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  1. Any Sikh who does charity and voluntary work for fellow Sikhs in need has to be admired and may waheguru bless them and their families. However any Sikh who openly volunteers for communities that openly want to end our very existence or see that we are oppressed as 2nd class citizens due to their backward religious doctrines then those Sikhs clearly are low IQ or ignorant of guru ka langar and "sarbat da bhalla" concept and lack foresight in what they are doing. Clearly buying bibles and qurans for impoverished communities around the world is against Sikhi full stop. Sikhs should be propagating Sikhi to these people so that we have new adherents to the faith from diverse backgrounds. We need to ask why are 1.8 billion muslims only doing charities to help their own yet our low IQ langarjeet dhimmified people want to help that community yet cant not see the suffering of afghan sikhs, pakistani sikhs, kashmiri sikhs, indian sikhs. A Sikh charity should be just that.... a charity for Sikhs. If a charity is using Sikh names and Sikh iconography yet concentrating majority of their work in helping non-Sikhs at the expense of sikhs in dire need then it has betrayed not only Sikhs but the faith aswell. Therefore Sikhs themselves should boycott such fake and scamming organisations and donate to or create truly Sikh propagation charities only. Reminds me of the american yogi bhajan 3HO scammers who used Sikh name and icongraphy, dressed up as Sikhs yet openly stated in US court papers they were not Sikhs.
  2. Question I would ask is why are majority of blacks so quite and not vocal when Sikhs and asians in general are harmed and victimsed by violent black racists in their communities based in the west. Where are the black Sikh converts and why are they not coming to defense of their fellow brothers and sisters in faith?
  3. To be honest we as a community can learn alot from majority of muslims. They have zero tolerance to any left wing groups or individuals trying to dilute their right wing or sometimes far right national socialism islamic doctrine narratives. I was watching some social media tiktok live streams recently and saw muslim guys openly telling white girls and non-muslim girls in general to cover up before talking to them and some of these girls actually did it. They encourage non-muslim girls to try fasting with them for ramadan even our low IQ punjabi Sikh and hindu girls fall for that trap too. They are normalising islamification and subversion of non-muslim societies and cultures using soft power. Every other day you will hear some muslim calling their mate "an akhi" which is brother. They will say astagfirullah subhallah inshallah to make it the norm for their peers to use. This is slow process islamification of society. Sikhs in turn should also use this technique start calling unrighteous actions adharmic and manmukhs. Start raising the youth to make Sikhi fashionable and not some low numbers obscure dying punjabi cult that people should not convert to like some low IQ lazy liberal lefty drunk wasteman "Sikhs" seem to think it should be. Sikhs need to up their game become the truley global faith that it rightly should be. "Sanu key" janta learnt the hard way that inaction will only lead to their daughters and sisters got groomed and converted to islam since 1980s.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkhYsVOSa_OOceoJbK_yV0A/community?lb=UgkxIV6Cu8F-Ppu6fGHvdX5a5LfUeN9SCSIg The source they are using seems to come from an old book written some hindu guy called gupta. My argument would be in zafarnama Guru Ji is mocking and giving false praise to aurangzeb to shame him and make him self reflect on his unrighteous actions.
  5. Hindutva and islamic groups are both bad as each other the problem is they will and have dragged Indian Sikhs and others into their conflicts. What I found disturbing about the video is that the same household items the Indian muslim guy spokesman has talked about was used in the 1984 anti-sikh genocide in delhi. And we know a significant portion of indian congress terrorist party mobs were Indian muslims as shown in FIR's at the time. And salman khurshad indian musllim congress party member wrote in his book Indian muslims took satisfaction for the mass murder of innocent Sikh civilians as revenge for 1947 riots. We also know in the recent 2019 delhi riots after president trump visited. The RSS hindtva mobs fought with delhi muslim mobs targeted houses, property and businesses of each other but muslim mobs also targetted property of Delhi Indian Sikhs also who had no conflict with either group. In fact it was ironic that it was only the lefty Indian Sikhs who supported the indian muslims in shaheen bagh movement. But it just proved the cucked lefty simpy langari langarjeet dhimmified Sikhs who had given them langar and support were to be to be rewarded with violent attacks.
  6. I'm all for self defense of your community but these lot seem like they instigating what household items can be used as weapons and telling their viewers to actually prepare these items for something potentially to be used against their opponents.
  7. a year ago Vandana Shiva world famous environmental indian activist did an interview where she rips into bill gates and his links to gmo's and cancer causing chemical gaint Monsanto in punjab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNM833K22LM
  8. They have a sick evil far right mentality, I've seen it on all on twitter and instagram. No point arguing with them they are too far brainwashed to reason with. They hate Islam and muslims the most which can be justified because of hindu and indian history and Sikhs the 2nd most for helping oppressed muslims in trouble in india. They also hate christian missionaries which is understandable as they are parasites which prey on the vulnerable and poor hindu/sikh communities. Sad thing is aspects of hinduism are beautiful and there's alot of wisdom in their scriptures alot to be learned but instead of concentrating on promoting hinduism and trying to build bridges with other dharmic communities they are destroying everything in the name of hindu nationalism. It's a bit like our own crazy hardcore ultra Sikh nationalists where they concentrate more on counter-attacking hinduism and are involved deeply in Punjab or gurdwara political issues rather than promoting Sikhi to non-Sikhs and helping them convert so that there are more Sikhs in the world. The hindu nationalists/extremists keep falling into the trap of creating own goals. When they spend more time attacking Islam, muslims and Sikhs rather than promoting the virtues of Hinduism. I seen a few videos of ex-hindu nationalists who later became Sikh or muslim because they found no spirituality or love in what they was involved in. What i learnt over the years is that hate and anger is powerful in short term impact but long term love and empathy has a more powerful effect in changing minds of the opposition. Sikhs can learn alot of lessons from these issues. Every time an enemy attacks Sikhi, use that attack not to counter attack with the same hate and filth but counter it with promoting Sikhi to that community. Make propaganda even promoting ex-muslims to Sikhi, ex-christians to sikhi, ex-hindu to sikhi. Turn the negative into a positive.
