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  1. We spek out openly against Deras and RSS brainwashing Sikhs but i haven't heard anyone talking about Sikh conversion to Christianity . I was shocked to see so big churches on Jalandhar road .
  2. Every year near Diwali these types of things happens , recently there was news of threat calls or letters for Durgiana Mandir Amritsar . GOI is behind all of this no doubt about it .
  3. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=789043107808064&set=pcb.789043124474729&type=1&theater
  4. Are we going to take any action or are we going to watch this happening in front of our eyes. Anyone who visit Punjab frequently will agree that new Churches are coming up in Punjab. सिखों की सर्वउच्च संस्था SGPC (शीरोमिनी गुरुद्वारा प्रबंधक कमेटी) धयान दे, पंजाब में हो रहा है सिखों का बड़े स्तर पर धर्मांतरण, इस पोस्ट में जो सरदार जी मेरे साथ नजर आ रहे वो असल में सरदार अब नहीं रहा, इनका नाम था किरपाल सिंह पर अब ये पिछले साल से "किरपाल मसीह" हो चूका है और कर रहा है इसायित का प्रचार। आज जब ये "किरपाल मसीह" मुझे मिला तो इसने बताया के 40 साल गुरूद्वारे में पाठी का काम करता था पर अब ये मसीह हो चूका
  5. A GENERAL notion persists that Punjab (i.e., east and west Punjab, including Haryana and parts of Himachal Pradesh) was loyal to the British in the stormy days of 1857. The Punjabis, especially both the ‘dominant’ communities, the Sikhs and Muslims, it is believed, helped the British with men, money and material during the Revolt. The usual argument made for this attitude of the Punjabis is that after the annexation of Punjab (1849), John Lawrence (who became chief commissioner of the province) and his band of dedicated and dynamic officers had not only turned the badly disturbed Land of the F
  6. Thanks Mehtab for sharing this . But i still feel that we should focus on eastern India to preach Sikhi, things in north india are not good Hindu extremism is at its high.
  7. How can you convience a hater they are born and brought to hate Sikhs and Muslims . Hindu and Sikhs fights are so common in Delhi . I would spent my energy on South Indian or Assami Hindu . These people want to learn about Sikhi . Regarding Punjabi Hindus - god knows where these people will end up . Even other Hindu hate them be it Delhi or Haryana .
  8. I agree Punjabi Hindus are real haters . I have spent lot of time with Hindus from different regions and i have observe that Punjabi Hindus are real culprit . Those who knows Hindu will agree with me that these Punjabi Hindus are back stabbers , rude, arrogant and money minded people . Its difficult to understand why they do that . Some of my friends are from Uttar Pradesh belongs to Kaisth caste . They always say that favourite topic of punjabi Hindus is to talk <banned word filter activated> against Sikhs .
  9. Is there any book which specifically talks about Hindu Fundamentalism in Punjab before and After 1947 ?
  10. Thanks for sharing it , i too was about to post it . One of the most interesting thing in this article was " Urban Hindus in Punjab organized on the platform of Hindu Mahasabha in 1926 and opposed the ‘Relief of Indebtedness Bill’ of 1940 which was introduced to free the farmers (rural peasants) from swelling indebtedness which had made them lose away their cultivable lands."
  11. CANADA, August 28th, 2014 – Braveheart Production has commenced productions on its debut film "SUKHA AND JINDA – THE MOVIE". This movie tells the real life story of Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha, known for their high profile acts of bravery through the late 1980's. The story provides a glimpse into their lives leading up to the actions that resulted in their judicial murder. The production's creative team includes a highly revered and experienced writer, well respected in the film community for previous work in both Punjabi and Bollywood movies. The movie will also be casting
  12. Request all should buy this book and i believe that some one will take initiative to make movie on Mann Sahb.
  13. This book will be available by 11 sep 2014 Stolen Years: A Memoir of Simranjit Singh Mann's Imprisonment Hardcover – 11 Sep 2014 by Pavit Kaur In 1984, Simranjit Singh Mann resigned from the Indian Police Service in protest of Operation Blue Star, the Indian Army operation ordered by Indira Gandhi, then prime minister, that cleared the Golden Temple complex of Sikh militants. Mann was subsequently charged, among other things, with conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. A passionate Sikh whose radical beliefs were honed by his family, Mann went underground and was apprehend
  14. Conversions of Mazbi Sikhs of Amritsar , Taran Taran and Gurdaspur is big issue but why no jathebandi is talking about ? I have just become from Punjab and i will soon share by observation .
  15. सरीन लखविंदर https://www.facebook.com/sareen.lakhvinder जितना दिमाग और पैसा खालिस्तानी और सिख संघठन "कोम दे हीरे" जैसी फिल्मे बनाने पर लगा रहे है अगर उतना ही दिमाग और पैसा गरीब सिख रविदासिया और मजहबी सिख भाइयों पर लगाते तो वो आज सिख धर्म छोड़ कर इसाई ना बनते।।पंजाब में आतंकवाद को दोबारा जीवत करने की साजिश है ऐसी फिल्मे जिसके लिए विदेशों में बैठे आतंकवादी इनकी मदद करते है
  16. Hindus have prepare a list of Punjabi singers who are anti Snatani. https://www.facebook.com/BrahminForce
  17. Other Rehitvaan Sikh like ? Ajnala Taksaal and Sikh Youth Federation Bhindanwale is best .
  18. We should organize Dasam Granth akhand paath in Saharanpur to give our Sikhs more bir ras and after that weapons should be distributed among sangat .
  19. We will how many muslims will come out to help Sikhs ? I doubt even one will come .
  20. Muslims are the biggest enemy no doubt about it and regarding Hindus it depend where are they from no problem with North eastern and South Indians Hindus and no friendship with Punjabi and Haryanvi types Hindus .
  21. Agree veer . There should be protest in Malerkotla let the Muslims feel that if you go against Sikhs we will get after you . Hindus organizes march in Malerkotla to protest against the killing of Vidhu jain but we Sikhs dont supported them to please our so called friends but what we get ?
  22. I have to admit when it comes to dealing with Muslims and Christian missionaries Hindus are faar better then us . Valmikis openly beated sikh boy in Amritsar but Sikhs never reacted same thing happens in Delhi and poor riot victims Sikhs went after Vaalmikis like anything looks like anakh - Self respect have died among Sikhs of Punjab send them to Delhi or Hyderabad for moral boosting . Haa vai Punjab aalyo vahde zameendaro soormyo kithe haige ho tuhade naalo ta Delhi te bhaape te Hyderabad de vanjare jaida ankhi ne .
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