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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh i think i feel no greed. and i am absolutely not jealious about peoples money and havings. i dont know why. but i tried to find out what i feel or not feel to explain, what it is and how can people reduce or stop their greed. more greed makes more jealious. i know someone who have not much money. but he always wish to have money. and would like to have this and that. and always dreaming to have this and that. i think that must be an abnormal attitude. how can i always dream and wish things, which i cannot have anyway? either i am going mad by wishing and longing all the time for something, or i just stop to have that wish. or at least i do everything (provided it is honestly work).but i mean provided there is no possibility really to reach that wish. then we should switch out that wish or desire. i remember when i was kid. i saw the kids had toys and sweets. but i had not. but i never had that wish. as anyway i knew my parents will not buy for me cos they are not so rich. but i remember my brother why crying a lot in market, when he saw sweets and mum said 'no'. that time i remember, i could not understand his behave. i thought why does he make himself mad. what is he expecting by crying? i felt how bad he must felt. but if he had not the wish for sweets he would not feel bad. but i dont know any solution. maybe we should try to turn away that people to have such desires with love and affection and ideas and encourage doing meditation. because its not easy possible just telling them to turn down their desires. same with my brother. when my mother took him on arm and played with him or told him a kids joke, he felt better and forgot the sweets. i think the people driven more and more greed not only because more and more things are available or to get or more technique. more the reason is people become more and more impersonal, uncommunicatively, and focussed on the outward (money, job, property). therefore emotional weak person for example wanna success to get respectability and prestige (love and affection) just by getting better work, money. (as there is noone else who give love because the friends and neighboor all busy with themselves with the same problem). once reach that goal, they of course wanna show it. therefore people feeling attacked and wanna show their status etc. its bad circle. i believe that it is possible to turn that tendency. but it will take time. and a start. and a good idea. i have no idea. i now only think that we should give more love and affection. if we feel comfortable and loved and familar we love to work hard for our loves and wanna see them often, because our home and our family and friends are that what makes us most happy. then we forget anything else. how can i work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week to reach much money for a house and 2 cars, if i long for my beloved family. if i need their love. there is no time to spend too much time for work. if i work on my farm, then i know every minute is for my beloved family. but if i work in the night in my office by working for my boss, while my family eating without me, then i indeed think only for the money and prestige. money for my family only? if my family and my friends would be so important for me then why i do not spend more time with them? so only give more love and time and affection for our friends and family then they will know where their place is. they will come back (down from their arrogance, egoism, greed) automatically. back to their loves (provided their know who are their loves - so lets show them that we are here). and then after some time they will loose their jealousy. if we are happy then for what could be jealous? ps (of course we can work hard also in office for example, by thinking on our family and if earning more money, then better food, nice toys and house...) but then already we start our misudjustment. why giving big house and lot toys, if we have big heart and lot time for our kids they will not thinking or desire for expensive toys. and wife or husband will not think about big house, if i know to entertain my family with jokes and lovely ideas and love. that is what i just thought about that toppic. i better stop now, because if i would go on writing, i would write and write and after few pages if would sounds like i am changing my person every sentence. my english is worst and my writing style and thoughts are confusing. sorry for that. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  2. :waheguru: Ji Ka Khasa, :waheguru: Ji Ki Fateh I had been there last week. I felt great. And since i entered the Gurdwara building, i knew what to do. I bow down and then i sit in silence. but i was alone there. so i sit and meditate and talked to god. i sat a while and i felt good. Thanks your all encourangments. Now i wanna go often to Gurdwara.
  3. maybe because the north asian kids get trimmed by their parents until they have success. in japan for example kids are treated like machines, just like symbols or things, who should be the best of everything, best violin player, best karate fighter, best piano player and so on. usually they making competition in school and clubs and private lessons. if they are not the best, it will be a big shame for the parents. parents put their own children very under pressure. why the suicide rate is comparatively high in japan? Korean kids have similar life. i know some kids even call their parents not mummy or papa, their call them boss or use formal term to call their parents, its not familar feeling. i had been in china. in upper layers the situation is also same. especially on the east side. westside or in province side or famers have different attitute or mentality towards life and their kids. i think for example thailand has kick boxing as their national sports. so they are good in that. especially those whose parents also press them to become a champion. thats their onliest chance to get money and food to survive. so it is a mentality reason, also, i think. for indians for example kids are very special, and not only machines. maybe i am wrong. but i made experiences before few years and while my study of int. management. when i was in indian schools, and familys and gurdwara i realized thats the kids had innocence in eyes, and whatever i said they listend and heared with interest and very relaxed. but when i visit korean community and schools i realized that the kids was very reserved and afraid. they was not really ready to listen because they every word tried to analyse if this is allowed to remember and hear according to their studies or not. so definetely i saw difference. so finally their would also be different in the results. surely it is the nutrition or bodyform or climate or social background and all, but also the mentality and culture and social environment.
