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  1. WJKK WJKF, Sangat ji I had a really quick question. Haven't posted on here in a while due to some personal issue that I was trying and still trying to deal with. Anyways, I was reading the Hukamnama from Harmandar Sahib today and read the translation as well but I'm still not understanding what it is saying. Can anyone translate it to me so I can understand it better? Thanks a lot!
  2. WJKK WJKF So couple days back a cousin of mine got into a really bad wreck in India. He was driving a dumper truck and the truck got into a huge accident and flipped over. He was rushed to a hospital and the doctors said he had a huge clot in his brain. He was unconscious(well only moved his legs once in a while. No sedation medz were working on him)for three days and everytime the doc were going to do a CT Scan he would start to move and they weren't able to do the scan. They tried 3 times without any success. Family was told that they were going to try to do a scan one last time because the longer they wait the worse it could get and therefore would have to do an operation. All the family was doing ardaas and paath day in and out and due to Guru ji's miracle the blood slowly started to thin out, he gained consciousness, started to talk a little bit and eat! Now this cuz of mine has done a lot of drinking and drugs in his life and never was religious at all. I'm sure this opt to teach him a lesson to reconnect with Guru ji. I believe that Guru ji makes us go through situations like these so our faith becomes stronger in Gurbani and Guru ji.
  3. I'm not from vancouver but I have a lot of family in Vancouver and Surrey area. Believe me you won't have hard time "fitting in." There is a huge Punjabi community in those two areas. But I have to admit I have gone to Vancouver several times and rarely saw a lot of Sikhs but did see a lot of Chinese. Maybe it was just the area we were visiting.I don't think you will be like the only Sikh there. But there might not be as many as there is in Surrey(they have like school just for Sikhs I believe). Its kind of funny to see so many punjabis wherever we go in Surrey. Good luck to you
  4. I think you need to just be honest with them at tell them what is the reason. Being a Sikh it's ur duty to tell the truth. I personally took amrit around that age too because I was young and was "influenced" by my family. I did take it but never truly accepted being a Amrit Dhari from my heart because I felt as if I was pushed into taking Amrit and didn't take it from my heart. So I went to my grandpa because he's a very strict Amrit Dhari and told him about it(I stayed Amrit Dhari for a year) because I thought he would have understood. But no he got really mad off at me and was like "Sikhi nu mazaak samjaya a." He was right in his part too but for me I thought of it as why be a Amrit Dhari if I fully don't feel it from my heart? So I told my parents and went to pesh. I feel horrible to this day but I felt that was the right thing to do. When Guru ji will do mehr it will happen but it should happen truly from your heart.
  5. I remember seeing this on FB. Great to see two different religions coming together to worship God. Great
  6. Veggie Sandwich Ingredients: 1. Vegetables of your choice(Zuccinni, eggplant, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers) 2. Olive oil 3. Salt and Pepper 4. Italian seasoning 5. Bread(whole grain bread) 6. Cheese(of your choice. Or leave it out to be totally healthy) 7. Lettuce 8. Hummus Method: 1. Slice veggies of your choice in about the same shape(Big pieces to cover the bread) 2. In a bowl toss those veggies with olive oil, salt, pepper, italian seasoning and grill till you get nice golden grill marks. 3. Take your bread and spread hummus on it and lettuce onand then add the grilled veggies. Then add cheese of your choice if you want and then add few more veggies on top. 3. You can grill the entire sandwich one more time if you want or else Enjoy!
  7. I've heard that it used to have pork enzyme i think but not now...kinda gross to think about it now uhhh
  8. First of all I do suggest on the bottom that if you want it to be healthy then leave out the sugar cheese etc. I personally don't put sugar into the smoothies because like you mentioned they have plenty of sugar already in them but those who are not used to eating or drinking stuff without sugar can add little bit at first and they will realize it's too sweet and therefore will slowly start avoiding it. I consider myself healthy but I don't completely avoid those "non healthy" foods. It's hard for me just like for anyone else. But the trick is to use in moderation. I personally use truvia which is much better than regular sugar because it's a natural sweetner. Thanks for pointing it out. But I do mention it that avoid those to make it healthy but I want to post the recipe as a whole therefore readers can better judge what they should or shouldn't take out of the recipe.
  9. 1/4 cup of flour. Saute the onion first. And then add little bit of butter and put the flour in it and cook it for like 3 minz till slightly light brown. Then add half and half to it and add half and half and water(or vegetable broth) and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Then add the onions, carrots, and the broccoli. Then simmer for another 15 minutes and add the cheese. Enjoy. I think it tastes just like it!
  10. DaljitKaur24


    They will ask about if you have had any experience in customer service. Whether you know the basics of math Can use the computer Have cash handling experience Basically if you have had customer service experience you would do just fine. Why should do they choose you over others What are your qualities and flaws(remember when your telling about the flaws make sure you turn it into a quality) Just say customers are our priority That you would be a great asset to the bank and plan to stay with the company for quite a while If your planning to do something related to Banks make sure you state that. I've had a bank interview before and got hired but after working there for about a month decided it wasn't for me... Good luck to you!
