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  1. Take it slowly. Dont rush into doing anything, read Gurbani (words from the Sikh holy scripture) as much as possible and strengthen your soul. We fight against our souls everyday, and it's not easy, so be worthy of initiation through reading and learning more, your fiancee will help you with this. As for your last name, well most Sikh women have Kaur as their last name even if they are not initiated formally into the faith (by taking Amrit), so it's your choice. They rarely have the last name Singh as this was given to the males by our 10th Guru. I wish you the best and pray you are blessed with the holy gift of Amrit.
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    We must try our best to ensure Guru Jee is given the utmost respect.
  3. It was a Gurdwara Nanaksar, founded by Sant Baba Amar Singh Jee Barundi Wale, who have started the first state funded Sikh school in England and many others around the world.
  4. GurFateh The Gurdwara premises was sold off because the committee was not given permission to construct domes and a Nishan Sahib for some reason. I have relatives in the society which funds this Gurdwara, so I have information first hand. It is a Nanaksar Gurughar. The new Gurdwara land has been bought and is beautifully constructed, I will post the new address as I get it in the next few days on email. So, they can brag about it if they want, the Gurdwara still exists, just in a different place. Fateh Jee
  5. If this Gurdwara is Nanaksar then this information is false, it is not being bought by anyone, let alone this group of Muslims who take pleasure in taunting Sikhs this way. I know the committee in Canada for Nanaksar very well and if it is this Gurdwara then the information is totally wrong, I will however, check this out with them and post again.
  6. GurFateh I wholeheartedly support these Veers, may Guru Jee bless them for this great Sewa. Fateh
  7. Akali Jee, Sikhs are not just from a punjabi background, there are westerners who adopt Sikhi also, they may retain their first names and keep Singh or Kaur for identity purposes. I do agree with you regarding the fact that it is wrong to choose a western name for your child in order to fit in.
  8. Fateh Jee There is nothing anti-gurmat in having a first name from a different culture, what matters is that a Sikh uses the names Kaur or Singh as appropriate to them which distinguishes them from others. There are some gyani's who find it hard to pronounce 'goreh' names, Ive seen this myself, but most will just refer to them as 'kaaka and bibi' to avoid embarrassment. Guru Sahib knows who they are, and on a side note, no one needs their name mentioned in ardas because Patshaah Jee is all-knowing. 'Vin Boleya, Sab Kich Jaanda'...Fateh
  9. GurFateh I was talking to a Singhani today at the Gurdwara. We happened to mention the recent 'Respect for Guru Jee' campaigners and both agreed and supported this action and group. I thought about how much we respect Bani. Baba Nand Singh Jee showed immense love and respect for Gurbani, I don't think anyone else has treated Guru Sahib with as much respect as he did and advocated others to do the same whenever possible. When we have Parkash of Maharaj at home, or even Gutkey, do we respect Bani just as much at home? It is worth thinking about. We should all believe that 'Bani Guru, Guru Hai Bani', then do we respect the Bani in the Gutkey we have at home? Do we respect the Bani enough to take care of our Gutkey and place them in a clean place, I am not saying lets go to extremes, but a genuine effort will not go unnoticed. I know a few families in which they have Parkash of Guru Maharaj, and the parents are Amritdhari, one Gyani in Letchworth Herts UK is in this position, his kids however, cook meat and drink in the same house, they are not 'into Sikhi' and so dont see any reason to change their lifestyle. Is this not important too? We should take an active stand against this and educate people, they may have shardha and love to want Guru Jee Parkash in their homes, but if the other members do not respect Guru Sahib and cook and drink on the premises, is it really worth it? I would prefer to go to the Gurudwara Sahib as I know some people in my family would not be able to respect the Bani and my Guru if there was Parkash at home. Unfortunately, some kids in my Sikh Studies class brought up this issue and told me the Gyanis in Southall go to 'Glassi Junction' first and then go to do paath in the Gurdwara opposite. Kids notice this, and Im sure others are aware it goes on. I dont know how to stop this, infact the advice in this post is more for myself than anyone else, just my thoughts on this issue, I think education on how to respect Maharaj is just as important and maybe the Veers and Penji's who are in charge of the 'Respect for Guru Jee' campaign can concentrate their efforts on this issue also. GurFateh Jee!
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