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  1. matey123

    What If....

    this life was given for a reason topray and not waste it
  2. But he wrong down the meanings for dasam granth
  3. gee with chatni k ill stop dont reply back to me if do ill do this stuff
  4. is baba virsa singh ji actually a sant, is he amrit shak, what does gobind sadan mean, apparently he said he is a prophet on his website
  5. im having trouble of what this means and how do you become santokh
  6. the next day pizza again, and pizza and pizza
  7. r u there bro please check messages

  8. i know we have to we a dastaar but im saying do we have to wear 2 dastaar because people wear two but others wear 1
  9. if your amrit shak do you have to wear 2 dastaar on head
  10. Doing lots of parth without knowing what it means or read path slowly and understanding what it means can u tell me which one is better
  11. smash him jks tell teacher
  12. Thanks is there any katha i can listen to
  13. is it better to do so much parth that you dont understand then doing parth slowly and understand what the parth is saying
  14. matey123

    I Was Raped

    dont care about society and what they think call the cops and sue that guy , he needs to be a taught a lesson
  15. if u become a sant would u be able to ge tjeevan moukhi
  16. apprently sant harnam singh ji coming back and will rule the world and get amrit sach when would that happen
  17. can talk u more about this how do u know can u say more about this
  18. ur funny bro 100 he cant be 100 years old he probaly 70 there is a few bramgiani like nanded sahib, rara sabih, nanaksar there a lots in theses places
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