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  1. sikh men with turbons who are alpha males have no problem attracting females its the once who arn't alpha males who scare girls away when they approach them go to the gym work out work on your confidence work on your social skills
  2. blame the parants n culture that favors boys over girls and raises girls with low self esteem
  3. remember it was the gorkhas and bengalis who fought the first and second anglo sikh war for the british so yes understandable sikhs wanting payback in 1857 against the bengali soldiers but why did sikhs fight along side the same gorkha soldiers they fought against in the first anglo sikh war and second anglo sikh war
  4. your brainwashed with isi propaganda and weird conspiracy's firstly i never said or implied in any way that sikhs who didn't fight against the british were loyal to the british could you point out were i said this if you look at thousands upon thousands of sikhs who fought for the british the question is why did so many sikhs fight for the british rather then freedom secondly after 1849 many sikh soldiers from the sikh empire took up jobs as soldiers with the british as soldiers thirdly for 1857 i said why didn't sikhs fight for their own freedom rather then along side with the british
  5. Ghadhar movement were freedom fighters consisting of sikh hindu muslims Akali Movement was peacefull movement to free gurdwaras Babbar Akali movement was militant version of akali to free gurdwara back on topic what would you rank the peak of the khalsa in terms of history compared to other empires where would khalsa rank
  6. pretty dumb comment as well wasn't ina prisioner of wars under japan who turned on the british in exchange for freedom from prision camps and what they thought was india but many historians think japan was playing the ina
  7. taking the entire sikh population at the time what percentage of the population was loyal to the british and what percentage fought against the british if you add all the sikhs in the statistics you gave that comes to a total of under 20 000 sikhs that fought and their were 6 million sikhs in india in the 1930's thats less then 1% of the total population now how many sikhs fought in world war one and died over or under 20 000 how many sikhs fought for the british in 1857 rather then fighting for freedom for sikhs and sikhs being blown up by cannons how many sikhs had bin blown up by canna
  8. you can blame the dogra and everyone else who sold out and surrendered sikhs also back stabbed for money and power and mahara of patalia was loyal to the afghans then british both ango sikh wars the bengali and gorkha soldiers were the once who fought for the british against the sikhs but 1857 the sikhs fought along side the gorkha soldiers and were loyal to the british instead of fighting for their empire back after second anglo sikh war the sikhs coudl of refused any british laws used non corporation and guarila warfare and used same tactics they did against afghans an mughals
  9. are you saying they were tied with the british in the 1800's what about spain france dutch portago japan russia alexander took afghanistan he came all the way to india to punjab and fought porus but his soldiers were tired and watned to head back
  10. in terms of strength vs other empires like the british empire and french empire spanish empire gupta empire hun empire mughal empire dutch empire if you were to list top ten strongest empires what would you rank khalsa empire at its peak military strength
  11. lol guys are only ready to chop someone head off when they think their is beadbi done when their with a mob of people and are carrying weapions ambushing someone who doesn't see it comming and is outnumbered thats why their are cases of muslims bullying sikh girls and boys
  12. havn't seen enough evidence to say their isn't a god and havn't seen enough evidence to say their is a god so agnostic to stop those fake baba is educate the people rather then worrying so much about what some may call book worship philosophy of sikhism is amazing and basic message some ppl see from sikhism is to uplift humanity the god an superstitous parts i don't know if i believe i
  13. im not a hindu quick question in the future how are you going to handle people who download the guru granth sahib onto their computers and at the same time download porn or the guys in india the fake baba who throw them in back trunks of cars with booz and condums and drugs
  14. shouldn't sikhs be more worried about taking care of the muslims that bully the sikhs cause i keep reading about sikhs in uk crying about muslims raping sikh girlsor sikh girls dating muslim guys and sikh men just complaining about it
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