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  1. singh598

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    True say but the problem atm is that any Gurdwara does what the pardan likes. There needs to be some unification on policy. Like the above incident if the pardan comes along and says the cops can stay in the Gurdwara then SY would have looked stupid
  2. singh598

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    Problem is that the UK Gurdwaras need a central management committee
  3. singh598

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    Cops issue a statement about this https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/police-sikh-temple-walsall-community-15424637 I HOPE SIKH YOUTH CAN ASWELL
  4. singh598

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

  5. FOLLOWING THE JAGGI JOHAL CASE AND ARRESTS IN BIRMINGHAM IN A DESPICABLE MANNER SIKHS IN THE UK ASK POLICE TO STOP RECRUITING INSIDE GURDWARAS https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/watch-west-midlands-police-officers-15416251
  6. singh598

    Lions of the Great War Statue

    Let's not forget the struggle to wear a turban in the UK.
  7. singh598

    Lions of the Great War Statue

    The facts are that the British annexed Maharajah Ranjit Singhs kingdom. They tried to destroy Sikhism with agents like Teja Singh Besuria. Committed mass murder such as Jallianwala Bhag. In 1948 split Punjab into two thus losing Gurdwaras in Pakistan Then were involved in 1984 by Thatchers meetings and training indian soldiers Recently we have Jaggi Johal who has not been supported properly by the British Embassy In the UK Sikhs houses were searched anti terrorism laws and treated in the most disgusting ways. Now the UK has a shortage of soldiers and wants foreigners to join
  8. singh598

    Lions of the Great War Statue

    All those that died in WW1 and WW2 and those that suffered and lost family just because royal family's and politics
  9. singh598

    Sikh concept of Afterlife

    The link below helps https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buddhist_cosmology_of_the_Theravada_school
  10. singh598

    Sikh concept of Afterlife

    But yes as the venerable key holder Bhai Gurdas stated JUG JUG DHAREH SAREER, VASNA BADEH AVEH JAYEH
  11. singh598

    Sikh concept of Afterlife

    If we work hard and CARVE an inner being of good attributes of Keertan, love and divinity of VAIRAAG and opening of the lotus heart through spiritual connection with our Satguru then this equals chardikallah Thus such a person goes much higher than ghosts of Islam or the Devas of Hinduism If a rare soul achieves death of ego and relentless glow of the atman such a person merges with God. However the above is only a limited story by a sinfull insect...so much more gyaan is there to know if you can get up at 2am ...I shall divulge only this much information I cannot share anymore because it is too difficult to understand
  12. singh598

    Sikh concept of Afterlife

    Sikhism has provided the most advanced spiritual metaphysical knowledge available. In Islam and Christianity etc afterlife is being a ghost wandering around cemeteries and coffins. Hinduism is about worship of Devtas and so they're belief system is that of a heaven in the Devapuris. Sikhism being the most scientific stipulates that our afterlife is governed by the inner spiritual characteristics that we create here on planet life.
  13. singh598

    Sikh Exploitation In Italy

    Ribbish....farming in India is a negative industry....they often make lossess
  14. singh598

    American Sikh Sangat and Dhadrianwale

    Probably the same old daddrian vs taskal dummy....dadrianvale was right to speak against Dummy who sat on the floor with Badal on chair. Also Daddrianvale have done more parchaar than taksal ever could

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