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  1. 4 hours ago, Nihang96k said:

    Everyone knows that nihangs in both budha and tarna dal practice jhatka and drink shaheedi degh, but people always say “oh that’s going against rehat” and “that’s a “kurheit”. 

    Mate go and look at all the evidence out there that says that we ate meat. The English have been successful in messing up the Panth. They changed our dastaars, made most of the Panth think that dasam and sarbloh Granth is not authentic, changed our nishaan sahibs and made us into some Brahmin religion. 

    Looking at the Sikhs today, it really does look like we are a sect of Hinduism with our vaishnu practices. 

    Go and read your history and see for yourself, stop making sikhi into some Hindu sect!

    go onto http://www.jhatkamaryada.com/ and see for yourself the amount of evidence from souces ranging from Panth Prakash to the British themselves! 

    The whole Meat vs Veg argument vs Shaheedi Degh equalling a better warrior is becoming a favourite amongst the youth.  

    The question is for what purpose does anyone promote Meat and Sukha.  Is it for building stronger bodies or is it for courage in the face of war or is it a combination of both.  Does Sukha bring courage in a coward, does Jatka Meat build a stronger body frame and mind for someone who is trying to bulk up and do the two combined create the ultimate warrior.  On the other hand does a veg diet build a weaker body and mind and does a narcotic free state of mind limit ones inner courage or spirituality.
    All this arguing is futile when you look at the bigger picture.  When you break Meat and Veg down all you have is macronutrients (Protein, Carbohydrates, Fat).  In the end nothing is Meat and nothing is Vegetable all you have is argument that goes round and round in circles.  
    What benefit will the Panth have with the promotion of Meat and Sukha and where do you draw the line when you start to break down the chemical compound of Sukha.  Will other mind altering Chemical Drugs be permissible for use in combat and meditation.
    What benefit will the use of these have on an individuals own personal Kamai?  Will the Meat and Sukh make you a better warrior or will it consume your own soul with Homai, Lobh and Hankaar.
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  2. 1 hour ago, jkvlondon said:

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa

    Waheguru ji ki Fateh


    This is a subject that troubles me ...if we have dishonoured our Guru ji  by removing his Nishaan Sahib and allowed through ignorance the signs of ghulami on our Guru asthaan even our heads. I remember bringing up the subject  of peela and neela nishaan sahibs at Akal Takht in olden times  and got shot down but there are photos in the video


    Turban video for those who are interesting:


    Agreed!  I have seen this video recently and the one thing new I learned other than the colour being blue was that the shape of the Nishan is completely wrong.  The point on the Nishan Sahib should be at the highest point of the triangular shape not the lowest.  The Farla should be just below the teer at the top.  All of these are missing in the present Nishan Sahib and it’s baffling how we have ended up with something that is not even remotely true to the original design.

    I would also like to see the original Nishan Sahib reinstated and also the design to be incorporated in the future flag of Khalistan.  This would give credibility in the argument of Khalsa Raj being a legitimate historical calling not something that is a post 84 modern concept.


  3. 8 minutes ago, KhoonKaBadlaKhoon said:

    I agree. Its basically the same thing as a typical Punjabi household. I'd hope Jagmeet Singh had the beach section cleaned etc before, alcohol kept away during the time Saroop was present there.

    I don’t think it’s about maintaining a pure environment just for the Laavan ceremony.  It’s a mockery of the ceremony if the newlywed couple have just committed to have Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the center of their married lives and to then go on and Party.  This is not expected from and Amritdhari and I thought being a public figure Jagmeet Singh would have thought carefully about this. 

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  4. 23 minutes ago, KhoonKaBadlaKhoon said:

    Would it be different if it was a beach that was not used for partying etc? 

    The Guru Saroop is taken to the streets every year in Nagar Kirtans throughout the world.  The question is about maintaining the sanctity of the Saroop.  If the place is serving alcohol, meat or playing lachar songs (ie Punjabi Wedding) then this unacceptable.  This is what the Hukamnama form the Akal Takht is about and it should extend to Akhand Paths in homes where these activities take place.


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  5. 4 hours ago, Singh2017 said:


    Khalsa Ji, as far as I am aware they were not against or for Khalistan. Unfortunately for you Ji, there is only one video and that says they are are neither for or against so that may confuse you more somewhat. They wanted equal rights for the Sikhs, oppression against the Sikhs to be stopped in India and for the Anandpur Resolution to be carried out whereby the Sikhs would be recognised as a different religion to the Hindus as per the Indian Constitution. I don't think Khalistan was their main aim as far as priorities lay with Sant Ji.

    I am not too clued up on 1984 however daas has been trying to read up on some modern ithaas lately and one of the things that there has been much speculation over is whether or not Sant Ji said the following, "I don't need to campaign about Khalistan. When the Indian Government attack Harimandir Sahib, the foundations for Khalistan will already be laid by itself". I myself have found no sources that coincide with the alledged statement however if anyone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated Ji. 

