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  1. http://sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Gurcharan_Singh_rishi
  2. There is no harm in having caste. It's just a title of your forefathers and nothing else. The main problem within Sikhism is caste based discrimination. Try to work on getting rid of caste based prejudice, which is the main concern, Sikh society facing at this time. We are Sikhs and everyone is our brothers/sister.
  3. Taking "Amrit" and becoming Amritdhari from Keshdhari is process. You do not become graduate or perfect just because you have taken Amrit. The main purpose of Amrit is that you take vow to become true Khalsa with the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh. You may fail in it if you couldn't control your five vices but then you cannot learn swimming until you jump into the water. Please understand this clearly that It will be your spiritual journey not the end once you become Amritdhari.
  4. mehtab1singh Ji, I have not said anywhere in my post that marrying out of caste is any type of problem. I was sharing my opinion as per reality of the society. I believe that person name Kabir is simply hurt in his love affair and want to justify to his heart that he was right in loving that person. Of course ! lady in question is married and he has no option but to move on. As this is Sikhism related website so I thought of directing him to spiritual path which is the ultimate path. I believe there is no "Rehitnama" which exist to support love marriages for Sikhs as well ? :ph34r: I do not believe in caste system prejudice but I am also aware of the scientific findings of inbreeding... We should at least not get ourselves involved in inbreeding which can cause lots of troubles for us. http://www.as.wvu.edu/~kgarbutt/QuantGen/Gen535_2_2004/Inbreeding_Humans.htm
  5. The English translations won't do any good for the learning purposes. The first step and the most important one is to learn what is storytelling. Guru Gobind Singh is using stories as sources and then giving his own conclusion to that story. It is very important element to read Chritropakhyan that we are aware of the fact that he is using stories which existed before his time.
  6. Kabir Let me give you an answer as per my ability. There was no such practice to marry outside of castes in Punjab even when Sikh Gurus were living. It was common to see people marrying to mighty and rich, even though the bridegrooms were not that good, but no system of marrying outside of caste as per my opinion. I have not seen any historical evidence yet where it became common practice within Sikhs to marry outside of their castes. In all Sikh texts, and also in Mahan Kosh by Kahn Singh Nabha, there is a great details of castes and family backgrounds. I believe this is something modern youth has taken in their hearts that if they marry outside of their castes then it may help to stop prejudice. It will be naive to corner Jatts on this issue because there is no evidence to prove that other castes initiated the custom to marry their daughters outside. Also Jatts don't give out their women outside of their caste but men are allowed to marry outside of their castes. There are many families within Jatts who are not very strict about marrying within Jatts now a days though. It may have become practice during their dominance period. You have to keep this in mind that Jatts were not always "Zamindaar" ( Landlord) besides few of them. The major part became Zamindaar during Baba Banda Singh Bhadhur's time when he abolished Zamindaari and distributed lands to tillers/peasants of Punjab. Now like any other Zamindaar communities the superiority complex slowly took over like Brahmans/Rajputs/Banias and other "Swarna" castes had in their individual minds for ages. Now with the new Zamindaari ( Land ownership) comes the urge to dominant others who were providing services to them. There is no way to dominate others if you start giving your daughters out of caste... If every Joe & Harry marries your daughters then who you are going to dominate hence no out of caste marriages. Now, I don't believe that caste has any meaning in spiritual person's life, but most of the Punjabi/Indian population believe in it and this is the reality of this world my friend, so live with it. Khatris also have their own caste system and let me elaborate on that as well. Khukhrain Khatris had tradition to marry within Khukhrains. Sikh Khatris from Rawalpindi carry tradition to marry their daughters to maternal aunts sons which may be a practice not digestible to some of you. The caste system is very complex and it gets more complicated as you start exploring it. If you are a spiritual person then believe in Guru Nanak Dev Ji's words and you will find a good wife do not attach to Maya and let this feeling of hurt go away. Be a true Sikh and live your journey of spiritual life and do not get entangled in worldly love affairs.
  7. Very interesting ... http://sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Swami_Ram_Tirath_Dandi_Sanyasi
  8. http://www.flickr.com/photos/singh123/
  9. Punjab, November 16: Punjab, the land of five rivers, has a long history and rich cultural heritage. Ruled by many different empires and ethnic groups, including Hindus, Greeks, Mughals, Sikhs, British and many more, it has a multicultural, multilingual and multi faith society. Though it covers a versatile spectrum of beliefs and faiths, Punjabis are mainly followers of Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam. Sikhs in Punjab are the majority community, but co-existence with other religions reflects the liberal atmosphere in the state. More at http://www.youtube.com/user/MrGreatpunjabi#p/u I am just sharing it for the information purposes only. All personal comments, suggestions and gaala should be shared with youtube uploader.
  10. I have not gone through 35 pages of discussion but would like to share my opinion. 1. Punjab should not allow other states residents to buy lands in Punjab. 2. Everyone from other states should be allowed to work in Punjab on the permit basis only. The permits should have limit of two to three years with renewal option. 3. There should be a strict background check on individuals which includes checking all criminal records in their main states. 4. They should not be given vote rights in a state where they have migrated as they have in their parent state already. If Punjab and other states of India do not apply these rules as law then they won't find their own states residents in good economy and religious differences may arise.
  11. Try this software... http://taalpulse.net/
  12. I felt the same that he was using "Reiki" on them. It seems that he comes from Bhai Harbhajan Singh Yogi's 3HO organization.
  13. What kind of blessings are these? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp43tn8r4Vs
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