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  1. SKY CHANNEL 829 SIkh Channel - Tonight at 8.30PM: special interview with former EDL leader Tommy Robinson. Giving his opinions on the Sikh community, Muslim grooming gangs & the Rochdale/ Leicester grooming cases. Can watch it live online too http://www.sikhchannel.tv/live-tv/
  2. tbh, it looked like the Singhs were the ones giving the grief
  3. Waheuru ji khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh aman do you know who is leading on this, we had similar situation at a football ground 6 yrs back and developed a policy that is now used by this football ground and other. it doesn't makes refernece to a minimal size and is a good polciy, so Lords can use that rather than re-nventign the wheel, can someone pls pm me Fateh ji
  4. Fateh There were rumours that the local shopping centre near to Wednesfield gurdwara nr wolves was being looted and shops were on fire. As this is 2 mins from the gurdwara, i have just bene down, lol everythings ok at theGurdwara and the local shops, the police i spoek to said it's a rumour and all was okay, but remain viligant
  5. You read my mind, was just going to post. At the moment it seems shops/town centres are gettign attacked, so if your local gurdwara is near shopping centres etc keep an eye on it. as i said it's just looting ect at the moment, but who knows what the future holds, be viligent Gursikho
  6. Fateh ji Guru di kirpa, good to hear about this Bhai Sahib taking amrit. i think in terms of a 'panthic morcha' or all opposing/beingagainst the landlord, i'm not too sure, it's nothing to do with the Gurdwara and teh panth and unless we stop pubs next to all Gurdwaras then we are treading on tricky ground. Maybe Guru ji wanted this Gursikh to break all ties with his past now's he's stepped onto Guru's path, hence why he now has no further links with this pub.The Gursikh maybe on this occasion should let the past be in the past and move on.
  7. as someone said, Gursiksh had similar problems with drayton manor a few yrs back, all the normal steps like writing them letters, talking with them and trying to make them understand were tried, this didn;'t work and at that stage United Sikhs went down the legal route with drayton Manor, however i am not sure what the outcome of this was.
  8. ok, put what ppl may feel for or agaisnt the edl to one side for the time being this publicty stunt by the turban campaign who are supported by UAF who in turn are supported by muslim groups is a disgrace. 1) This Guramit guy as far as i can see has never said anything offensive about the sikh religion. 2) The guy has never said he represents sikhism 3) if we set a precedent by calling everybody who we feel as 'brought the panth into disreput by their indivdual actions' to the akal takhat then sorry we will have to summon 90% of the wider sikh community as imho a so called singh who wears
  9. Apart from SCAN in Slough , I've never seen press releases/statements from our community after 9/11, -Never seen press releases from our community after 7/7 - Never seen a press release afetr extremists burn the poppy, don't forget the wearing of the poppy also regnoises sikh soldiers who dies in the wars -Never seen press releases from our community after the many cases of conversions and the whole Mulsim Boy/Sikh girl thing (well apart from when the nawjawan stood up and said enough is enough and did a demo outside the police station in Birmignham) -Never seen a press relase whn a sikh b
  10. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki Fateh Where do you live? If you are in UK, there's plenty of camps through the summer. There's camps for youth/students (over 16's) where you will get to meet sangat Also most towns have kids camps- Guru di kirpa, go there and do seva, or travel to where kids camps are happening Guru di kirpa- sometimes i miss my uni days as in the summer there was camps every week. loads to keep busy or find sangat in your area How old are u? if there's no sangat in your area at all, and you want to keep busy in the summer, but don't want to do the pub thing etc,
  11. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh I would take anything written by Faith Matters with a pinch of salt. This research they produced was on the back of 'a conflict resolution weekend' they did 2 yrs ago by taking members of the Sikh and Muslims Communties to Ireland. Not surprised that they haven't released any of the real issues raised by the Sikh community at this weekend!!!!! Speak to any of the Sikhs who went and they will all agree that it was a bit of a flop, another exercise/project by a governemnt funded agency that doesn't actually look at the root fo the problem but tries
  12. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh ji KZ Bro, why shocked??. When i 1st came into Sikhi (14 yrs back), I didn't no anything about our past and the sacrfice of Singhs and Bibia against Militant Islam. Anyway 1 of the 1st things i found out was that Extreme Muslims said that within 25 yrs(OR something like this -deffo my lifetime) France would be an islamic republic and within 30yes or something - the UK THE SAME (i think it was through an org called HUT-they were active on the Uni scene back then) This was back in 1997 way before sep 11 bombings and before the west woke up to the
  13. well the bbc has previously shown documentaries exposing the hindutva agenda touching on the rss and explainh how often organisations like rss are gvt backed! Gurfateh ji My point was a document of this nature on BBC is going to be politically controlled for certain aspects, there's no doubt about that
  14. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki Fateh Come on Guys, we need to get real here. Did you ever really think this documentary was gonna present the view of June 84 events as most of us belive happened. Forget who presented it, it could have been any muppet (with an indian sounding name) the BBC had put fwd, end of day, the BBC is the biggest tv channel in uk and thus 1 of the most powerful media outlet of our government, thus any programme produced by uk about 84 would "be done as to not upset it's friend - the indian government". You really think the BBC would produce a programme that sh
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