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  1. 3 hours ago, shastarSingh said:

    plz tell which breeds were used by puratan Singhs?

    Most likely central Asian and Middle Eastern  breeds such as the Turki, Persian and Arabian.  They had the best breeding stock of the time and would have made there way into Hind by Mughal rulers of the time.  Marwari horses would have naturally been used locally by the Rajputs so I’m sure Sikhs would have used these also but the most sort after would have been the horses used by the Mughals and Persian invaders.  The breeding programme was introduced by Maharajah Ranjit Singh during his reign, and again he favoured the most sort after breeds of the time, most likely Arabian just like his most prized horse.  

    Looking back through historical art, the horses used by the Sikhs did not always have inward facing ears in the illustrations, so we can get an idea they were not Marwari.  As soon as you try to cross the breed with other horses, the offspring loses it’s unique feature of the ears.  This is why the Marwari is so unique and beautiful.

    Also the Gurus were gifted the best Horses and Shastars of time, so we can assume the Horses were made up of the best from Central Asia and Middle East. 


  2. 3 hours ago, shastarSingh said:

    not all are marwari.

    the one with baba bidhi Chand dal doesn't look marwari.

    it has Indian map on his neck.

    There’s only one other breed which has the inward pointing ears, the Kathiawari horse.  Similar to the Marwari but with a more longer and broader neck.  Same gene pool but slightly different in the way they look.  They are both beautiful looking breeds but I don’t think these breeds were the war horses that were used by the Puratan Singhs.

  3. 50 minutes ago, proactive said:

    That's the narrative that the Muslims want us to believe so that we can be their useful idio.ts in fighting against the CAA which incidentally helps Sikhs from Pakistan to get political asylum in India. The stupidity of those Sikhs who think that just because they have a common enemy in the RSS means that we should be making common cause with the Muslims is the same mentality that enslaved us in 1947. When will Sikhs wake up and understand that there is no such thing as friendship with Muslims without a heavy price that will one day paid by the Sikhs in the future. 

    All this characterisation of Muslims as being victims which is being propagated by the Sikh media will disarm the Sikh population and leave them unable to understand just what a danger Islam is. While the rest of India is getting rid of their Muslims, our actions are ensuring that any Muslims who want safety will want to come to Punjab and our naïve Sikhs will be ripe for a love jihad onslaught and the useful idio.ts in our community will be financing the building of Mosques and ensure that Islam once again becomes the danger that it was pre-1947 in East Punjab. 

    If we have to come common cause we should be making common cause with the Dalits and Advasis who are the real victims of Hindutva. Making common cause with Muslims and Christians in India is to empower those who have evil intentions towards us. 

    We stand with truth. We speak up for the down trodden.  We stand up to the oppressor.  That’s what our Guru has taught us!  

  4. 28 minutes ago, puzzled said:

    i think its coz bjp lost in delhi, and aap party won  so modi sent his men over to terrorize.

    This has been brewing since Kashmir and the new discriminatory act which puts Muslims at disadvantage.  Modhi wants to put Muslims in their place and at the same time empower the Hindu mobs to carry out cowardly acts, we see this every 2 decades or so against minorities.  Gunda Raj is here and we will see a lot more of this, whilst the world turns a blind eye to forge new trade relations.

  5. By entering the gym you are not discarding your articles of faith or turning your back on your beliefs.  When you take a flight on a plane you have to remove your Kirpan, but this is not considered as turning your back on your Guru.  All you are doing is removing your Kakkars for a short period of time, to allow you to participate without injuring those around you. You could have your Kakkars close by to you, so that you are reminded of your obligations to your faith during a bout or training.

    If you become successful you would inspire a whole generation of young Sikhs to take up the sport and do a wonderful job of promoting your Religion.  This would be a great Seva.  

  6. 21 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    Come on man!

    According to your own admission: "I watch nearly all Punjabi movie releases."

    That's a whole lot of musicals. The vast majority (if not all!) of it being brain dead dross too. I don't think any straight guy would do that myself.

    I'm not judging it but you should maybe do away with the self-deception and come out of the lamaari bro.....

     No I’m alright bro! These are not ‘Singhaan de kam’.  Big time besti, matheh te kalank, moo kala karauna, nak vadhouna, shitraan walian kartoottan, kanjarpuna to the next level.  See all the benefits of watching Punjabi Cinema.  



  7. On 2/20/2020 at 6:17 AM, GurjantGnostic said:

    Bit of a tangent but Samurai armor is not designed to keep you from dying. It's designed to keep you from dying to arrows so you can live to die properly to melee weapons. 

