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  1. Here you go. The best way is to really listen to the shabad played by the Ragi Ji and learn the tune. Then you can play the notes on the vaja and fit the shabad to it, but for simplicity I have written the pronunciation alongside the notes. Hopefully it is correct :). Waheguru Ji Siri Raag - Alaahu Alakh Agam Kaadhar.xlsx
  2. Sorry I didn't write in the shabad words. I'll do that for you tomorrow.
  3. Hi Arshdeep Singh, I've written the first part of the shabad and hope it makes sense. Let me know if you need any more help. In Siri Raag, Re and Dha are komal and Ma is tiver, the rest of the notes are shudh Siri Raag - Alaahu Alakh Agam Kaadhar.xlsx
  4. I'll take a look and see if I can help write notations.
  5. Quick question. What does "khari kangi" mean in terms of harmoniums? It just doesn't make sense to me? Am I being stupid? WJKKWJKF
  6. I too would like someone to shed light on why Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's bani is separate from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  7. I do like this composition of Raag Todi, very nice indeed :).
  8. I really like Raag Tukhari this composition by Dr Gurinder Singh Ji. It is the first shabad from this recording. Saajan Des Videsiare
  9. Advanced stage I would say, I have learnt various Raag: Kanra, Bhairo, Bagesri, Basant bahar, Bhairavi, Todi and can re-create by just listening to shabads.
  10. Got a reply from Yamuna. A 3 reed harmonium with coupler is 18500 rupees and postage to the UK is 7000 rupees. Just under £300 with delivery.
  11. If I do not get a response, is there anyone living in Ludhiana who would be able to call them?
  12. I've also email Yamuna and also sent a message on Facebook. I hope one of them replies :). I saw this baja on their facebook site: I like this style and I'm looking for one with 3 reeds and coupler. I will let you guys know what I find out.
  13. I hope they reply to my email as I have never had much luck in contacting other harmonium makers in India.
  14. Thank you Ji. I have emailed and messaged them on Facebook.
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