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  1. Veer Ji. Nobody should be treated like this. It's unacceptable and horrible to see, regardless of any background etc. 1. How do you know that the suspect was innocent? Please provide a source Does anybody know of any more information on this incident?
  2. When you close your eyes, what do you see? When you talk to "God" what do you feel? When you "want" a reply, what do you expect? When you say "He" / "She", how did you derive this perception? These are not trick questions, neither i believe there are any correct answers. We all have different perceptions and of course - expectations, but why do we have expectations? Ask yourself as many questions as you want, you "may" be coming back to the same conclusion. Let me try and make a suggestion - if you have some spare time, take a walk on your own. Try and go somewhe
  3. What kind of attitude is this? Firstly, this is clearly not hilarious. Secondly, you have no right to call Women or anyone else such derogatory words. Thirdly. I'll admit to this looking chaotic, but to be honest, how do you actually know why the commotion occurred in the first place?
  4. Yet again, more Hatred and negativity. I have no time for you and your allegations. I'm not too proud of the town i was raised in, neither do i have excessive attachment with anything. I just feel the need to defend a cause when and where required. No amount of my answers to your allegations and assumptions will ever change your negative views. Talk to the Palm, because the face don't give a damn.
  5. You can call me whatever you want to, that's all you're capable of to be honest, just running your mouth off by the sounds of it. I actually hold my head in shame with the disgust and hatred you are coming out with. Where on earth have you heard all of this gossip from? These claims are unbelievable and I can tell you straight that I will not be here to pick at all of your wild claims and accusations. It makes me sad to think this is the perception of an outsider. God knows the truth and exactly what happens at Leamington and Warwick Gurdwara Sahib and i am nobody to defend every allegati
  6. Pakoraa84 - I suggest you keep those comments to yourself. You have zero evidence of the state of the youth from this town, so it's no good making wild assumptions such as these. Also, let me just state that there is ONE Gurdwara for two towns (Leamingotn Spa and Warwick). The reason for this is because we have Unity, we don't feel the need to build 4 or 5 Gurdware, because X does not like Y and Z does not talk to them either. You no doubt have differences in opinion, but that's a good thing to a certain extent. The majority of the towns Sangat are together and that's how it should be.
  7. Guys, I've been ON and OFF this Forum for years now. Posting and just viewing. As a Brother to you all and i accept you are ALL Brothers and Sisters to me... Please one Beathi...just cut down the Hatred and Cussing. It wouldn't go down well face to face, so lets not do this over the Net either. I'm no preacher, just want us all to have more respect for each other please. My head is bowed down to you all and i respect everyones own opinion. However, i think that the Original Poster is asking for some retaliation by asking these sorts of questions - especially by not expectin
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPmYJaWdkgEOZrjDljXcpOQ Subscribe to this channel - all live links from PTC Great Sewa from this guy. He also provides Free local numbers for Sangat to call - these will have the live Gurbani streamed on the other end of the call. For example, truck drivers on the road may not have 3G connections, so all they have to do is call that Free number and they will be able to hear The Gurbani from Golden Temple, they can then even play it on loud speaker or Bluetooth through the vehicle etc.
  9. I can send you a link to a Sewadaar that knew / had this feeling about PTC too. He live streams PTC Gurbani with his own Logos over the top of PTCs, as he also feels PTC are trying to "own" the Gurbani broadcasted from Golden Temple.
  10. Sangat Ji I've just seen a piece on Sky News where the Sky presenter has confirmed that Sikh members of the community alongside Women's human rights (about a rape film being banned in India) will be protesting against the welcoming of Indian PM Narendra Modi. Hopefully there will be more live coverage of the protests later when Modi arrives. Does anybody know what's planned? Or is anybody here planning on going to Wembley later? http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/nov/13/narendra-modi-ban-film-rape-india-indian-prime-minister-wembley-indias-daughter Supposedly Modi has lifted a
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06ksvk5 Did any sangat watch or catchup with iPlayer today, as they had a guest Jagmeet Singh speaking regarding the Anand Karaaj recent controversy. Please forward to 30 mins in the above link to see J Singhs piece. After the topic had been closed and the next part of the show was being introduced - Jagmeet Singh is shown voicing his opinion on the recent atrocities in Punjab. Please keep watching the footage after the Anand Karaaj piece is shown. 18th October 2015
  12. I was an IT Consultant and i took my job seriously. My end result was to take action via HR and get a union rep on my side. We had meetings upon meetings and most of it was fabricated by his denial, then i took the initiative to just keep quiet and carry on doing my job. That Manager knew he couldn't handle me, but i didn't want to intimidate him, because i knew at the time i could easily take his head of, but i wouldn't resolve anything. I didn't give into his powers, but i changed my attitude and learned to ignore him. I humbled myself and ask God - if this is the way its meant to be, then
  13. Bhaji Trust me, the anger and heartache is not worth it. I've been here and done this before. I've learnt from my mistakes. In all honesty, you need to keep doing what you're doing in the right way and keep your head down at the same time. This will add to your character and test your personal resolve. You will be a stronger person for acknowledging that there may be some negativity towards you in some way, but you have to fight it by being quiet and ignoring it. I have been in exactly the same situation. I took the wrong path and let my heat inside me burn so much that i do regret some o
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