  11. Broccoli and Cheese Soup Ingredients: 1. 1/2 lb Broccoli 2. Garlic couple of cloves(You can leave these out if you want) 3. 1/2 medium Onion chopped 4. Cheese(as much or as little as you like) 5. 1/4 cup of Flour(all purpose flour) 6. Salt and Pepper(To taste) 7. 2 cups of Heavy cream or half and half 8. Butter 9. 2 cups of water(vegetable stock) Method. 1. Put a little bit of butter in a pan and add chopped onions. Cook until they are lightly browned. 2. Add minced garlic, cook a little bit. Take it out in a plate. Add little bit more butter and 3. Add flour and cook a little bit(till light brown make sure it doesn't burn) 4. Add 4 cups of vegetable stock or water and add the 1/2 cup of half and half and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. 5. Add the onion, broccoli, and carrots, and add salt and pepper and let it simmer for another 15 minutes. 5. Add Cheese Enjoy. P.S You can make the soup without the cheese to be on the healthy side. But a little bit of cheese doesn't hurt. Add carrots in it also towards the end if you like it tastes really good. You can avoid the heavy cream but all it does is thickens the soup.
  12. I love this dish lolz...well I'm not sure how healthy is paneer lolz but love this dish...
  13. Exactly I've posted this in another topic here too there are more haircut individual "Sikhs" here than nonhair cut sikhs. Just because you might live in a certain area or a certain state and you see a huge variety of non hair cutting Sikhs that's not the case all over the U.S. I mentioned in another post that I rarely see any youth being non haircutting. That's the reality. He's right how are they going to go on and educate others if they aren't fully Sikhs themself?
  14. Healthy Veggie Burger Ingredients: 1. 1 can of garbanzo bean drained and mashed nicely 2. 1 cup cooked brown rice 3. 1/4 cup of oat bran 4. 1/4 quick cooking oats 5. Package of tofu 6. Fresh Basil 7. Salt, black pepper, and Garlic powder 8. Vegetable oil Method: In a large bowl, stir together the mashed garbanzo beans and basil. Mix in the oat bran, quick oats, and rice; the mixture should seem a little dry.(You can mix it in a blender) In a separate bowl, mash the tofu with your hands, trying to squeeze out as much of the water as possible. Drain the water, and repeat the process until there is hardly any water worth pouring off. It is not necessary to remove all of the water. Stir the tofu into the garbanzo beans and oats. Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and sage; mix until well blended. Drizzle little bit of oil on the griddle over medium-high heat. Form patties out of the bean mixture(put it in the fridge for about 15 minutes so they get a little firm), and heat them in hot oil for about 5 minutes per side. Serve as you would with any burgers P.S you can add any veggies you want but just make sure it's sliced very thinly because you want it to cook properly and and not bulge out of the burger. Make sure the tofu is firm otherwise the burgers will fall apart. I suggest adding pancko or bread crumbs to help them stick together. You can put shredded carrots,diced mushrooms, bell pepper and corn. Very delicious with those ingredients. Add italian seasoning for extra flavor. If your adding additional veggies saute them a little bit first(like mushrooms and bell peppers). You can leave out of the tofu if you don't like it. Enjoy!
  15. Thanks for the info! I'm not a huge fan of oatmeal but I might try quinoa i've heard about it before. As far as the treadmill I do do the incline on their already and same with the elliptical also I work with my trainer 2 times a week doing weight lifting, planks, lunges, pushups, boxing, situps, etc. I go 2 times a day only because of my thyroid issue. My tsh had been around 4ish but last year it skyrocketed to 23ish. I have been on medication continously since then and it's down to 2.5 now within the normal range but I had to workout twice as hard due to that and plus it actually feels good. And I do also take a mulitvitamin and iron supplement. It seems like a lot but I guess you got to do what you have to do. Thanks for the advice appreciate it. I haven't been able to start on it yet I probably will do it after the 10th since we have some guests coming so it's hard to do it when you have them over. Yea I will keep you posted how it goes.
  16. Oh that's great then. You know you can make them healthy. Like make pico de gallo sauce at home and eat with your chips very delicious, fresh, and healthy. Now I'm not sure what's the exact method of the sun chips but i'm sure they were also fried lolz. But to me they taste much less oily then like lays or like ruffles. I guess that's my excuse lolz. But I don't even remember the last time I had them. So it's kind of good to avoid it all together but it's definitely not easy to do!
  17. OMG Paji was our close family friend. Amazing human being he was.
  18. Totally agree people in India are ignorant as well. Just because a person open fired why are all Americans to be blamed for it? That's like blaming all the Muslims for the attack. Ridiculous.
  19. Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie Ingredients: 1. Slices of Watermelon 2. Strawberries(couple of them. about 5-6 depends on you) 3. milk(enough to get the smoothie going. Add little or as much as you want.) 4. Sugar(if desired) 5. Ice Cubes Method: 1. Put everything in blender and blend away. Enjoy! P.S- Add lowfat milk and avoid sugar to make it super healthy!
  20. Hahaha..simple chips? which ones are those? lolz..Well I guess they are good once in a while...the only chips I like are Sun Chips they are multigrain and pretty good and not oily. Try them out!
  21. Also I have noticed couple of times that other places where there might be more Sikhs they feel that they have been more successful at educating Non-Sikhs about Sikhi and then they start pointing fingers at others. Instead of doing that rather share ideas of how and why you all have been more successfull with educating others about Sikhi. We're suppose to be working as one.
  22. This is what is wrong with our Sikh community people just start fighting over minor things when we have bigger issues to deal with. Maybe we should first clear the differences amongst ourself first and then go out preaching about Sikhi. No Americans aren't dumb and it's kind of offensive since being an American myself. I know a lot of whites and african americans that know a lot about Sikhi and respect and admires the boldness Sikhi represents.Some people are ignorant and that's just not in the US but all over the US. I'm sure there's alot of Indian parents when they see a black person they just start assuming they are probably some druggie or a thief. This is just our society. We can't just expect others to learn and know about Sikhi we as Sikhs need to take that initative. And it's not going to be possible if we all keep fighting amongst ourselves rather than ignorance.
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