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  1. This is old news that was fabricated. Why has this been brought up again?
  2. Videos added yesterday to the Keertan section are by Sant Amar Singh Ji Barundi Walae on the topic of Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s Shaheedi More to follow
  3. They live in India but spent a considerable amount of time in Canada.
  4. Take your time to see this half an hour documentary on the atrocities faced by the Sikhs
  5. Baba Ji should be in the UK next week, I assumed they were in Canada now?
  6. There is katha by both on the subject, I will find it
  7. http://www.youtube.com/embed/PCZhHLFjh4s Sant hari Singh Ji's response to the Panthic.org video!
  8. what do you mean "made up stories"?
  9. I agree with you Singho that Bhai Banno Ji was aware of the reason for the Granth and his purpose was the binding but maybe he just found some other banis so moving he added them not realising they were not of the same sidhant. The diference is that the bani added is more to sdo with the worship of Sargun upashna. This was the same as the Bani of Kanha, Pilhu, Chaju and Shah Husaain who came from Lahore.
  10. This is a very much disputed fact and the laying of a foundation stone by Mian Mir is only mentioned in the Panth Parkash I belive whilst other granths state that Guru Arjan Dev ji laid the first stone and then asked Mian Mir to place the next.
  11. Taht isn't Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji, it is actually Sant Giani inderjit Singh Ji Raqbe Walae. They were the student of Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindrawalae and the Ustaad of both Baba Harnam Singh Dhumma and Sant Hari Singh Ji Randhawae Walae. Their Katha is awesome
  12. Added yesterday , audio katha by Swami Shantinand Udasi More to follow
  13. It is probably because he was unable to distinguish what the purpose of the Adi Granth was to be. For this reason he made no distinction of Sargun and Nigun upashna, thus he added bani of other Bhagats and Gurus that focused more ont he Isvar Upashna rather then that of the Virat Saroop. What amazes me today how people do not understant this and because of it refer to apocraphal texts as Kachi bani when it is 'Gurbani' but not of Virat Sarup. The Virat Saroop Upashna is universal and the Adi Granth which later became the initail recension of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the Guru for all the Jagat universally accepted.
  14. If you really want to know please read the conversation between Mian Mir and emporer Jahangir in the Suraj Parkash. If you cant read it, then please listen to this http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audios/Katha/02_Present_Day_Katha/Sant_Giani_Inderjeet_Singh_%28Raqbe_wale%29/Giani.Inderjeet.Singh.%28Raqbe.wale%29--Sri.Sooraj.Parkash.Katha--Guru.Hargobind.Ji.Parsang.03.mp3 Awesome Katha
  15. This was written by Avtar Singh Vaheeria and can be found on the pujab digital library if you wish to read it.
  16. Added yesterday was a number of videos by Baba Sukhchain Singh Ji (Dharampura Wala) from their visit to Leicester in 2011. More to follow soon
  17. Added yesterday over 100 mp3s of audio katha by Giani Sant Singh Maskeen More to be added soon
  18. There are thousands of Katha/Viakya Sahits online, so what are you on about exactly? Sikhnet Audio, Khalsa.net :s Does that mean you dont need any more? If i ask you to find me some katha on the naveen panth parkash or the bir mrigesh could you find me some? What we have is so limited in trying to understand sikhi, the whole point is to expand your horizon, that is if you can be botheered and if you have an interest in Sikhi.
  19. Thanks you for the recording, is the video going to be made downloadable? Look foreward to more parchar like this. :khalsa:
  20. Added yesterday were videos of Katha by Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowalae from their 2010 visit to Leicester http://www.gurmatveechar.com/zenphoto/Katha/Baba_Jagjit_Singh_%28Harkhowal_Wale%29/UK_2010/ More to follow
  21. I love the seva being completed by Khalsa Aid and I hope all Sikhs including my immediate family will fully support you
  22. Added over the last two days are videos of Divans by Sant Waryam singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale. The divans added are; Film 0090, Film 0092 and Shabad Surat Marg. More to follow
  23. What i suggest is rather then putting all the audio onto a specific sight we should all set up 4shared or rapidshare or similar accounts each. The reason i suggest this is so that if there are any financial implications we do not lose everything. We recently saw the Gurmatchanan website go down and for that reason if we have seperate sites we do not risk all in one pot. Lets all do what we can for the sake of the others. Those who cant be bothered accept it as your karma that do not allow you to assist in this cause.
