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  1. http://www.peakprosperity.com/ excellent site. We all need to get united to save our planet. Otherwise we all will have to go through HELL. God bless Chris Martenson.
  2. Just wanted to say thanks to the online sangat for giving me links to deeper meanings of Raagmala. It was so fruitful. Did Raagmala paath today and LOVED IT. Its amazing. Thanks once again.
  3. veer u making a mistake now. it can also be counted as nindiya. Sikhs these says run after fake nirmalas who teach vedanta instead of Gurmat and treat lusty deceitful krishan as Sachkhand Vasi. Sufis believe in One God and this Sufi HAS FALLEN IN LOVE WITH DASMESH PITA JUST AS YOGI ALLAH YAAR KHAAN DID.
  4. Qadri JI is HIGH AVASTHA GOD CONSCIOUS BEING. I want to become a servant of Qadri ji. I hope Vaheguru Ji grants me this wish!
  5. Muslims and Sikhs both believe in One God and thats a very important bond. Infact according to Sikhism, it is the basis of Bhagti that there is ONE GOD. EK OANKAAR. best way to give parchar to muslims is to give them Zafarnama and Bhai Nand Lal Ji's writings and once they start loving them(which is only a matter of time) start giving them Gurbani Translations. Sadly, hindus believe in devi devta who are limited to trai-gunni maya. Hindus believe in Krishna to be God and krishan used deceit and was lusty insaan. Its tough to make hindus understand Gurbani and concept of ONE GOD. So best way
  6. Great Info as usual! Veer jeeo can u plz give some info about a short bani called 'Fatehnama'.Its associated it with Sri Zafarnama Sahib. I read it and I knew my Dasmesh Pita wrote it. Plz give some info on Bhai Daya Singh Ji too. He was a brahamgyani of Guru Ghar. Why do nirmalas associate Bhai Daya Singh Ji with them and whats that story?
  7. Dasmesh Pita mentioned about Ferdowki in Sri Zafarnama Sahib. Anyone having knowledge about his work and his life. Farsi is such an amazing language and Ferdowsi was best at farsi.
  8. Veer jeeo, I am sorry. Please forgive. Its my way of writing that I use caps lock and bold letter. They are not meant for any offense. You are my dear sikh brother, so please forgive me. Regarding my post, it wasnt a reply to ur post and what u wrote was totally right. I just wanted to put more thoughts that even Guru Nanak Sahib had an amazing Barchi Sahib(which lots of sikhs dont know). I just get AMAZED reading about what our Guru Sahib did. They were/are KINGS of Sachkhand. All the SHASTARS bow in front of all our Guru Sahibaan and that included Teeji Paatshahi Pta Guru Amardaas Maharaaj
  9. All Guru Sahibaan were ONE JYOT. All Guru Sahibaan were Kings of Sachkhand. All Guru Sahibaan had Gyaan of God's AKaali Nihang Army that functions in Karam Khand and from there does raaj over entire creation via beant shaheedi faujan. Guru Nanak Sahib's Barchi(spear type shastar) I feel can be seen in some Itihaasisik Gurdwara Sahib in Orissa. So what I am trying to say is Guru Hargobind Sahib Jee starting Wrestling among sikhs is the same thing as Guru Angad Dev Sahib jee starting Mall Akhaaras.
