tirelessly to make sure that USSR was broken into many states.

    Indias growth of 10% is the primary reason for why it will be broken up.  It will be a victim of it's own success.  It easier for western powers to contain smaller states as it is to with one major player in that region.  They don't need another China.  

    Pakistan is no longer reliable and US needs a new base to keep an eye on China.  To contain China will be a very difficult task as it has never been ruled by any foreign powers in it's entire history. 

    Khalistan will not be formed by primary US assistance, or Chinese for that matter if they decide to go for India first.  It will be formed in the aftermath just as new states were formed after collapse of USSR.

    Geo politics is what shapes the world just as it is shaping Lybia and Iraq recently.  This is a game about world domination and sometimes Countries and States get caught in the middle.  It happened during Maharaja Ranjit Singhs reign and it happened again in 1947 and soon it will happen again.  

    Countries are not formed or broken by chance they are formed by very intelligent people when the need arises.  With the economic downturn in the west and the growth in the East there is no better time for a need.

    Khalistan-  It's got a nice ring to it!

  8. @hsisingh!

    First of all if you do not support Khalistan I refuse to recognise you as a Sikh and have little time for your non sensical views on this subject!

    However I will answer your question.

    Khalistan in my opinion will be formed through outside influence and by geo political interests of the worlds leading powers of China and the West. So bloodshed and sacrifice and martyrdom are not a necessity. This has been proven in recent sovereign nations from the previous USSR and present South Sudan.

    The worlds Borders and Maps are forever changing so I think your level of understanding world politics and facing up to realities is very limited. Khalistan will be formed and nobody can stop this. Whether you want this or not is irrelevant as this will happen sooner than you think.

    Khalistan Zindabad!

  9. Some of you make me laugh!! KhalistaniGunMan and TigerForce

    You don't have the courage to go to the Punjab today and support your fellow Sikhs in their 'independence struggle' - but once, THEY have spent their energy and perhaps given their lives for Khalistan - then you will fly over and land at Amritsar Airport to enjoy the fruits of their struggles!! Would the great Sikh warriors and our Gurus have behaved in this fashion??

    That is pathetic... If you are such supporters of Khalistan (I am not), go now and join the 'struggle'

  10. You should answer this question by shooting from the hip!  No lies! No holding back on the truth!  Examine the roots of Hinduism and all is revealed.

    The Brahmins have been operating at the highest posts in India for centuries.  Their Religion is more a political tool to control the people of India rather than a credible religion that brings one closer to God.

    This system is which the Brahmin call 'Hinduism'.  This is made up of four casts which the everyday people fall into with the 2% of Brahmin elite at the top.  The Brahmin remains at the top regardless of political or economical change.  The rest remain to serve this Elite of 2%.  Nobody can switch or move up in the Cast system ladder within the Hindu Religion.  The only way to achieve this is told by the Brahmins  ''do good deeds and then maybe you will be lucky enough to reincarnate into a higher form in your next life''.

    When we say caste system we remove reality from this word.  It is in actual fact four different species of humans selected to do certain jobs decided by the Brahmins.

    The remaining 3 castes of Hinduism have accepted this system which has been explained and brainwashed to them through centuries. 

    So this leaves the Sikhs in this odd dilemma.  Sikhism goes against this unfair system/religion or whatever you want to call it.  Sikhs do not belong to this system so have no reason to accept the Brahmin as a superior species.

    This is where the discrimination stems from because Sikhs are the single most dangerous community in the eyes of the Brahmins.  Sikhism challenges the ideology which keeps the Brahmins in power and threatens the lie which India's 3 inferior casts to the Brahmins have accepted.

    So public enemy number one in post 1947 India are Sikhs, as we remain as the only group that refuses to be absorbed into Hinduism and regard ourselves as equals.

    Now the discrimination and attacks range from Genocide, Ethnic cleansing, Forced acceptance of the Hindu Marriage Act, Promotion of Drugs and Alcohol, Intense Farming which disrupts the water table and Rivers which are diverted to neighbouring states.  

    The list goes on but the truth is that  the non Brahminical Hindus unaware of these policies which are designed to make the Sikhs vanish from this earth.  The Hindu's of India have been forced fed this oppressive system for so long and are now in such a deep sleep that they are refusing to question the Brahmins on this religion/system, which is clearly designed by the Brahmins and favours only this so called 'Elite' class of 2% of India.

    The Sikhs in the mean time will be attacked and discriminated by the Brahmins for refusing to bow down and accept Hinduism.  

    The best way to deal with this monster in my opinion is to tell your fellow Hindus that they too are victims of the Brahmins.  They are also exploited and held back from success and the right to be equal.  The minute that the non Brahminical Hindus start to do this, they too will feel the discrimination that a Sikh faces in India!

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  11. This is a total BS article with undertones that are attacking the Sikh Faith and trying hard to label Sikhs as extremists. Referring to the Indian airlines bombing is absurd as they have delibertately avoided the facts of Indian Ageny foul play to discredit Sikhs worldwide. It was your Canadian government findings that states this!

