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  1. yeah i know thats the only problem you have to sync stuff to get it to the iphone but if you dont update itunes id say you wouldnt have anyproblems then
  2. did you buy yours unlocked or did you buy it with a network like at&t, cos i wanna know if you have it unlocked if you try to update the software/firmware will the phone lock it self back to the network settings???
  3. does anyone know about updating the software on a unlocked iphone does it lock it back to at&t settings. For anyone who is thinking of getting an iphone, ive found that compared to other phones such as the n95 its wins hands down, the only feature that i find odd with the iphone is that you cannot take video! The iphone has the best internet capabilities to any phone on the market now. if anyone knows about the software update problem can they help me out!
  4. how old was this kid man!!!! you should have kicked the crap outta him man thats what i did to this white guy tried to knock my turban off as a joke sent a message to the rest of the gorai at my school not to mess with me cos im the only sikh at my school, give the guy a warning if i dont take it then kick the <admin-profanity filter activated> outta him man!!!!
  5. Yeah i def agree with G hes speaking the truth,there always peeps who will like to start rumours about ya saying stuff that i saw him do this and that i know cos its happend to me and these peeps act like there kids is angels and they cant do no wrong,its peeps like person who started this topic that get to me why they want to start beef over some petty thing when no one hasnt done anything wrong, you gotta get a reality check cos what you saying dont always happen!!!!! :D im at my gudawara all the time i dont see anything like this so dont start saying stuff you cant back up!!!!!
  6. Squall


    safe bruv yo singh i read that book man there was some wicked piceces,really does show life in the hood and the ghetto of london be it north south east or west whatever end you repping,its all real man no matter what some peeps say thats the way it is now!!!!
  7. Squall


    have any of you read the book londonstani written by gautam malkani , fictional story of asian youths growing up in hounslow,shows different cultures clashing, it depicts youth lifestyle in london now,was wondering if anyone else has read it and what they think about it. I thought myself that it was a good read. :TH:
  8. :TH: this story is so inspiring,im glad you posted it,thank you for sharing it with us. :TH:
  9. Squall

    Music Video

    yeah ive seen the video yo its a unreal song man i like it.dont know what anyone else will say???? :lol:
  10. Squall

    Sarabloh Kara

    well actually disguised im not grade 8 or something im in my final year before i go to uni!!!!i think its different in canada???? oh ya and i do chemistry and biology just to let ya know!!! :lol: yeah i get it...its just the 'chemical' reaction... 130669[/snapback] 131113[/snapback] ummm....didnt anyone ever learn it science????? :umm: 131561[/snapback] 131707[/snapback] maybe hes in elementary ( i.e gr.1-8) and they dont learn chemistry then.. so yah! 131715[/snapback]
  11. Squall

    Sarabloh Kara

    i dont remember learn anything like this in science??? yeah i get it...its just the 'chemical' reaction... 130669[/snapback] 131113[/snapback] ummm....didnt anyone ever learn it science????? :umm: 131561[/snapback]
  12. yo this is true and a good point!!! :lol:
  13. Squall

    Girls .. ?

    yo who knows when this topic ran off??? :lol: @
  14. Squall

    Sarabloh Kara

    huh what ya mean??? :lol: @
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