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  1. Ahh, I know it is Hindu, but all my Sikh friends celebrated it xD
  2. No, I am Muslim, I just like going to gurdwara. I will go to different houses of worship. If one is a true believer in God his/her prayers will be answered, whether it be in a masjid, mandir, or gurdwara.
  3. What a beautiful ceremony. I don't think there's anything wrong with inter-religious marriages. If I wasn't already married, I would have considered marrying a Sikh, but probably not a Hindu, I don't know.
  4. Okay. I need the transliteration (and English translate please) of what the congregation says in univson after kirtan. I've been going to the gurdwara a long time now and I still have not memorized it!
  5. What exactly do you call the leader of the gurdwara?
  6. Like all the stuff the leader says while we all stand in congregation (katha meta?) and "ek onkar saat naam..."
  7. There is an English translation online of what goes on during divan? I go every Sunday, but do not understand anything...
  8. How could anyone misread that that horribly? They must be idiots. And the grafitti on this one looks idiotic too. I can't even tell what they are trying to say!
  9. When I went to gurdwara, I didn't seen any women wearing dastar. Why don't more Sikh women wear it?
  10. Yeah, I'm not understanding what he's trying to say either.....
  11. Hey guys, I've been reading up on how hard it is for women to keep kesh. Personally, I've been shaving my legs and plucking my eyebrows since I was around eight years old. Since then, I don't think I've ever let my hair grow naturally. I'm going to try not cutting any of my hair. (I'm not Sikh by the way, for those who don't know)
  12. Why can't Sikh girls marry non-Sikhs? And can Sikh boys only marry Sikhs?
  13. It is nice to see a lady whose self-esteem isn't wrapped up in their beauty (according to Western standards). I don't know why the media is so obsessed in women being completely hairless! In some societies, things like unibrows are considered the epitome of feminine beauty and highly desirable. In Tajikstan they even draw on unibrows! Complete opposite of the West, right? Even men have issues when they do not cut their hair. My fiance doesn't cut his hair so his hair is at with waist and sometimes people in the masjid think he is weird for it. He doesn't care though.
  14. Nahh, I am Muslim and I don't think that. Stuff similar to this happens in every religion, unfortunately. There are some crazy people out there!
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