    Maaf karna for any mistakes I've made Ji. 

    Vaheguru Ji.

    The first few lines of the speech referring to the aftermath of the attack on Akal Takht.


  6. 10 hours ago, DarshaPyasi1984 said:

    isn't it amazing to wonder how sant bhindranwale is still affecting our present today.

    Many major things happening to our sikh kaum can be related to the bachans of sant bhindranwale.

    This whole issue between Canada and India today is because of what happened to sant bhindranwale and all sikhs in 1980's and late 70's.

    Sant ji's bachan was that when darbar sahib would be attacked, the foundation for khalistan would be laid.

    I think Canada might be the place where Khalistan is established, and this whole movement is from the bachans from sant bhindranwale in seva of guru sahib. We can never truly know the entire greatness of the sants who walk  on guru sahib's path. I tried to keep my ideas brief.

    ਹਰਿ ਕਾ ਸੰਤੁ ਹਰਿ ਕੀ ਹਰਿ ਮੂਰਤਿ ਜਿਸੁ ਹਿਰਦੈ ਹਰਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਮੁਰਾਰਿ ॥


    I can recall a speech by Sant Jarnail Khalsa Bhindranwale where he refers to Singhs asking him a question “Sant Ji when will Khalistan be made?”  Sant ji says “Khalistan will be made when all Sikhs become Khalse”

    This is a simple reply but the logic in the bachan makes complete sense.  You can see Indra understood this as it is evident with Amritdhari Sikhs being hunted after Bluestar. You can still see this now as the Government of India have used all sorts of tactics to insure Sikh youth in Punjab discard Sikhi in favour of a secular lifestyle.  Our Sikh institutions including SGPC have failed to take Sikhi to the youth.  Even Sikh diaspora have failed to work on this in the villages of Punjab.

     I recall hearing about the number of Sikhs taking Amrit during the time of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji at Darbar Sahib.  The figure was 4000 every week and the figures now are now post 84 at best 4000 a year.  In fact there is no longer a weekly Amrit Sanchar at Darbar Sahib.

    Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa bhindranwale has given us the bachan and the key to unlock Khalistan is with increasing the numbers of Khalse.


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  7. 4 hours ago, jkvlondon said:

    the fat slug excuse of a CM finally got shamed into swallowing his self-generated Ish and told to met with Justin  because Gujarat got juicy deals , that is the true function of sellout of Patiala to run interference and create obstructions to the hope and investment into Punjab for his masters.

    The guy is the biggest besharam on the planet.  He’s sitting as the CM of an State in independent India but his family were working hand in glove with the British during the Raj.  How has he been able to escape his shadow for so long and why is his family history not thrown at his humongous bootha when he goes off on an Patriotic fit.

  8. Justin Trudeau has been snubbed by the senior members of the Modi BJP Government.  In fact this stretches to not just the Political Party but also to the Indian Media.  No senior officials have welcomed or accompanied Trudeau during his tour of Gujarat or Agra.

    Amritsar on the other hand has shown great hospitality to Trudeau with the SGPC, Akali Dal and Congress senior Politicians all eagerly greeting him and his family to the city and Darbar Sahib.

    The treatments of Trudeau is all very public and the questions of  ‘Khalistan’ and the Canadian stance on the subject is all over the news now.  Even Captain Arminder couldn’t resist bringing up the subject in his brief meeting at the Taj hotel today.  He also had the nerve to accuse Canadian Sikhs of financing militancy in Punjab and directing targeted assassinations.

    Modi is scheduled to meet Justin Trudeau during the week and we can all expect to hear the same sound bites.  Will Sikhs in Canada be sacrificed for trade between the two countries and what will Justin Trudeau make of his trip to India?



  9. 2 hours ago, Guest Jagsaw_Singh said:

    Comically, I don't think you realise TigerForce, that Jagmeet Singh represents that 3rd party in Canadian politics. Thing the Lib Dems in the UK....and then halve that clout. And, the only credible candidate for that job as leader of this traditional left wing party was Niki Ashton. Jagdeep Singh brought the 3rd world / Gurdwara Committee style of politics into ply by a mass recruitment of Sikhs as party members in order to win his position as leader. I don't know bout you but 3rd world style block party voting without principle or substance is not my cup of tea. And which of his election promises delights the 'Sikhs' so much?  Is it is promise to legalize all crack cocaine or is it the promise of free for all heroin ?

    Comically Jagsaw-Singh I realise a lot more than you think I do. 

    Sometimes the 3rd party in any election can end up being the most important Party especially when coalitions come into play.  Remember the Liberal Democrats in the last General Election? (although that didn’t end well for them but that’s another topic).

    Also there is a big difference between legalise and decriminalise.  By decriminalising some drugs you end up removing the exploitation and crime that is adjoinined with drug dealing and smuggling industry.  What this means is you are pushing for the lesser evil in eradicating drugs and problems associated with it from society.  That in no way means that you support drug use.