    Samurai armour was really quite deceptive when it came down to appearance, it looks really fragile and not fit for purpose, but was extremely tough.  The Samurai developed a special lacquer which was used to toughen natural materials.  This enabled the armour to retain toughness and lightweight properties which enabled the Samurai to move with speed and agility.  They wore face masks that were intended to frighten the enemy whilst masking ones own expressions during battle. 


  8. 25 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

    You're what we'd humorously call 'GT Road Utey' when younger. 


    GT standing for G** Tendencies.

    I don’t know what your talking about!.. I’m a ‘eighties kid’.  Homos and alphabetties didn’t exist in the eighties.  You know that, you’re old enough to remember!

  9. On 2/16/2020 at 8:22 PM, puzzled said:

    Ardaas 1 and  rabb da radio 1  are really gd movies  both on youtube     about social issues     qissa, tale of a lonely ghost is one of the strangest movies iv ever seen! surprised that some punjabi made it, its about a man who wants a son but his wife gives birth to a girl but he doesnt wanna accept it so he raises it as a boy! he even marrys her of to a girl!  strange movie    

    i dont really watch hindi movies but i liked padmavaati and haider. 

    I watch nearly all Punjabi movie releases.  Recently I watched ‘Chall Mera Putt’.  It’s a good comedy about the struggles of ‘Fauji’s’ in England.  It also has a message of better community cohesion with PakistanI Punjabi’s, who are also acting alongside our people.  Seems like since the opening of ‘Kartarpur Langa’, a major effort is being made on both sides of Punjab to embrace each other’s similarities.

    Punjabi film industry seems to be growing, but there seems to be too many releases flooding the market, with the same copy and paste storylines and repetitive use of the same actors.  Also I don’t know why but all the main lead actors are music artists and rarely does any new grassroot talent get a chance to showcase their talent.  You do get the odd gem like Ardaas and the Black Prince which breaks through but you have too sift through the pile of crap to find them. Gippy Grewal is showing he has a really good skill set as a Director, but he needs to take his time in selecting the right script rather than cashing out for quick releases.  


  10. Mate!  You think Mr Chada would have lost some ‘tids’ before agreeing to be the groom in this movie.  Wardrobe department messed up with his tailoring and lighting spot boy could have dimmed the shadows on his double chin a bit.  Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed the popcorn.  When’s the sequel?  My only way of processing all this is with lighthearted banter.

    The only thing that is missing is CGI but I’m sure that will happen as well at some point, just like that Babbu Maan video where they CGI’d a six pack on him.  Total Cringe!  You’d think some ‘sianna banda’ would have told them to get a grip.



  11. 20 hours ago, puzzled said:

    bro thats so true,  i remember reading how most gladiators had plant based diets.  i think from the bones of the gladiators they also found that they drank a drink which was made out of plants.    

    same with our grandparents, my great grandfathers worked in the fields from 3am in the morning without any tractors or any other modern machinery that they use today, they worked right into their 70s  Women worked just as hard.   None of them had any health problems, no arthritis, nothing.    none of them ate meat, they had simple diets.  

    our forefathers worked hard   its important to honor them and behave in a way which doesn't tarnish their izat.  

    Simple diets identical from region to region in Punjab.  Farmers diets comprising of Lassi, gur (molasses), daal, saag, youghart, bajraa, makkai, seasonal root veg and not forgetting makhan.  
    Sad thing is that this kind of food is only seen at novelty ‘virsaa’ menus at Punjabi Rosoi dhabas, fat shehri’s on nights out dining.  Pendu kids are more interested in burgers, pizza and noodles.  Big strong Punjabis Sardars are fading fast with ‘lazy skinny short kanjar hairdoos!

  12. On 2/11/2020 at 5:41 PM, puzzled said:

    look how strong and tough the punjabis of the past were, they did all the work by hand without the use of any machinery and tractors and all they ate was simply vegetarian food. 

    The myth of ‘meat based diets’ equating to strong physical forms is something of a modern concept.  The Roman Gladiators were the prized MMA fighters of the ancient era and were probably the earliest of the sponsored combatants.  These Gladiators were provided with the best training and nutrition and their diets were ‘plant based’.  In fact there was a short time when they were forced to eat a meat based diet, but they refused to do so believing they would be weakened due to lack of nutrients.  They resorted to going on a hunger strike and refusing to participate in Gladiatorial sports, until the diet was reversed back to simple plant based nutrition.

    Modern day sportsmen are also starting to switch to plant based diets and seeing the benefits in performance compared to meat.  I personally feel Milk is also of great benefit, but the industry is controversial.  Our forefathers in the Villages of Punjab were simple people but were smart enough to see what was beneficial for their bodies.


