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  1. it will be best that if a live telecast from Golden Temple should broadcast in Seprate channel. i guess a complete sikh channel should be introduced rather then broadcasting it in a rugular channel like PTC where songs and ads are been shown.. which give an complete disrespect to the flow of gurbani.
  2. thank u so much.. for sharing..! this is a big seva which u made this spread to us..!!
  3. ohh thankss a ton for sharing...!! :waheguru:
  4. oh... see they r like humans ok.. so gv dem respect.. bcozz a Dog is alwyzz loyal to his/her owner.. nd uhnaa ton zada koi pyar nahi kar sagdaa.. they can also die for u jus to save ur life...!! i lost my pet jus few montrhs back.. my mom called a cobbler(mochii) uss naal gye c te ek khalii sthaan jithe zada jantaa naa andi hon uthe khod ke salt paake dabaa dita c .. te ik gal daa dhiyan rakhnaa chayidaa ohde uttee ik vaddaa jeya pathar rakh dena.. jis kar koi janvar uss nu vapis khod ke khaa na jave.. baki i guess u might be knowng well...!! :umm:
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