  9. Why has this thread been diverting to a hair issue (keshdhari/amritdhari/mona)? so weird Anyways getting back to the topic ....something about deep sidhu and others around him just doesn't sit right with me not saying he is an indian govt agent just yet but I remember reading somewhere on the net about when Indira gandhi sanctioned R&AW to help finance, arm and train up tamil tigers to wage war against sri lanka at the same time it is alleged an offshoot group within the R&AW also helped form BKI and other "sikh militant" groups to play both sides of the field. And if you see how many arms they had there was no way they could have had those modern weapons without the help of insiders within the Indian army and establishment. And its said that deep sidhu famous relative is a BK militant who was allegedly killed by the indian state in 1984 before op blue star. We know from history that a few credible sources in books and interviews over the years it is said that sant bhindranwale and his DDT followers had a minor gun battle with the BK group where Sant was eventually forced to shift from nanak niwas and into sri akal takht sahib. We know from 2014 released govt papers that operation sundown was proposed around the same time but was allegedly canceled by indira gandhi, the operation prior to operation blue star where they had allegedly had trained armed commando agents that had already infiltrated in nanak niwas ready to kidnapp/murder Sant bindranwale. But what wasn't released was information on who were these pro-government commando's? it seems to collaborate with the incident of the "inhouse" firefight between BK and DDT. And if Akal Takht (the parliament and voice of the Sikh nation) was the main target of India's terrorist operation then BK militant group or those associated with it have either been knowing or unknowing been patsy puppets of the Indian establishment. That is information is something all Sikhs worldwide should keep in mind and watch out for these suspicious elements (govt agents) trying to stir up useless violence in order to disrupt peaceful protests playing into the hands of the devious Indian establishment.
  10. Also its important to note that all this anti-celebs, anti-human rights, anti-Khalistan anti-Sikh propaganda in Godi far right indian media comes from the upper echelons of the indian establishment. So Avjit Doval and the R&AW is charged with investigating and making up stories, falsifying facts, framing innocents in order to create a narrative to suit the agenda of the establishment which the media is an important weapon to be used to silence or hoodwink the national and international public opinion with fake news. Take a look at this video below and see how the ex R&AW pro-Hindutva officer admits that the red fort event was a trap by the regime and calls those indian protesters as terrorists and even calls opposition Indian politicians are terrorists. And that IB (intelligence bureau of india) tortured(s) people who are anti-national/opponents of the regime. Non-nationals were kicked out of india or by denying them entry to india even if they got a visa if they conducted undefined wide ranging so called "anti-national activities". Imagine what they will do to those poor citizens within india who are trapped and legitimate critics of the oppression they suffer. Hence why people are and were forced to take the illegal route to smuggle themselves outside of the indian terror regime. And why only those who have pro-indian govt credentials are allowed to legally allowed to leave india to work and settle aboard to further the interests of the corrupt establishment.
  11. Modi was purposely selected by the RSS swami's because he was from a humble background a tea seller by profession before entering politics so can relate to the voter base and he is unmarried no kids and therefore easily allowed to go to any extremes against those who oppose the RSS agenda and he will take the blame and then become disposable after they have used him for their dark agenda's. This is why you see him often suck up to the likes of ambani and adani and other highly influential or billionaires types because he really doesn't have that much power or monies but he is trying to gather as much as he can for himself in swiss bank accounts and offshore tax haven islands while in office.
  12. So embarrassing and own goal for the terrorist indian establishment trying to silence it's critics inside india and aboard. After violating several human rights UN recognized legislation's. They go after greta thunberg and other celebs thinking they have judicial reach outside india using their corrupt dictatorial authoritarian powers.
  13. The reason why most indian celebs dont come out in open support for the farmer protests or other protests is because of godi media and extremism from indian establishment RSS troll/hacking cyber warfare unit who wage a relentless social media hate campaign against anyone who doesnt follow their agenda and narrative. The fear and real world consequence for anyone brave enough to oppose the indian dictatorship is terrorized through not just psychological means but also physical. The problem the indian communities face is that legislation is being passed by anti-democratic and corrupt means meaning their is no auditing of powers that the state is aquiring. Which has real world impact on protests and those who voice opposition of the governments plans. So for example when an indian civili rights woman on twitter highlighted the injustices against farmers the delhi police issued her with a notice of investigation using corrupt wide scope anti-human rights legislation they recently acquired by corrupt politicians who passed it in indian parliament without real debate and examination by judicial committee's. They also passed anti-constitutional anti-human rights internet blocking legislation that has wide ranging reach meaning people from non-india countries social media posts/accounts and websites get suspended or terminated/shut down at the behest of corrupt RSS indian terrorist authoritarians. There is no auditing going on on whats being pass and its wide ranging negative anti-democratic anti-fairness consequences hence why Modi thought he could just roll in the 3 anti-farmer laws without any opposition and debate and those who do raise their voices will be terrorised by tools of the state using legislation they passed in exactly the same way.
  14. Rihanna the international music star has done more in 1 tweet with a few words highlighting and raising awareness of indian farmer issue than all of major news broadcasters in the west and bollywood stars who been silent on the issue or against the farmers. https://twitter.com/rihanna/status/1356625889602199552
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