    You are wrong about Jagmeet Singh he entered Politics to counter the Uncles who were in bed with the Indian Government.  He was fed up with the double standards of then Uncles who were were so called Sikh Leaders but never spoke up on Sikh Human Rights issues.  The NDP were the only Party who listened and promised to deliver so naturally this was the Party of his choice.  This catipulted Jagmeet Singh into mainstream politics and at the same time gave the NDP a new lease of life with far more supporters.  

    I just don’t get what your problem is with him! 


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  10. On 09/02/2018 at 9:42 AM, Guest Jagsaw_Singh said:

    'He' is not Joe Bloggs, a local builder from Localsville. He is a Politician....who wants to get elected as a lawmaker. But even though that means he shoud be held accountable for hypocricy it doesn't matter who he wants to marry. None of us care what any individual does and wants to do in their own private life. But that discussion is not about him as an individual...It's about an Amritdhari thinking his money and power can buy his way out of the rules of being an 'Amritdhari'. It's about him pretending to be an Amritdhari but not being able to live by the rules of being Amritdhari.

    I think you’re jumping the gun.  You and nobody knows what discussions have taken place about the future of his bride to be.  

    Nobody is saying he is exempt from the responsibilities which come with being an Amritdhari but maybe he really likes her soul and maybe she has agreed to walk the path of a Gursikh.  

    You think you are the only ‘Siana Banda’ who can see that this not correct according to rehit.  I’m sure Jagmeet Singh has been advised on this so just wait and see.  

    You should stop this witch hunt and support the only credible political candidate who many Sikhs have been waiting for too long.


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  11. 15 hours ago, jkvlondon said:

    why was he chatting at the back of the club with the original two ...his spidey sense should have tripped ... they had planned it with their mates ....

    Could be a whole host of reasons.  Maybe he tried it on with one of their girls, maybe he was in a relationship with one of their girls, maybe he was buying weed or coke from them, maybe he was serving drugs for them and owed them money, maybe he was drunk and taking a leak by the wall and got preyed upon or maybe he was just an innocent lad and was targeted because he is a Sikh.  But he was definitely in the wrong place at any given time.

    So many reasons only he knows why he was there but the alcohol problem in our community is serious.  When you openly drink like our lot do you are naturally going to end up in pubs and clubs at unsavoury hours.  You will end up drunk and tipsy and then no matter how well trained you are you will end up in trouble.

    This besharam culture needs to be eradicated once and for all.  So many times you see this nonsense and usually it starts with child seeing seeing dad and now mum also getting pissed up at home or at family functions.  

    Again I do feel sorry the lad but I hope he reflects on why he was caught up in such a mess. 


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  12. 54 minutes ago, Big_Tera said:

    So I broke off a an egagement And now Im trying to do it again. but now that trust is broken. not sure how I can reeasure the other party except give my word that it wont happen again. this is in india btw. 

    Any ideas how I can get thia marriage back on track. 

    You can start by telling them today’s exchange rate.  

    No serious you should just tell them you got nervous about the whole thing and needed time out to sort your head out.

    Good Luck!

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  13. 16 hours ago, jkvlondon said:

    when  you choose to distance yourself from the family there is more pressure to deal with everything yourselves rather than relying on help of caring people e.g. sudden illness, new baby , death etc. It is a lot to ask of immature adults which is the case of current crop

    You’re right!  I’m sure it’s a struggle to get through life without the help and support of the extended family.  For many being perceived as trendy, so called modern and independent is more palatable than having to learn to accommodate others.  

    The truth is nobody wants to invest time for others.  From once being caring social animals the new generation are fast discarding the skills needed to communicate with their own choice of partners and the wider extended ‘bhai chaara’ around them.  But this all needs to happen in order for ‘Kalyug’ to pass for the new ‘Yug’.  Time never changes it’s just the way people behave.   

  14. 5 hours ago, InderjitS said:

    This smells of British Government involvement.  Similar tactics have have been used by the British Government when BNP, EDL and UKIP rallies have been planned.  It is well known for the British Government to call various organisations to stage a counter protest .  The idea was probably to shut down voices and create an hostile atmosphere so that Sikh and Kashmiris could be labelled as extremists.


  15. 3 hours ago, AjeetSinghPunjabi said:

    You said brahmins have created the current reservation order in india ! 

    Infact brahmans despise it the most ! Because the current reservation policy is totally against upper castes, including brahmans . 

    Let us first admit we have failed . I don't want to beat dead our community over this but considering how good sikhi is in theory but still lagging a little behind in practice. Although we still have good elements like langar , open gurudwaras for all and so on . We just need to move a little further . 


    I don't see any Brahmins who are ready to burn the Manusmriti texts or ready to give up the privileges which come with taking the best and most influential jobs.  I don't believe that we as Sikhs have failed but it is the system which is interfering with us that is the cause of our problems.  You cannot relieve the symptoms of an illness without locating the cause of it. 

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