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  1. a year ago Vandana Shiva world famous environmental indian activist did an interview where she rips into bill gates and his links to gmo's and cancer causing chemical gaint Monsanto in punjab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNM833K22LM
  2. They have a sick evil far right mentality, I've seen it on all on twitter and instagram. No point arguing with them they are too far brainwashed to reason with. They hate Islam and muslims the most which can be justified because of hindu and indian history and Sikhs the 2nd most for helping oppressed muslims in trouble in india. They also hate christian missionaries which is understandable as they are parasites which prey on the vulnerable and poor hindu/sikh communities. Sad thing is aspects of hinduism are beautiful and there's alot of wisdom in their scriptures alot to be learned but i
  3. Why has this thread been diverting to a hair issue (keshdhari/amritdhari/mona)? so weird Anyways getting back to the topic ....something about deep sidhu and others around him just doesn't sit right with me not saying he is an indian govt agent just yet but I remember reading somewhere on the net about when Indira gandhi sanctioned R&AW to help finance, arm and train up tamil tigers to wage war against sri lanka at the same time it is alleged an offshoot group within the R&AW also helped form BKI and other "sikh militant" groups to play both sides of the field. And if you see how
  4. Also its important to note that all this anti-celebs, anti-human rights, anti-Khalistan anti-Sikh propaganda in Godi far right indian media comes from the upper echelons of the indian establishment. So Avjit Doval and the R&AW is charged with investigating and making up stories, falsifying facts, framing innocents in order to create a narrative to suit the agenda of the establishment which the media is an important weapon to be used to silence or hoodwink the national and international public opinion with fake news. Take a look at this video below and see how the ex R&AW pro-Hind
  5. Modi was purposely selected by the RSS swami's because he was from a humble background a tea seller by profession before entering politics so can relate to the voter base and he is unmarried no kids and therefore easily allowed to go to any extremes against those who oppose the RSS agenda and he will take the blame and then become disposable after they have used him for their dark agenda's. This is why you see him often suck up to the likes of ambani and adani and other highly influential or billionaires types because he really doesn't have that much power or monies but he is trying to gather
  6. So embarrassing and own goal for the terrorist indian establishment trying to silence it's critics inside india and aboard. After violating several human rights UN recognized legislation's. They go after greta thunberg and other celebs thinking they have judicial reach outside india using their corrupt dictatorial authoritarian powers.
  7. The reason why most indian celebs dont come out in open support for the farmer protests or other protests is because of godi media and extremism from indian establishment RSS troll/hacking cyber warfare unit who wage a relentless social media hate campaign against anyone who doesnt follow their agenda and narrative. The fear and real world consequence for anyone brave enough to oppose the indian dictatorship is terrorized through not just psychological means but also physical. The problem the indian communities face is that legislation is being passed by anti-democratic and corrupt means
  8. Rihanna the international music star has done more in 1 tweet with a few words highlighting and raising awareness of indian farmer issue than all of major news broadcasters in the west and bollywood stars who been silent on the issue or against the farmers. https://twitter.com/rihanna/status/1356625889602199552
  9. Congratulations! That hindustani extremist's youtube channel has been closed! by youtube finally its acting fairly against anti-sikh hate Now we need to get this RSS hindu punjabi extremist "sikhism exposed" shut down too https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHpz52Px20znHqqMT3ZKROQ
  10. your petition is not a bad idea don't think anyone is ridiculing your efforts, just letting you know of their views of the historical and current political backdrop of the state of affairs of why it may not be a viable idea. But you have my support in that petition and I'm sure most Sikhs on the forum and worldwide wish to see this as a reality too.
  11. Guru sahabian sanctioned alot of things that Sikhs are not implementing these days, carrying weapons is also mandatory to fight tyranny and oppressors but in today's world anyone who does is easily labeled a terrorist even if he fighting the overwhelming overt terrorism of the powerful state. Also there is a reason Akal takht hasn't created a force already. You got to remember the last time this was tried was in 1980s and the akal takht was attacked and destroyed the indian regime blamed it for darbar sahib having "anti-nationals" so called "khalistani's" sheltering there. The chess piece
  12. You got to hand it to them they have really played a masterstroke in the recent events. 1) Rushed through anti-freedom anti-human rights legislation in their parliament without proper debates or reasoning by minorities and opposition. Making it very easy to have requests for social media companies to take down posts they deem not appropriate or anti-national. 2) Have their Indian IT cell guys employed within social media companies gather intelligence on individuals and to delete, terminate, shadow ban and in effect silence those who expose the Indian regimes terrorism and brutalities
  13. The hindu rastha / akhand bharat uthopia that these far right extremists are looking to create is essentially based on the racist / caste system with small number of priestly class elites (brahmins and kyshastriya's) at the top oppressing the lower caste masses. Don't think many "lower caste Hindu's" will be rushing to sign up for such an idea nor will pakistani or Bangladeshi's want to join if they don't see any benefits for themselves. And in order to create such a society they will need to do it by force not by persuasion and reason as no man is going to sign away his life and liberty for s
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