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  1. I never mentioned any names but this topic was started to debate Sant Ranjit Singh, and that is exactly what we are doing, if you go off topic then it becomes a nuisance as then arguments kick off, and there is no need to send me private messages, if you feel I have offended your freedom of speech you may report me. 106986[/snapback] all i said was people have views, anyway do as please
  2. thats what i mean by being attacked, you cant take it that people dont think like you so they must be wrong.... why dont u state grounds for your argument....... if i wanted to keep this to my self i wouldent be on this form
  3. WKWF Punjab Radio know that the parchaar of Sant Ranjit Singh is reaching out to a lot of people, this must have the Indian government worried that a new Bhindranwala is being born, which has probably put pressure on Punjab Radio to do something. We need people like Sant Ranjit Singh. WKWF 106965[/snapback] no one can ever do what sant bhindrawale done... think before you post ... respect sants 100% but always keep the gap between guru and sant .....
  4. Why cant people state their views without being attacked : some people like sants, some people dont some people see all good , some people dont why do people tell other people not to post on certain threads. if you cant accept other peoples views i think they should be the ones who should stay away from these types of threads people have a right to say what they feel good or bad ....
  5. who gives a damm what media or people think. guru ji is what we are worried about not media or uneducated people
  6. baba mann singh is a chardikala sant and the truth will shine through like it always has... har jug jug bhagat upaya
  7. i dont know, 96 core is a number u should ask guru ji if numbers make a diffrence. and if it dosent make a diffrence why does baba ranjit singh say in like all his tapes that this many thousand people took amrit, and so on...
  8. how many people took amrit in newcastle ?
  9. Many people have many copies, gora kala asians.... you wont able to stop it let bani spread dont try to hide the light its too bright....
  10. in the diwan last night he said the jatha wale singhs are gonna be up late doing the amritsanchar after the kirtan programe. please answer the questions and dont turn everything into a debate or argument.
  11. HOw did the amritsanchar perofrmed by baba ranjit singh jatha yesterday in smethic go..? how many people took amrit ? what time did the amrit sanchar start and finish ? how much sangat was there at the diwan ?
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