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  1. Baba nand singh recommended meditating on a picture of Guru Nanak dev ji didnt he? Its not idol worship if you ask me... I dont do any of that but seeing pictures around does help my mind focus and it invokes devotion. i dont think we need to be so extreme about this stuff. strengthen what guru did say was important, simran, bani, seva, etc. and gurmat will blossom within us naturally. no need to tell other what to do, if you ask me. give these "problems" to guru and if its idol worship to you then dont do it but maybe it helps others come closer to Him.
  2. what i had found helpful is to stop reacting to the thoughts and urges. allow it to come up, feel it, dont react, from there do some simran, exercise, both maybe. you cannot push desires away otherwise like water being blocked, it will find another way out, most liekly a very perverted way. feel the desire, do some naam japna and elevate this desire, see it for what it is, be present to what it is without pushing it away. liberate the desire thorugh the name of god. please odnt feel bad about this, this is a human thing, deisres arent bad, elevate the desire by meditating without wanting it to
  3. just love it! what a blessing it is! thats a great beard if you ask me. heres some advice anyway... soak fennugreek seeds overnight, strain them and blend into a paste maybe with some curry leaves, simmer that in some coconut oil. apply to hair/beard. let it sit for a couplehours or overnight. ive been using almond oil every morning before isnaan and my beard started to thicken and grow much faster.
  4. i exerpience the sweetness as more of a whole body feeling. its not like eating honey but more like wanting more of it, my whole body craves it. it happens to me mostly when i say mul mantar, gurmantar, and shabad hazare... theres a feeling of not wanting to stop because it is so satisfying. i can feel it now writing about it. it has a similar sensation somatically as eating something sweet, a satisfaction but also wanting more. i hope this helps wjkk wjkf
  5. wgjkk wgjkf! i want to thank you all! today was the first day i kept my kacheras, kirpan, and kanga on in the shower. it felt much better. i always ask maharaj for forgiveness of mistakes and to show me how to improve, this thread showed up and i tried it out and im very happy. thank you!
  6. just make the decision not to do it anymore if thats what oyu really want. its hard for a while but then you wont even think about it. if it comes up and you feel the need to, go for a run, meditate, cold shower, paint, draw, play music, do something else. most importantly, watch what you put into your mind. looking at pictures of the sex you are attrated to will not serve you. i would even recommend pranayam practice although this will probably upset some people. are you reading your banis? that has helped me tremendously... watch what you eat too, eat more veggies and less processed food, t
  7. if you have a smart phone search in the app store "you are your own gym" i dont think thats the name of the app but you canf ind it that way. great workouts for a good type of fitness, by that i mean flexable yet strong, not bulky. lots of jaap sahib recitation as well! someone once said "it will put the power of the soul into the muscles of the body" and this is definitely my experience in reciting jaap sahib as well
  8. colder the better if you ask me! rub your body a lot while your in there and dry vigorously with a towel after! keep a good diet that works with your body type. i live in colorado and the water gets very cold in winter, i love it! great physically, mentally, spiritually. if you cant do it, do cold-warm-cold
  9. look into your diet... keeping steady blood sugar and eating less inflamatory foods have a lot to do with mental disorders. theres a very cheap book called "nutrition and mental disorders.' for depression heavy exercise such as burpees early in the morning right away can kick up dopeamine and other useful brain stuff dopeamine has to do with hopefulness, self esteem, self advocast, things like that.. ive seen dramatic changes in my own life and in other peoples lives through simple exercise early in the morning and stabilizing blood sugar. best of luck brother, know your not alone in these exp
  10. wgjkk wgjkf i am not against medicine if needed but i really think diet and other practices can be used first. anxiety can be reduced when the body is given what it needs to survive. what does it need? not knowing what your diet, body type, and lifestyle are like i would recommend breathing more deeply, pranayam even. im assuming a lot here but id guessing your body type is skinnier? thats my body type. to make ATP (energy, chi, prana whatever you want to call it) oxygen is needed. kick up the oxygen absorbtion through exercise, yoga, or pranayam. also to create more atp good fuel is needed. w
  11. ive upped my butter/ghee intake a lot recently and my energy and even memory have increased dramatically. i should add that im pretty skinny. i put it in my smoothies or in tea sometimes. love it. thanks for this video i learned a lot!
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