  13. Good stuff!  It’s funny how so many people still allow their taste buds to completely block the facts which are presented to them regarding meat industry.  They go to extents such quoting bani to justify their choice of diet.  Deep down everyone knows what is the right stance to take on meat, but the weakness to fall to their desires can overpower any rational thought.

  14. I tried replying to a post a few days ago but all the text appeared in red and was not showing up as being posted until quite a while later.  Also I got some notifications for few replies to a post I made and I can not view the content of the replies.  Not sure what’s going.  Maybe the mods have blocked the contents or maybe they put restrictions on my account.

  15. On 2/2/2020 at 1:18 AM, SinghGill123 said:

    What really happened.





    Complete B.S!  You really think Neki that haraamda is a reliable source for information?  Shinda was released from prison to do a hit on Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, but soiled his pants when he realised he would never be able to escape alive.  Only then did Baljeet and Shinda abandon their initial plan and decide to target Surinder Singh Sodhi, through deception by calling him to the Sindhi Hotel.  And yes Surinder Singh Sodhi and Shinda were known to each other, this was precisely why Shinda was handpicked to infiltrate the Jatha and assassinate a leading figure.  
    Neki is a RSS Kanjar who is paid to spread false information to discredit Sant Bhindranwale and his Jatha members.  His account is far from ‘what really happened’!

  16. To get a full understanding of the recent events regarding the attack on Nankana Sahib, you need to have look at the ground reality in Pakistan.  

    You have 4 entities at play in Pakistan which are the Government, ISI, Mullas and the Public.  The present Government has shown an willingness to accommodate Sikhs in Pakistan and have gone above and beyond of what is expected of them with their hospitality.  The ISI has no interest in rocking the boat with Sikhs as there stand is ‘whoever is a enemy of India is a friend of Pakistan’.  The Mullas are at war with the Government of Pakistan and are pushing to overthrow and replace it with a Sharia Islamic leadership.  The public is stuck somewhere in the middle and pick sides according to their own circumstances.

    This leads to the question who is responsible for the attack on Nankana Sahib and Sikhs?  The Government of Pakistan has no reason to back the people who did this, as the propaganda machine in India would exploit this situation to destroy any good relationships the Sikhs are building with Muslims in Pakistan.  The ISI gain nothing from this as again this would leave India in a stronger position.  The Mullas would benefit from anything that will destabilise the Pakistan Government and anything that would drive away the minorities from Pakistan.  The public on the other hand is no different to anywhere else in the world where isolated incidents can happen and people can be manipulated to do such things. 

    People need to be calm and rational and remember, any incidents that happen in Pakistan against Sikhs are not Initiated by the Government of Pakistan or are these over represented against Sikhs in Pakistan.  On the other side of the border in East Punjab there is a completely different story where attacks on Sikhs and their property is the norm and is backed and initiated from the Hindu Government.

  17. 6 hours ago, Big_Tera said:

    There is a new law regarding granting persecuted minority's from India's neighbouring countries the right to move to India and seek citizenship. 

    However the law excludes Muslims from comming to India. 

    There's been some protests about this in India. Anyone think it's a good they have done this? 

    Muslims have been complaining that their people have been excluded. 


    This is just another stupid move from the Bhamans in Delhi.  They are showing the world how intolerant and uneducated they really are.  Surely someone would have told them there are Political Asylum Laws, which are already in place that protect people from persecution from the countries they have fled.  Political Asylum covers all levels of threat whether that be religious persecution, threat from the state, threat from family disputes or threat from everyday Joe Bloggs.  These threats are also applicable to Muslims whether they live in Muslim countries or not.  So how on earth are the Muslims who are facing threats excluded from this Law.

    Also the protests are not one sided from angry Muslims, there are protests from Indian Hindu nationals who are worried about the economic implications of mass Citizenship from the neighbouring countries.  

  18. On 11/22/2019 at 12:58 PM, Big_Tera said:

    I have always thought of myself as middle class. They way I talk is like a typical Oxford graduate or close to it. I also tend to spend more time with other so called 'middle class asians'

    Do Asians fall into class categories and what class do you belong to?

    The question I need you to answer is why would you need to open a thread based upon massaging your own ego regarding how far up the ladder you view yourself in the Class system.  The reason why I ask this is because surely know this is a Sikh Forum which promotes Sikh values, Panthic Ekta and hopefully brings people closer to Sikhi.  So why would you brag about your own social status in a Western system, that does the complete opposite by dividing people and makes them egotistical in the process?



  19. On 11/23/2019 at 1:07 PM, dallysingh101 said:

    I think you're making a lot of presumptions here. 