  10. Sanskrit and persian dictionaries help us in understand Gurbani but the final authority of the meaning of a word for a sikh is the way it is used in Gurbani. for example: the word kirpaan is made from Kirpaa and Aan and we can see meanings of Kirpaa and Aan from dictionaries. But to understand the meaning of word 'kirpaan' we have to read Gurbani. Kirpaan means a sword that is used for doing 'kirpaa' and protecting 'aan'. What are Punj Kakaars? Just as Dumalla Parkash by Baba Fateh Singh was the Roop of Akaal Purakh. Similarly the Punj Kakaars are part of God-approved Uniform of his loved o
  11. http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Guru_Angad_Dev Physical FitnessGuru Angad took a keen interest in physical fitness, and encouraged his devotees to be involved in sports after their morning prayers. Guru Angad Dev ji inspired people to lead healthy lives. According to Guru ji, if you are physically fit only than you can pursue higher goals in life, because a sound mind can exist only in a sound body. He provided opportunities to underprivileged sections of the society to maintain good health. He encouraged all people to be involved in wrestling bouts or Mal Akharas to compete in physical co
  12. before 1926 Akaal Takht was under control of Nihangs. So they gave amrit to sikh bibis with dastaar ? Can u verity it please? Thanks
  13. I have a similar idea! High quality gyms in Punjab are very expensive, so most of rural and city youth go in over crowded mediocre gyms. We have so much money as a kaum and are just building big marble Gurdwaras. We can make HIGH QUALITY GYMS within the vicinty of Gurdwara building(Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj made Mallan de Akharey). Anyone can come but you have to learn one sakhi a day, 15 minutes mool mantar and Japji Sahib paath and katha once a week. We can do some much parchar via this method. A punjabi boy will learn about 30 sakhis a month. there is high chance he will become a proper
  14. 1.Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Himself ordered the writing of Dasam Granth Sahib Bir in 1698. He Himself wrote some pages and also did Signature in the end. This Bir is present at Takht Patna Sahib. 2. A copy was made of this Bir in the same year(so we have 2 Dasam Granth Birs from 1698) and thats the Bir you are seeing in the pic. 3. Bhai Mani Singh jee did Parkash of this Mahaan Bir at Akal Takht Sahib and this bir was called Akaal Takht Sarup Bir. 4. Name of this Bir is also significant. A Bir of Dasam Granth was also prepared in 1696 by Dasmesh Pita Himself at Anandpur Sahib immediately
  15. he is chacha of my school time friend. Shud be between 40-44 years of age. LIves in Ludhiana. Is into textile business, has a big house and 3-4 cars. Is amritdhari but eats meat sometimes and ties beard too during business hours. Very strict about Nitnem and has read lots of Sikh history. In Ludhiana there are lots of places where u have gym as well as snooker/billiards playing tables. Lots of youth go there and start doing some drugs while playing as thats the culture of snooker playing here.
  16. so u want the name address location phone no. of this singh and the boys ? tomorrow if i find out that my mona friend has become amritdhari and started doing 15 japji sahibs and post here,u will call me a liar and would want his phone number, address and photo of doing japji sahib paath?
  17. thats a really bad way of speaking with a fellow sikh! So I am a liar making up false fictional stories! Thank you my sikh veer!
  18. Sometimes we sikhs get a bit too fundamentalist. There is a 40 year old Singh who is financially very rich. In his colony, he came to know about 10-15 Sikh boys of about 16 years of age daily bunking school, going to some snooker club, playing snooker and side by side doing drugs due to bad sangat there. This singh was advised to lecture these young boys about sikhism, tell them to come to Gurdwara daily etc etc. He did but nuthing changed and no boy came to Gurdwara Sahib even once. He thought of another way. He bought 2 high quality snooker tables. He told the boys you can play
  19. Yes, these birs are a TREASURE. We can check if they contain raagmala in case of Aad Guru Darbaar and Malkauns ki Vaar, Raag Asa Sorath etc in case of Dasam Guru Darbaar. Veer jeeo We all can play a role in making this great Gurdwara Sahib more safe. Just do parchar of this great place so that proper rehitvaan gursikhs become regular visitors to this Great Asthaan.
  20. https://www.facebook.com/1337.us/photos/a.487709651350012.1073741828.476986399089004/973179092803063/?type=3&theater Dhan Dhan Baba Natha Singh Jee
  21. The world needs the RISE OF NIHANGS. Thats the only hope. By nihangs I mean 1. Rehitvaan gursikhs with serioius Naam abhiyaas lifestyle 2. Srong abhiyaas of AAD Guru Darbaar, Dasam Guru Darbaar and Sarbloh Guru Darbaar!
  22. Sikhs are the only hope for this world! http://www.peakprosperity.com/blog/98186/chaos-volatility-rise
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