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  1. then why did guru gobind singh ji said, "dont come to my darshan without kesh and shastars" ?? money have no place , its simple . they are not sikh never who will you call sikh if they dont even have guru's mohar!! patit's have no place until they take pahul or chula and keep kesh
  2. sarbloh granth sahib also explains as Guru khalsa at the physical and 3rd for of patshahi 10vi if you say a collection of money to be in khalsa panth then you are mistaken , there is not if or but on this, khalsa panth are the only ones for meetings 4 muhe toh kya hua jivat kai hazar also there is khalsa mahima , we are not talking about spirituality aspect here, ofcourse it has a play but only little one has to be amritdhari for sarbat khalsa meeting , but if a panthic meeting is held then nirmale and other jathebandiyan are welcomed, but patit money are strict no no
  3. Money are not even sikhs to begin with. Khalsa is only Amritdhari
  4. Can anybody call these type of dances and whistling a part of sikhism?????? These worst situations & beadbi of gurbani have been created by yogi bhajan' s +3ho foundation & sikhnet 's preaching of twisted type of sikhism in whole europe Dancing on jaap sahib bani!!! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1024677524216199&set=vb.1021718351178783&type=2&theater
  5. read above replies, mohkam singh explained it very well above that bhai nand lal ji;s rehatnama explains it very well . o baba ji, rang sabhe means , all pleasures correct meaning ਰੰਗ ਸਭੇ ਨਾਰਾਇਣੈ ਜੇਤੇ ਮਨਿ ਭਾਵੰਨਿ ॥ Rang Sabhae Naaraaeinai Jaethae Man Bhaavann || In the Lord are all pleasures which please the mind. not colors , gurbani de artha da anarrth na karo, tusi pehlan v dand lai si. aggge ton tyaan rakheyo
  6. panthic etka means on for khalsa panth, how are patit's part of it? the panth is khalsa panth not patit panth and meeting is called sarbat khalsa meeting .
  7. i have felt that if you allow yourself a small point "that its ok to do less or not" that means you are letting you mind and manmukhta budhi take over we do not realise for it makes very huge issues in future without us knowing and suddly before we know it , we feel we are drifting away keeping mind always under leash is the key !!
  8. no one does,when you grow up they do that incase of girls only . its kind of a custom to give some gift after visiting from a long period of time. sikhs used to do that . so sometimes they say "we forgot to get anything , heres some cash buy something " personally i dont take it, but if another singh is giving with love you have to respect and accept the offering .
  9. many people questioned sri dasam bani too are you one of those? have you no faith in guru sahib? people say "how can guru write this , that " he is our guru he can write whatever he wants !! people dont think "that we may lack the potential to understand this" but no what people say "this cant be gurus work" open your doors people , its gurubani and it was written by patshahi 10vi
  10. another beadbi they start early for disrespecting gurubani https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1023697064314245&set=vb.1021718351178783&type=2&theater
  11. how can katha on pooranmashi be bad ? pooranmashi is a natural phenomena !!
  12. dharamshalla is actual word i think its also used in gurubani of adi guru granth sahib ji
  13. the foremost part for which we uphold our rehat they do not !! they have shameless solistice's i heard from someone, its so embarrassing i cant describe it !! it happens in uk thats one reason why they dont allow native sikh from india to enter their temples and see their programs ? when you dance on gurubani and make a mujra out of it, no good points are left !! thats the ultimate disrespect !! what will oher people think? we boast so much that singhs saved hindus women !! what are they doing now? what if some one see's this? can you uphold your head again high? this little ripple is going to create sunami of bad talk we going to get from others , trust me !! you are not thinking of it now? but what will happen and what has happened is seriously bad !! now masa rangars spirit comes what will he say? you killed me because i had a mujra in golden temple? but you guys are doing it openly , why did you kill me? do you have any answer?
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