    I don't like this thread because it forces borderline egoic responses but I feel I have to get the alternative perspective out. If linguistic abilities are a marker of class as well as having the ability to communicate across social levels, then your accent doesn't really come into it. I remember at uni when I was around proper middle class white people, their vocabulary wasn't any better than mine, often worse, even if they did speak with 'oxford accents'. People might sound different to that but that doesn't mean they are any less intelligent. You talk about not giving in to popular culture, but making yourself talk in a certain way to fit in with people you perceive to have 'high class' isn't any different to any other sheeplike compromise, even if the utilitarian logic behind it is to give yourself more opportunities by fitting in with power holders.  

    If you go by the logic above then Sant Jarnail Singh Ji was 'low class' because they spoke in rustic, common language, in a very common Panjabi man's accent. 

    You talk about drugs and class - do you seriously have no idea about how much drugs the middle class and upper class youngsters take??? Coke and stuff. 

    I might be as 'common as muck' but do you get the impression that I don't have knowledge of my lineage, my people's history and don't have an interest in art and history in general (as well as many other subjects)?

    Face it, many people confuse acting and speaking in a pretentious, supercilious manner as some sort of 'class' marker. That's not class in my books, and the ability to see through this and not fall in line with the oft-repeated thinking demonstrated by Big Tera (and others) is testimony to the ability to not accept such notions like a sheep. 

    Excellent post.  Brilliantly put together!

    My personal view based upon my own interactions with people who live up to these man made classes are as follows:

    Upper Class - People born into a system that generally favours them in all walks of life.  They do appreciate people who work hard and generally enjoy breaking free once in while to let off some steam to escape the pressures which they have been groomed for.  Their worst traits are generally ingrained into them as they have very little interaction outside their own class.  Money isn’t really an issue and neither is the need to flash it with these people.

    Middle Class - People trying so hard to please the upper class for acceptance.  These people mould into this class over time, generally as the wealth increases.  They distance themselves from their beginnings and start to sound very different.  They think very carefully before stringing a sentence together, just to insure it is made up of big words and more of them to explain what could be said in just a few.  Not much different from Politicians really.  Every purchase these people make is based upon what the Joneses are doing and for how they are perceived in society.  They are not generally rich but have disposable incomes which allows them to mimic the upper classes.  They are probably the most judgemental and possess the worst traits out of all the classes.

    Working Class - People of the soil who are generally ‘what you see is what you get’.  Not much mystery with these people, blunt and completely in touch with the ground.  These people can also be the most charitable as well as they understand struggle.  They don’t sound very eloquent but that is not a measure of intelligence, so don’t be fooled by this.  



  20. 3 hours ago, puzzled said:

    Thanks for the info bro!   There are so many false rumours around about bhai sodhi.  Sant ji said that bhai sodhi is like his son and was his son in his previous life.       Even bhai sahibs photo has a stronger presence than most people do in real. 

    We will always be indebted to the Seva that Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi did for us during the Dharam Yudh Morcha.  His Star will always shine and his name will a have a special place when Khalsa Raj will be established in Punjab!

  21. 6 hours ago, puzzled said:

    This is a really old post    but the man and woman who killed him were they punished and killed by other singhs?    Bhai surinder singh sodhi was a sher    a real gursikh as well  he did simran and nitnem for hours 

    The lady who fired the first shot into Bhai Sodhi ran to talk to Sant Ji and presented a fabricated story to the lead up to the murder of Bhai Sodhi.  The Singhs in the Jatha interrogated the women until she confessed the entire plan and was killed and her body was disposed of on the highway to send out a message. 

    Shinda the man who fired the remainder of the rounds into Bhai Sodhi, by now had escaped and was making his way to leave Amritsar via a vehicle.  A board was placed outside Mehta Chowk Gurdwara with message of ‘within 24 hours the murderers of Bhai Sodhi should be brought to justice’.  

    General Labh Singh along with fellow Jatha Singhs disguised themselves as Punjab Police Officers and set up road blocks on the main routes leading out of Amritsar.  Shindas car approached the road block and he sighed in relief on seeing Police Officers.  He asked for assistance with a safe passage to Delhi and he bragged about what he had just done to Bhai Sodhi.  He asked the Police Officers of which department they were from?  To which General Labh Singh replied ‘We belong to Secret Force which does not get paid and does not answer to any Worldly Officials’.  Shinda laughed and said ‘Stop joking around with me, there is no such Force that you have stated!’  General Labh Singh replied ‘There is such a Force and it is the Force that works for ‘Akaal Purkh!’  General Labh Singh picked up 3ft Kirpan and asked Shinda of how many bullets he had fired into Bhai Sodhi and began to cut Shinda limb by limb and threw his body parts into the road whilst he was still alive.  This all happened on busy public highway in full view of the public.  This was the fate of the cowards that murdered Bhai Surinder Singh Sodhi!















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