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  1. Here's a small timeline of their negative activities against Sikhs and Punjab/Indian continent. The evil mass murder funding rothschilds jewish bankers who funded the east india company who then waged illegal wars of invasion and occupation against Indian kingdoms including against the Sikhs and the punjabi Sikh empire The various jewish symbols (star of david, temple of soloman pillars,etc ) and power structures in freemasonry and entrapping most political and royal leaders into their crazy power hungry cult. The Israeli jewish army deliberately murdering 13+ Indian army Sikh UN peace keepers in 1967 war with the arab states. Just before Operation blue star in 1982 israel govt and army training NSG indian "commando" terrorists in attacking our holiest shrine and people. Non-Sikhs (mostly Christians and Jews) posing as Sikhs in the American 3HO cult making money from yoga and products using the Sikhi image and brand for their own financial gains. Western based alt-right racist extremists in Canada like ezra levant and his rebel media recent attacks and hate speeches on Canadian Sikh citizens, Canadian sikh politicians and trying to tarnish the concept of self-determination and Sikh sovereignty in their own homeland of Punjab. Why are the far right jewish extremists deliberately putting their fingers in every pie and even in our religious and political affairs. Is it just me who finds their activities have always been negative against Sikhs hardly ever had any positive influence for us. Have Sikhs ever interfered in their religious or political affairs? I have read some of their scriptures and it teaches them to charge non-jews interest charges on money lending but not for their jewish brothers. It teaches to treat non-jews (goyims) as 2nd class people and servants/slaves for jews as jeews are supposedly Gods chosen people. It reminds me of brahmin hinduism the laws of manu and caste system is this perhaps why right wing hindu brahmin extremists and right wing jewish extremists work hand in glove with each other time to time because they don't want their tyrannical power systems to collapse especially since Sikhi apposes such enslavement of humanity. And off course I wouldn't say all Jews are bad just as not all hindus are bad.....the majority are good jews out there just as their are good hindus. Most Sikhs are of hindu heritage and ancestry our ancestors had to face right wing oppression of brahmin hindu priestly class they could not speak out and break out without fear of punishment from their power structures. Sikhi totally transformed the other castes hindu community and gave them a free choice to either live under slavery and oppression of the brahmins or be free and sovereign. This is why on mass they converted to Sikhi as well as Buddhism, Islam and Christianity when the options became available and why brahmins have sought to fight this flight of their non-brahmin hindu slaves to other faiths. Similarly there is a tiny group of far right wing elements of the jewish community that are seeking to slur and enslave people who do not agree to their vision or agenda for their own benefit which is absolutely wrong and Sikhs shouldn't not stand for it when it concerns our community.
  2. Very true. The racist white mainstream establishment is so mentally ill they wont tackle the problem they are creating and created themselves. Even the far right people like tommy robinson who are labeled as thugs in the racist white media knows its a muslim religious and cultural problem he knows its not an asian racial problem because at school he and his non-muslim sikh and black friends were singled out for not being muslims when there was fights and how his cousin sister was groomed by muslim gangs. Thats why he and generally the far right white working class know the score and are respected amoung non-muslim minorities. But the racist white centre- right establishment and its media (the dailmail, the sun,etc) knows the truth but they wont say it because they need muslims and their backward countries on their side to tackle islamic terrorism and have economic cooperation. They want to shift the blame on to your racial skin colour your brownness or asianess. They would rather have a racial prejudice against all browns all asians than point our the real predators and the backward intolerant abrahamic religious culture they come from. I feel we should call out the racist white establishment where ever it rears its ugly head its bad enough fighting and calling out islamo-fascists and their grooming gangs without the sly white racists in western establishments aiding and covering for them.
  3. Listening to this guy over the years I have a sense he is the most racist mainstream white presenter. Anyone else get the same feeling? He has a hatred or racist prejudiced overtone against brown/Asian men it seems many of his topics he starts overlooks white privilege in society and he attacks "asian grooming gangs" often on his radio shows rather than refer to them as "muslim grooming gangs". Is there any other presenter more covertly racist than this guy i wonder... Perhaps a few complaints to ofcom will help resolve the issue.
