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  1. Talibaan ya Vrindbaan, Sri Bheem ya Sterling Rahim, kabaihli pindu,ya smiley hindu Haji logh mahi makka sir gunjaa bolteh pakka, or pandit padhaan rakha! Urdu-hind boli eki holi, Shiv Sena khoon liah, Taliban zulam kiah hindi me khon pia?? or Sialkot me khon miah? Ehk ki Arti dusreh ki duwah? Dharti Faadtih jabh aizeh howa? Bhutto bubbly buah, chandu chamba ka chuah. Khaan Abdul Ghaffar ya Mahatma Ghandi ehk saffahr Hind ka Sindoor Kailaash Meh khon dur? dukh ke piaseh Bal Thakreh/Hakimullah khon me hasseh jabh Khoon Dhullah? Yeh politics ka khel insaaniyat ka nehi mehl yeh diwaar
  2. WGJKKWGJKF paaji i only can compare btwn East Coast of America n Britain never been Canada, but heard its beautiful. tight communities over in W London, W Midlands. You wont feel outta place. With so many folk from India, here, and even different nationalities around you. Things are a lot closer in cities , shops, gurdwaras, emergency supplies. If someone asked before, i would hve discouraged it but now theres a buzzing atmosphere with organisations down South expanding like SWAT, BAsics of Sikhi, and further up North Lots of Sikhi Parchar. I hear South Shields Gurdwara has a Panj Piara
  3. Shaastar

    Hair Loss

    Singh ji, one of my friends ( With receding Joora) passed away years ago. Not Amritdhari but nearly got there did everything amrtidhari would do with whatever kes he had left tied under a Dastaar. Ate natural, grew his own veg 2. Active Gurdwara Sevadar, 6th sense with people. Daily, friend labour, come home excercise cardio spend 1 hour with family. He was 49 when he died, skin glowed, no wrinkle, 99% of his beard hair were jet black. ( his brother opposite) When any1 spent time with him at home, you didnt look at the receding joora, you just had this being who automatically commande
  4. disgusting. Those men should be thinking about life achievements, families, grandchildren, appreciating nature..and attuning to Gurus Rehat. People these days do not care about sharam or taking a beating they get teeht/bitter. That bzurg should think how hard it was to raise his own bacheh and see that child as his own.
  5. Whats all this "big boys" nonsense?? One of my associates served with the British Army Parachuters In 1982 Falklands. They now do seva in Gurdwaras rubbing shoulders with regular sangat.. British War Veterans recieve HMS Forces Letters for ROyal Seva all the time with the supposed Highest Layers of Society. They come from all walks of life, rich poor, middle. My line colleague also happens to be a 5 generation Ex HMS Forces having spent time with the Queen outside Tours as far back as 1988. His Son rose to the top cadres of the Special Forces sister arm of SAS from scratch by merit and now
  6. The "Qoum" of Humanity is destined to be touched by the footdust of Guru Nanak Dev Jis Asul! .Dharam is starting to spread outside our own communities. Service, congregation, Fraternity belonging. Narrow Nationalist calls are fading. Our Fairer gender ( women) in different corners of the earth are empowering themselves even standing up defieing conventional stereotypes refusing to cave into Media pressure from ELites. Humanity is starting to send a message out in its own way.
  7. What does khalistan have to do with anything here on this topic? Akaal Purakh decides the Direction of the Planet. What do you mean by house of cards?
  8. Shaastar

    Need Help

    Explain to Bhenji everything she needs she is equipped with inside her own body and soul.. All she needs to do is utilise it through research of 1) Bhai Gurdas Ji Vaara ( Key of Guru Granth Sahib Ji) 2) Sanchi form of Guru Granth Sahib Ji ( broken down form) 3) then further studies into Nitnem and Dasam Banis ( Daily prayers inclusive of our Tenth Master) please ask bhenji to question her inside what she seeks? Liberation of Soul? belonging? Bliss? Happiness? a Single experience or a Universal Source of Energy she can tap into when she wants? Please also ask your friend just to do a s
  9. paaj i appreciate hearing about the exchange. I would think any nam rassiyah person who stands with a muslim would be sooo strong spiritually that the muslmaan will be trying to fathom out of his depth. The rehat of a practicing sikh would be flowing through and affect the other person because their now dealing in the Naam of Waheguru Essence Source of Light. Nobody can withstand that.. We are going in the right direction now with some great parchar
  10. Shaastar

    Hair Loss

    I understand the pangah paaji but look at the positive side, your a Tall attractive dude, so if u got the dolleh shatti out, eat well, speak with a good projection, Whats it matter to a woman if your receding a bit here or there? I complimented a 40 year old guy in my Speed Awareness Class for his head full of dark hair on Tea Break and guess what he busts out?? Mans been using Regaine for years strict routine without fail.. Crickey Singha! It looked like a 20 year olds head full a hair.. He said prior to using it he was going almost half bald.. But also said if he stops using it the same
  11. Shaastar


    i know how bad it is in Birmingham. Dont worry your in touch with Sikhi stay in tuned with Gurbani Microphone of Love and Service of Humanity all will be well.. The Panjabi side is great to keep culture in some ways but i reckon overall they need more Sikhi Workshops camps parchar sessions up there spreading into the Old areas for youngsters to tackle issues of changing communities, identities, drug epedemic, and helping the sangat to relink, beauty of life stages. I in no way underestimate the issues up there. But there is also a lot of good there too paaji.. Stay chardi kala.
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