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  1. After all that happened in Harrow, it turned out there were only about 20 EDL/SOIE and about 1000 Islamist/UAF, they fell into their trap as it was these left-wing loonys and muslims who are made to look bad, clashing with the police. If you watch what Anjem Choudry has to say about the likes of UAF/Respect Party, you can see the Islamists true colours, you have to wonder why the UAF (supposedly anti-fascist) are siding with these islami-fascists. You can see the Casuals/EDL/SOIE are growing in confidence and this is only going to increase Next riot Manchester.
  2. Having spent alot of time in Canada, with half my family living there....and observing how the Toronto Sikh community have the same low levels of crime and drug abuse as UK Sikhs....I have seen with my own eyes how the Vancouver problem is simply about money. Money corrupts....and it can corrupt any group of people from any background. The fact is the Americans can't get enough of the locally grown cannabis of Vancouver called BC Bud and are prepared to pay top dollar for it. That makes the BC Bud industry worth more than the Columbian cocaine industry. I think the UN valued it at $8 Billion.
  3. What is happening is inevitable, there is eventually going to be a backlash against the Islamists. What makes things worse is that we have the far left (UAF) who are siding with the islamists. However, the likes of the EDL/Casuals United (and whoever their backers are) are getting smart. They got a bloody nose the first time around in Birmingham, however they were better organised this time and they will get better organised when they demonstrate in next town (whether that will be Luton,Manchester or Bradford - apparently there have been riots in Luton for the past couple of weeks, but the med
  4. You'd be suprised! If you honestly think that the bibian of 40 years ago didn't get up to sinful ways even back in Punjab, you'd be sadly mistaken.There was a documentary once about girls in Punjab (back in the olden days), where there were girls who had pre-marital sex and getting pregnant at the age of fifteen), I confronted my mother about this, as I was quite shocked and she begrudgingly admitted these things like this did happen. The thing about living in the West is that everything is more in the open,especially today (does not make things right though), things in those days were brushed
  5. I think is unfair to tar all Sikh girls with this running away with muslim men brush, there are a lot of good decent Sikh girls there too (WE SHOULD NOT FORGET THIS FACT TOO!). It would be interesting if someone can provide some statistics or some survey, go to a college or something find out what the percentage of Sikh girls are going out with Muslim boys. The biggest problem (more so than lack of knowledge in Sikhi in my opinion), is that the lack of strong female role models for our Sikh girls. There is an old Punjabi saying ,"When you see a girl for marriage, always look at her mother, i
  6. For those of us in the UK, must have heard in the news about Harry Patch passing away at the age of 111, he was the last remaining WW1 Veteran in the UK. People talk about him being the last in a generation. Does anyone have any information about our Sikh World War Veterans, how many of them are still alive, they too would be the last of a generation,a Sikh generation. They say lest we forget about their bravery and sacrifices. My great grandfather fought in the trenches and I am sure many of your grandfathers and great grandfathers too.
  7. Ranjeet


    There is a big difference between Jews and Muslims. The problem is that the Muslims want to impose their way of life on everyone else and when it affects the wider society, we will get impacted too. I would also prefer just to live a normal Sikh life, but eventually it will begin to impact us as well. THe Sikhs in the USA were going about their business pre 911 too, but Islamic terrorism has impacted them too.
  8. Ranjeet


    Inshallah very soon UK will become part of Dar-Ul-Salaam instead of Darl-Ul-Harb!
  9. But he did was necessary particularly against the Pashtuns, he had to be ruthless. Unfortunatley there a certain kind of people do not understand the word compassion, they see it as weakness.
  10. ...Are these the Lebs (that's what they are called in Aus isn't it) that live in the Lakemba area of Sydney Didn't they get beat up by the White Australians in the Cronulla Riots?
  11. If a drug dealing pimping Muslim and a Pious "Abraham Lincoln bearded", 5 time a day praying Muslim can stick together when it counts, why can't we? A lot of pious muslims consider actions that other muslims do as unislamic, they probably called each other "kaffirs", but when it comes to the matter of the ummah, they all stick together. To all the Amritdari Sikhs out there, if a mona sikh (some of you wouldn't consider them Sikhs) or non Amritdhari turbanned Sikh is in trouble and he needs a brother to help him, would you or would need to find out about their credentials first before you do.
  12. Muslims have infiltrated the media, so that if anything is said about muslims it is deemed as Islamaphobia. The British media is very careful not to mention Pakistani youths, for example there would be an attack on a white youth, the headline would be "ASIAN YOUTH ATTACK WHITE!", however in most cases that would be mean Pakistani Muslim youths, but the media will use the term "Asian", which means all South Asians in the UK, so all Indians whether Sikh or Hindu are tarred with the same brush. The other problem we have in the media, is that media elite generally seem to the socialist leftist v
  13. there is an Arabic saying: "I against my brother; my brother and I against my cousin; I, my brother, and my cousin against the stranger". We as Sikhs may have to adopt something similar to this, ie to put our petty differences to one side and do what's best for the quam
  14. The biggest injustices to Sikhs is done by ourselves, we do injustices to ourselves. We Sikhs are our own worst enemies, we cut our nose to spite our faces, we would help an outsider but will backstab our own without a moments notice, there is no trust within our quam. If there is no trust, there can be no unity. If I see a Singh get attacked, I will help my brother, but will he help me if the situations are reversed?
  15. You have to admit though Pakis are more fanatical about cricket than Indians in the UK. It means more for Pakistanis to beat India than the other way around.(though it is quite good to see the Pakis get beat just to get that smug arrogant look of their faces) I rememeber back in one of the world cups, and I had a Pakistani aquaintance from Birmingham who told me that the part of Small Heath in Birmingham was like a ghost town when India beat Pakistan. My cousins play cricket to quite a high level and expect him to play at top level when he is older, my uncle is trying out for a one of those
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