  4. Sad cases but we all know who the predators are its 90% men of muslim heritage / background thats grooming gangs that is. The majority of child sexual abuses cases are commited by perverted pedo white men in the UK. The worrying thing is that closet far right wing racist whites especially white men are offloading their failures as a society on to asians by not looking after and protect their young girls from sleeping around, getting drunk taking drugs and going with these perverted men. These pedo muslim gangs will obviously look for the easiest targets and the easiest targets were white underaged girls from care homes. The black pedo drug gangs also target the white girls because they are the easiest girls to get and pimp For decades british hindu sikh society has warned their girls to stay away from muslims because they groom and sexually exploit women and then maybe convert them. Largely we have been successful but we have had many girls exploited by the muslim gangs. Only now some who were groomed sexually abused and converrted are speaking out against it to help other Sikh girls not to fall into the islamic trap. British White racist establishment and its mainstream media wants to paint it as a race problem..... as a asian male targeting white girls problems they dont care that asian/brown hindu sikh girls were also targetted by these muslim gangs. And more worryingly is that some stupid irresponsible Sikh groups are spreading racist white propaganda articles from dailymail and the sun that say its "asian men" rather than say its a muslim men problem or muslim cultural problem more accurately. These groups are creating a rod for their own backs because that brown skin that asian skin that these sikh guys have spreading anti-asian articles will come back to haunt them when they go to apply for jobs that asian race that brown skin will stand out to the racist white they wont care if they muslim or not the fact you got the appearance of the people who abused their white girls will prejudice asian males chances of having a good fair and equal life.
  5. Sadly its not just this site i have noticed the really passionate awoke Sikhs have gradually disappeared from online forums only a handful of Sikhs are awake who are "red pilled" not living in the blue pill fake world fantasy. They keep kaum alerted to the whats really going out on the ground realities.
  6. Probably get more info into bandarjee and his fellow pro indian terrorism anti-sikh trolls background here http://www.sikh24.com/2013/08/19/exclusive-canada-a-safe-haven-for-anti-sikh-lobbyists-and-goi-agents/#.WpyVpri6Wy8 http://sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/36409-hindu-conference-canada-makes-threats-to-sikhs/
  7. Ah ok I read in some blog and comments that he and his alt media channel was a jewish canadian extremist setup. And yes I am very much against backward aspects of Islam but also other religions that conflict and contrary to gurbani and a decent humane civilised society. if jagmeet is supporting barbaric islamic practices or allowing them to go on then he needs to be called out for it by canadian Sikhs also. However its these kinda dog whistling political videos which start of quite passive but then start to identifying Sikhs as the ob-structures to a decent society because of actions and thinkings of one man in politics who happens to be visiblely identifiable sikh.
  8. This kinda org headed by hindu extremists linking up with jewish extremists probably has a lot to answer for spreading fake news and sikhphobia in canadan politics and society for past few years. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4BF9fVygQckE1SjNXHiRzg
  9. There seems to be a pattern emerging canadian nationalist extremists are attacking and trying to tarnish any non-white especially brown/asian/sikh political person in the alternative media platforms. Its racial and anti-sikh religious propaganda campaigns and sikhs need to wake up and see whats going on in canada and the west on a whole.
  10. Basically gurbani is talking about and directly to those religious extremists/fanatics of hinduism, islam and christainity went around preaching all others religious books are false and only their religions has the only truth and path to salvation. Gurbani is saying those who do not understand the meanings and essence of most religious books are false. And most religious books are teaching humanity the same basic principles how to live a civilized human being and do good to each other and how to run a moral society and seek salvation through meditation/prayers. Gurbani is NOT saying Islam/quran is true so don't refute or counter its arguments. Is NOT saying vedas/hinduism is true so don't refute or counter its arguments. Is NOT saying bible/chrisianity is true so don't refute or counter its arguments. Because quite clearly in vast majority of instances in SGGS Ji most of rituals and tenets of islam, hinduism and christianity are countered and are refuted.
  11. No idea why but it seems in most US states they not allowed?? I know for sure in the UK and most european countries shop workers are not allowed to be armed for a strange reason maybe they think they will use their weapons on innocent customers or against their co-workers during some heated arguments?
  12. Exactly. Question is are Sikhs weak and soft target punchbags as these anti-sikh hate mongers take us for.? or will we have our own counter "rebel media" to counterattack and expose these anti-sikh hate preachers.
  13. Good on harman singh But seriously apnay Sikhs and asians in generally really need to stop being convenience/ off-licence shop workers its a huge risk to life especially in countries where workers are not allowed to keep weapons to fight off armed attackers. The number of Sikh workers murdered in america by non-sikh armed scumbags must be more than 50 since the year 2001. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/watch-massive-fight-brave-shopkeeper-14353569
  14. Sad news i saw this guy come on sikh channel a few times about two years ago giving sangat advice about issues. May Waheguru bless his soul https://www.gardencourtchambers.co.uk/garden-court-mourns-the-death-of-navtej-singh-ahluwalia/ https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/prominent-uk-sikh-lawyer-passes-away/story-ULRbvUP96MnH2ewY6CxvIN.html
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