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  1. its turning into a bit of a joke that is life when will we get our own raj....... RAJ BINA NAHI DHARAM CHAL HAI, DHARAM BINE SAB DHARAM BINE SAB DALLE MALLE HAIN.......
  2. no as long as it is not cut under a ritual which is a blatant sin (halal)
  3. from my knowledge it was sri guru Har Rai that went against eating meat and since then it has had an effect on Sikhism and I know there is no mention of not being able to eat meat in the sri guru Granth sahib ji........
  4. this makes me hate miss pooja............
  5. difference between japji sahib and jaap sahib?
  6. No offence to any1 but I am against the likes of sant baba Ranjit Singh as he did wear a kalgii on his pagh which i feel offends guru Gobind Singh ...
  7. when will we have a Banda Singh Bahadur or Bhindranwale style leader?
  8. I wish sant baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale would come back as the body they did find a lot of people say its not Jarnail singh as the hands of the person found wer to small n Bhindranwale had big hands
  9. well we all kno maharajah ranjit singh had the kohi noor diamond but am not saying we should get it back as the sikh's would not get it back and it would go in the hands of the indian government so we don't need iy but we all kno what guru nanak said about the sikh's and we rule this world 1 day so does anyone agree? waheguru jee ka khalsa, waheguru jee ke fateh...
  10. this is a sign of a tru maaa-purak and we should follow every step of sant Baljeet Singh Daddu wale
  11. am just pointing out you cannot trust the hindu government in india and i stand by that but i dont put down the sikh faith...
  12. am not playing no game just to point that out but know how the indian government has played games with the lives of Sikh's in the past 25/30 years and NO the indian government has not changed as much as I would wish it to change...
  13. if his father was shot dead in india then the indian government has got links in this murder
  14. maybe but still dont do justice for this young child
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