  24. I guess i got the expected response anyone would assume from this community!!!
  25. "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" This quote is one of the worlds most quoted sayings from the inauguration speech of John F Kennedy. It made me think the other day and i thought of it with a twist "Ask not what Sikhi can do for you but you can do for Sikhi" The raeson i thought of this was due to the words and teachings of Sant Waryam Singh Ji and his lifes dedication to preserve divans, audio, video and magazines. I have mentioned this on another thread but only one Gursikh seemed to have been affected by it. This forum has i would easily say over 200 - 300 active users every week but the contribution to the panth is minimal. Other then coming onto the forum to do Nindya of others or anything they can not percieve to be true or understand. This is all we have become, a panth of bitter moanins talking about how our panth has become misguided and looted in the past. However I put it to you all, who is doing anything for the future generations in any manner???? We have a massive cross section on this site of people from Aus, Asia, North America and Europe (apologies if you are from elsewhere) but what do we see from each one of us to assist the individuals who want to learn about Sikhi or come into the faith? The reason why both Islam and Hinduism are attracting so many westerners to approach their faith is due to the vast amount of work put in by people of thise faiths to make sure every possible element of their faith is available in both audio and visual means via the internet. An example is this, I wanted to learn about some vedantic granths and found the following link http://www.lazydesis.com/devotional-classical/ and from that link all i wanted was some katha on the Advaita Markaranda and got the following link which was impressive full of talks and audio on a variety of granths http://www.lazydesis.com/devotional-classical/176414-swami-tejomayananda-talks.html That was just one thread of thousands and thousands that i have come accross. It seems that everyone in the Sanatan and Muslim faith have been busy recording, posting books and uploading videos of every and any talk they can find. I thought well alot of people also become buddhists but i wonder if they do the same, again they have done ont he following site http://www.buddhanet.net/ There are books, audio, videos available. Why are Sikhs so far behind??? On none of these sites do you see the different upsampardas trying to ridicule each other or slander any prominant lecturers, saints so why do we waste our efforts on this and not try to preserve anything for the future. I think it is important to acknowledge the efforts of the other faiths in order to kickstart our own attempts at saving something for the next generation I would like to see at least 200 people on this forum assist weekly to expand the resources of our faith over the internet. If 200 people on this forum go to various Gurdwaras around the world at least once a week and on that occaision recorded the katha, keertan or dhadhi each week we would have over 200 - 400 hours of audio each week to share between us and that is if we only go once a week. If we were to go three times a week it is outstanding we could have between 600 - 1200 hours of multimedia!. Just think of how that would benefit other and yourself. With the introduction of Rapidshare, 4shared and filesonic sort of sites everyone can easily upload what they have recorded. If people have not got digital recorders that should not be an impediment to this revolution. I used to take my old boom box of a cassette player from the house to the gurdwara, put it near the fron of the divan and hit record. Record everything to my tapes. i got a lead from the shops, plugged the tape player in at home and connected it to the mic in output on the computer, downloaded freecorder from the internet and recorded all the tapes to mp3s onto my desktop. it is as easy as that Books can be converted to pdfs with a camera and some advice from Bhai Prabhjot Singh (PJS) or Mohokam Singh (MohokamSingh). So what is the difficulty here? I guess it is how much effort you personally have to get out there and do something for somebody other then yourselves. I hope this thread has hit a nerve and from now on we will see a major influx to sites and blogs over the net promoting, One agenda and that is Sikhi. If you have any issues then please PM me but i hope you will take your time to share your thoughts on this thread. If we work together we could offer so many sikh sources to the world that any type of ignorance will cease to exist.
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