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Ji sorry what do you mean? my question was very serious. to be honest this days i feel mentally weak. then yesterday suddenly even my kara falled few times on floor. i was very excited. i was really asking what shall i do. i got suggest to do paath. and clean kara. why not. thats good. but as i am this time feel not very well, i was nervious and felt not confident what i could do. :cook:
  5. no.its nice post. i can understand sorry before i mistyped. i wrote i can"t" understand.......good i again checked it
  6. yes. that is what i wanted to hear...i didnt know about such an answer, but it is what i hoped insided. Good. I feel better now. :ihazcookie:
  7. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh. at work my kara 3 times falled on floor. i felt very very bad and didnt know how to behave and what to do? i am usually a very clumsy person. whereever i go and stay things fall and broken. but please not my kara. but even my kara falled down at work. that really was bad. i am not allowed to wear any juwellerys or bangels or chains or rings, so i put my kara in my pocket, so it is still with me. but then it falled down, what shall i do if that happen. i felt not good whole day at work after that happend. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh.
  8. :waheguru: ji ka khalsa :waheguru: ji ki fateh I read to have kara given from gurdwara is better or more special than bought from any shop. But i forgot in which context it was written/i read it. :snail:
  9. :ihazcookie: :waheguru: ji ka khalsa :waheguru: ji ki fateh, yes i cant force...i didnt force. thats why i asked here. because i even didnt asked any family. i only read the adverts. Rent own room is good thing, if i had own family then sure i could have guestroom in my house which i rent to people who need. but now i need just a room.....yesssss good idea you gave me....i really would like to do that, but i am afraid my salary is not that much to rent a >3 bedroom house. But dont worry i will not force anyone. :waheguru: ji ka khalsa :waheguru: ji ki fateh :ihazcookie:))))))))))
  10. yes sorry for that. i misunderstood it. i thought that was he written, so sorry i thought wrong about it. and very nice from you for you help and your german 'good luck' :ihazcookie: and i can full understand the family who prefer indians only, exactly for the reasons you named. its sad but true about the 'most' europeans. its meaning even not bad or judging the european life style, but its just fact about clubbing and so, it is just no structure in their life, and so on. have a nice evening
  11. why harsh? harsh to whom`? finally i mentioned that i love to live in a sikh home. so. harsh to whom? to european? i didnt judge european at all. misunderstood? . :ihazcookie:
  12. yes. i thought about that also. but then i thought, that it sounds like 'using, just for my own purpose'. that i dont like. i surely would learn the punjabi culture by sideeffect, by living in punjabi family, but that was not my intention. my intention is just feeling home and familar. But you are right. if i am always too shy and reserved i would not have success.
  13. :waheguru: ji ka khalsa :waheguru: ji ki fateh....... ok. its sad for me. but i think it should not really be sad, because how shall they know that there is a german who have good habits. Usually european girls really go disco, party, have many boyfriends drink, smoking etc. of course i would be carefully if i would practice and life a better life style. i just read the appartment annouce in internet, looking for room in london for share (and i use to search only for indian family).....daily i get some results, about looking for 'north-indian/punjabi/sikhgirl to share room in our house. iam sure there must be reasonable reason why they only looking for indian, not for european, and i think it is not the language. because in london they can talk english like their native language punjabi. so i think it must be because of the habits. as they expicitly point out only for vegetarian. i am just afraid i will not have a chance to apply for their room as i am a german. i dont say that it is wrong from them, even moreover i am frustrated that european must have such a bad habit, that finally i have bad chance to live happy in an indian family. I am sure that punjabi sikhs hardly adopt sikh from other nationality, but since after they know that they are really good person and real sikhs. but rent a room in their own house, before asured that they are really sikhs is a different thing, i think. i just wanted to mentioned, because i am afraid i will not have a chance, but i still hope, that i am wrong only, and given a chance, so i that i will not give up my hope too early.
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