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  1. Get a DVD ripper and VCD convertor. "Rip" them to AVI or WMV. Res should be low. If u need more help, PM me. http://www.imtoo.com/dvd-ripper.html
  2. Any Wolverhampton guys know more on this story? From what i know this magistrate guy was doing this a LOT to people. What Balbir Singh Mann has done has really put Sikhs in a negative light. I understand what he done was lawfully and morally right though.
  3. Oh tuhaadi! Did anyone hear of this? JP locked up in fraud case Balbir Singh SandhuA disgraced Wolverhampton magistrate who offered to make a court case against a businessman “disappear” for £45,000 was today jailed for 18 months. Balbir Singh Sandhu, who had presided over cases in the city for six years, claimed the victim was facing an investigation into the alleged employment of illegal immigrants. Sandhu, aged 62, of Merridale Road, Wolverhampton, told friend Balbir Singh Mann he could face a huge fine and even go to prison, Birmingham Crown Court heard today. But sources told the
  4. You can just ask Sukha Singh yourself. Hes got email etc and you can invite him to your local Gurooghar too
  5. I didnt feel a thing! My mum came in to my room and i was like "kee hoya?"...!
  6. Oh wicked. Whos going? Okay, serious note, what concerns me is the below : Is this Ramgharia Gurdwara hall or is it named Ramgharia Hall? Clarification anyone? Other than that, Sikhs dont own Vaisakhi. We dont own any particular day in history to claim it. And as someone already said, Vaisakhi was around long before Guru Gobind Singh Jee chose to create the Khalsa on that day. So dont worry about what others are doing. Concentrate on yourselves and what you will be doing that day.
  7. I just noticed SikhSpeak magazine has gone :D Will miss it and thanks to the guys and girls who done the sewa for as long as they did. :WW:
  8. Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj. Dhan Teri Sikhi... _/\_
  9. I can admit i was wrong to say Sikhi is going down down down. I get that message loud n clear. Im not saying its us against them. Hell, im part of "them" myself. Im not saying im in a seperate group. And if it came accross im speaking down to people like some sort of King, then i apologise. Personally, i think its wrong of u to say that because even if someone was acting like that, we shud say "indeed, u r my king, i am not even the dirt in ure toe nails"...
  10. Of course... of course there are positives in Sikhi bro. People will say "yeh but concentrate on the positives" but in my opinion, we need to concentrate on the negatives to see where we are going wrong and expand and build them into positives because, negative issues are cropping up more n more in Sikhi, and people just sweep them under the carpet, but these issues need resolving. And yes, i too have met Gursikhs, chardhi kalaah Gursikhs, who i wish i was the dust off their feet myself, but my view is that those who have got to such a level are already there and will most likely (and with
  11. I tell ya what it is - we are turning into the mob with our own little families in different towns and cities and we are hating on anyone trying to "work" our patch.
  12. no - its been there since i joined. wakeupsingho...
  13. Well, what have you seen then? I see dead people. But on the level, i see Singhnia mature faster than Singhs (sorry Singhs) and they therefore begin to understand Sikhi a lot faster and if they do begin to wear dastaars/ keski at early age, its because it is their own choice and they are not forced or anything. With Singhs, it takes longer to mature, so first comes the prattin around, then comes the bana etc. Thats the only difference i seen but i dont think there is any sorta issue other than maturity and personal preference when it comes to which gender starts to wear dastaars/ keskis i
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