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  1. Please do attend Veerji, would be great to see you there, sorry but I didn't understand what you meant, stay with who?
  2. Gurfateh Parkash 2013 is coming up 12, 13, 14th July at Guru Nanak Sikh Academy Hayes, Kirtan lineup is on website www.parkash.org Please see attached poster and come along, reap the benefits of amazing Kirtan and Sewa, with lots of extra projects and stalls this year, Sikhi camp, jobs fair, fab food and more...don't miss it!!! sangat from all over Europe expected... YouTube advert video link GNSA Singh channel...subscribe now for updates and recordings!!!See you there! Fateh!!!
  3. Website www.parkash.org
  4. Please find the latest information on Parkash 2012 taking place at Guru Nanak Sikh academy in Hayes this year. The biggest Sikh event in the country, like this Facebook page, find out the latest and show your support as the Sangat. www.facebook.com/Parkash2012 Waheguru Ki Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  5. As my husband is one of the organisers I can tell you now Sangat tv was given the right to broadcast, live or otherwise. Rinku Ji has explained really well so I don't know why you're so hung up on this and don't seem to understand. Maya? Do you think the massive tent, school buildings, grounds, and equipment appeared out of thin air? It's people like Baba Amar Singh Ji who have made the whole thing possible and then people go on about Maya and oh they beg for money.
  6. WSN yeah we know you keep mentioning that. They must have had a good reason. Now get over it. The thread was for information regarding the timings.
  7. Gurfateh Anyone got pictures of any of the 11 Bhatts who contributed to Bani, or know of any books which may have their pics? Much appreciated Thanks Gurfateh
  8. Baba Amar Singh Ji Nanaksar Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale Bhai Amarjit Singh Nanaksar Bhai Pinderpal Singh Chardi Kala Jatha Giani Thakur Singh Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila And Exhibition of shaster and vaster of 6th Guru Gatka competition Sikhi workshops Football competitions Other food stalls and attractions
  9. Bhai Pinderpal Singh Kathvachak and Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale I think so far, I will confirm and get back to you with all the names. It is taking place every year on the dates mentioned above.
  10. Oh yeah and another thing if your application is rejected you can appeal to an independent authority elected by the local council. So far no discrepancies in any rejected applications found. On one hand you want the 'board' which I assume you mean governing body should all be amritdhari but you question the religious questionnaire? lol. The school allocates a small % of places to students of other faiths, should that be abolished too? Should they throw out teachers from other faiths? Get real. Also please look up the definition of 'beadbi'
  11. Fateh This seems to be a person spouting rubbish probably because their application was denied. It is not beadbi if you fail to successfully gain entry into the school. How is this beadbi? Get your words right before you type stupid things. Secondly the religious application is approved by the council and as this is a SIKH school there will obviously be a requirement for applicants to display their commitment to the Sikh faith. That's not the only criteria btw, students with siblings, the distance from their residence to the school and those with disabilities are also given priority. How is it beadbi if you are asked to demonstrate or answer questions on how you follow Sikhi? Aren't we supposed to encourage this anyway? You yourself say the places are like 'gold dust' so instead of supporting the Nanaksar trust so we can make more schools for more students you would rather sit at home behind a computer launching vile attacks with no knowledge of the admissions procedure of the school?! Why don't you come to the school or go to Babaji about your 'mona' mate then. Nindaks can carry on barking, has it affected the success of the school? If it had there would be no school. So that's the choice of that person to slander, not the school's responsibility. I hope the moderators realise how stupid this thread is, this poster makes no sense and delete it. Most people have better things to do with their time anyway. Bet this person will turn up to the parkash program this year and benefit from it, also the Seva of the 'beadbi' filled school *rolls eyes*
  12. Sad that these Muslim guys refuse to convert but our Sikh girls think nothing of turning their back on Sikhi. Lack of knowledge, no pyaar between the family members, putting the sons first and no explanations for religious questions. You see these Muslims sending their kids to learn the Quran, they do a lot more for their kids to learn their religion, Sikh girls are influenced by films, clubs, music and these silly notions of being in love and are just weak, that's the reality of the situation. We should ask the Sikh channel to highlight this issue, it's been going on for ages, I thought it was a myth or a few cases but someone I know closely, as in my dad's family friend's daughter got pregnant by a Muslim and has now run off with him, her dad's disowned her. Sad thing is he used to beat his kids and wife up, and stayed away from them for years and left them to it. I think it's a lot of issues that contribute to this problem, the biggest is probably the crappy punjabi culture.
  13. Fateh Jee Thankyou Bhainjee that was really helpful, that style looks a lot better than the chunni and the rumaal. It's almost a Keski really I guess. Thanks again :cool:
  14. Its not a sick thread, just shows he's more of a prat than it seemed.
  15. Ms514, I can't thank you enough for posting a reply to this rubbish, despite my best efforts I was getting concerned with doubts I had after reading this site, but you have put into words what I was almost thinking Very happy to know we have intelligent people to explain things when Sikhi is attacked, you should reply on the site, or email the stupid <banned word filter activated>.
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