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  1. Guroo Fateh! I was just wondering if anybody has dates for UK Nagar Keertans... Where is the biggest and when is it? Thanks! Guroo Fateh
  2. AUGUST 14 - AUGUST 17 CONNECTICUT, USA Vaheguroo ji ka khalsa, vaheguroo ji ki fateh! Please join the sangat of Connecticut at our first Akhand Keertan Smagam saadhhasa(n)gath nidhh har ko naam || The Treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is found in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. 8/14/2008 - Thursday Akhand Keertan from 7PM to 9:30 PM Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darabar 1610 West Street Southington CT 06489 8/15/2008 - Friday Amrit Vela from 5AM to 7AM at residence of Harpal Singh 12 Country Club Drive Seymour CT 06483 Akhand Keertan from 7PM to 9:30PM Gurudwara Gur
  3. Fateh! I was wondering if there is any web based application I can use on my iPhone for Gurbani searching. I can use SikhiToTheMax.com, but the Gurmukhi font doesn't show up. Anyone know how to get the font on the iPhone or can somebody create some type of program for the iPhone? Thanks! Fateh!
  4. Fateh! Here are the audio tracks from the Rainnsabaee: http://www.keertan.org/andromeda.php?q=f&a...Raensabhayee%29 And here are the photos from the Smagaam: http://gallery.keertan.org/thumbnails.php?album=26 Fateh!
  5. There's a program called Super by ErightSoft I think...it convets pretty much anything to anything...just google super...and it should come up...not sure if the program has any viruses or spyware or anything...maybe somebody has a better program
  6. I went twice and it was an awesome experience...especially meeting new people =) I don't think im going to be attending the camp for a few years...hopefully i will eventually again =)
  7. Will you be shipping to the US anytime soon?
  8. It said the site would be back July 23. Any idea when its coming back up?
  9. Bhai Manmohan Singh Ji has videos on google video for learning keertan on your own. Here is one: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=61...h&plindex=0 Kar Mastak Gur Poorai Dhario There are more. If you click on "More From This User" you will get the other videos as well. Fateh!
  10. Well I know there are Sikhs in Florida. My friends live there. Two of the Singhnis tie dastaars. I know one of my friends helps with Jago. I wouldn't call it a "Annual Punjabi Fashion Show Mela". Last year they had Sukha Singh from UK there.
  11. I was just wondering what happened to Sikh Sangat news? I had the feed on my site, but the last up date was on May 23, but the news on this site is up to date. Just wondering how to fix this. Thanks.
  12. Actually, seva and sewa have the same pronunciation. Gurdwara and Gurudwara are DIFFERENT pronunciations. I'm glad I gave you a laugh, but I was being serious. And I asked my friend, Guru and Gur mean the same, but in the shabad that somebody quoted both have different meanings
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