    The fact that 'Money' has not been mentioned as the catalyst for this gang warfare shows that this article is nothing but an attempt to one again discredit Sikhs.

  12. Here's the Science to back up my theory and claims. I could be wrong but I think that I read that the Growth Hormone is absorbed through the mucus membranes when consumed orally.

    This product is consumed now by Australian Athletes and New Zealand Rugby players. So I think that there is a string enough case for it's benefits.

    If it doesn't bore you read the following:

    (1) Immune Factors: Active components that have very significant effects on the immune system, promoting a stronger, more efficient immune response and providing antibodies which fight specific infections.

    Colostrum contains over 95 Immune Factors to provide protection against bacteria, toxins, virus and disease. They activate numerous processes that are critical to the healthy function of the immune system.

    Proline-rich Polypeptide (PRP) is a hormone that helps regulate the thymus gland, stimulating an under active immune system or subduing an overactive immune system in cases where it has begun to attack the tissues of the body. An over active immune system has been linked to autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, chronic fatigue syndrome, and allergies. An under-active system is associated with an increased risk for infectious conditions, cancer and bacterially related heart disease.

    Colostrum contains all 5 Immunoglobulins (known as antibodies) that support the human immune system:

    IgA: neutralizes toxins and microbes in the lymphatic and circulatory system

    IgM: estroys bacteria

    IgE and IgD: highly antiviral

    IgG: helps against invading pathogens

    Lactoferrin, has been shown to contain antiviral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is an iron-binding protein with therapeutic effects in cancer, HIV, cytomegalovirus, herpes, chronic fatigue syndromes, candida albicans, and other infections. Lactoferrin helps deprive bacteria of the iron they require to reproduce, and releases iron into the red blood cells enhancing oxygenation of tissues.

    Many drug manufacturers have tried to isolate and synthesize the individual immune factors found in colostrum, including interferon and gamma globulin. There is no question that the significantly elevated concentrations of immune factors, essential factors, and growth factors, and the basics ound naturally in colostrum are far superior to medical drugs for many people.

    (2) Natural Growth Factors: Effective in reducing the symptoms associated with aging.

    Rejuvenating the body's levels of human growth hormone (HGH) is one of the hottest therapies for helping aging men and women maintain a more youthful vitality, trim muscular body, and strong immune and cardiovascular function.

    Studies show that an aging person exhibits lower levels of growth hormone than a younger one. With all 87 naturally occurring anti-aging growth factors found in colostrum, many of the diseases and conditions of aging can be improved.

    The biologically active growth factors in bovine colostrum protect the body against disease and assist the body in the following processes:

    ♦ Stimulates cellular and tissue growth

    ♦ Repairs and helps reverse the damage done by disease and the natural aging process

    ♦ Increases metabolism

    ♦ Reduces fat and increases muscle mass

    ♦ Involved in regeneration of the heart, lung and liver tissue, plus other organs and tissues throughout the body

    ♦ Stimulates protein synthesis, which is critical for the renewal of skin and bones

    ♦ Affects neurotransmitters in the brain, improving moods and mental acuity

    The regenerative effects of colostrum extend to nearly all the body's structural cells. This makes colostrum invaluable in the quest to prevent premature aging.

    (3) Metabolic Factors: Influence the restoration and maintenance of the body's proper metabolic levels. One key benefit of colostrum is a rich source of growth hormone, one of the master growth factors that assists the body to efficiently burn fat. This is supported by research from the Medical Endocrinological Department of the University Clinic of Internal Medicine, Aahus Dommune-hospital, Denmark. Researchers found that when subjects received growth hormone, fat oxidation (i.e., the burning of fat for energy) contributed 71.7 per cent of the body's energy expenditure, compared to only 48 percent without administration of growth hormone. In addition, colostrum's IGF-1 inhibits the burning of body proteins for energy, as stated by researchers from the Department of Pediatrics, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

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  13. Get a grip and stop feeling sorry for yourselves!

    You guys are radiating the 'glass is half empty' mentality. There are plenty of girls who want to marry a Sardar but most of you people would not give those girls a chance.

    If there are girls who don't want to marry Sardar then let them be and let marry a clean shaven guy and bring a weak child into this world. 30 years from now they'll be posting 'my husband does'nt care for me and he beats me after drinking a crate of Stella'!

    In the mean time stop being so shallow when choosing your partners! This goes out to especially those men who play the 'Sardars can't find girls Card'!

  14. You are correct when you say that boxers do not engage in sexual behaviour leading up to fight night and during fight training camp. But this has nothing to do with building up hormones.

    The reasons for this is because the legs are weakened during such acts of Kaam. A boxer needs to have very strong legs and needs to mentally relaxed and allert which is the opposite of being charged up with rage for explosiveness with excess hormones.

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