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  1. Well said Toofana. Strange how people seem to gloss over this point. From what I remember he did false Punjabi translations in Court for a politician or councillor. If that's her rock, looks like the branch hasn't fallen to far from the tree. What evidence needs presenting. Any search online will bring up the evidence. Type baldev sidhu in to google.
  2. http://m.timesofindia.com/PDATOI/articleshow/9130803.cms
  3. Traveller slashes vendors with kirpan Jul 7, 2011, 02.23am IST TNN? HOWRAH: It doesn't pay to mess with passengers, particularly if they are armed, these two vendors of Howrah station learnt much to their own expense on Wednesday morning. Bijan Shaw and Manoj Singh, the two vendors, are now admitted to the Howrah district hospital with serious injuries. Doctors attending to them said that Shaw could have lost his life had Singh not rushed to his rescue. Their attacker, 60-year-old Tarsen Singh from Verka in Amritsar, Punjab, is now cooling his heels behind bars and has been charged with causing grievous hurt with dangerous weapon. The elderly Sikh was visiting people at Gauripur in Dum Dum. On Tuesday, he had gone to Bandel on some work and was to return home by the Amritsar Express on Wednesday. Tarsen Singh reached Howrah from Bandel around 11am and decided to while away the next three hours at the station. He was waiting near some stalls close to Gates 5 and 6 when Shaw - the helper of Stall No. 11 - decided to have some fun at the old man's expense. According to sources, Shaw picked up a conversation with the Sardarji and began to quiz him about his strange attire. Tarsen Singh was dressed in traditional clothing and had his kirpan stuck to his cummerbund. Witnesses claimed that Singh was quite genial at first and did his best to answer Shaw's queries. There was a communication gap as the Sikh gentleman spoke chaste Punjabi while Shaw knew only Hindi and Bangla. Trouble erupted after Shaw asked Singh for some khaini (chewing tobacco). The latter told the vendor that his religion doesn't allow him to have tobacco. This seemed to amuse Shaw and he insisted that Singh was lying. "The vendor then took out some khaini from his pocket and began to prepare it. It is not quite clear what happened after that but the Sikh gentleman suddenly lost his temper, pulled out his kirpan and slashed at Shaw. The blow glanced of the vendor's head and landed on his left arm, nearly severing it. Manoj Singh, another vendor, rushed to Shaw's assistance and took the next blow. By then, policemen rushed to the spot and disarmed Singh. He didn't put up any resistance but followed the policemen to the outpost," a passenger said. Shaw and Manoj Singh were sent to hospital in a railway ambulance. Once there, they lodged a complaint against Singh. They alleged that Singh had asked for khaini from them and reacted violently after being denied. Shaw said that he had denied khaini to Singh as he didn't know him. For the moment, the Government Railway Police are going on this version as Singh hasn't been able to convince them otherwise. He admitted though that he lost his temper after being 'bugged' by the vendor for quite some time. "What he did was wrong and a case has been registered against him. His version is not very clear," said Rabindranath Mukherjee, superintendent of railway police, Howrah.
  4. http://m.economictimes.com/PDAET/news/politics/nation/Kamal-Nath-claims-diplomatic-immunity-in-1984-riots-case-in-US/articleshow/9060771.cms
  5. ?Kamal Nath claims diplomatic immunity in 1984 riots case in US 1 Jul, 2011, 1025 hrs IST, IANS WASHINGTON: Indian Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath has claimed diplomatic immunity and lack of service of summons before a US court in a case over his alleged role in the November 1984 anti-Sikh riots. In response to summons issued by Judge Robert W. Sweet of the US Federal Court for the Southern District of New York, Kamal Nath claimed diplomatic immunity stating that he was on a special mission as a government official on his numerous travels to New York. He has also claimed sovereign immunity under common law; and immunity under Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act (FSIA) of the US in the case filed by Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), a US based human rights advocacy group, and some victims of the 1984 riots. Requesting the court to dismiss the law suit, Kamal Nath filed a sworn affidavit that during his April 2010 visit to New York, no one ever served him with the summons and complaint. Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, SFJ legal advisor, suggested that Kamal Nath's June 24 affidavit "clearly and blatantly contradicts his earlier statements". On April 6, Kamal Nath publicly acknowledged receiving the summons, he said. According to Pannun, he then stated: "A piece of paper was given to me. I will have to see what the piece of paper is all about." "I really have no clue about it. I don't have a basis and I don't know the authenticity. I don't know the validity. It was for the first time that I saw it," he was quoted as saying. Sweet had March 1 issued summons to Nath and the Congress party in the case accusing them of "conspiring, aiding, abetting and carrying out organised attacks on Sikh population of India in November 1984", according to Pannun.
  6. http://www.punjabnewsline.com/content/us-marine-corporal-gurpreet-singh-killed-afghanistan/31831
  7. US Marine Corporal Gurpreet Singh killed in Afghanistan ? ? ? Punjab Newsline Network Sunday, 26 June 2011 By Gurpreet Singh Mehak FATEHGARH SAHIB: The 21-year-old US Marine Corporal Gurpreet Singh from California, died in Helmand province, Afghanistan on June 22 from wounds received while conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. According to information received, Cpl. Singh was assigned to 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, based at Camp Pendleton, California. Gurpreet was killed in the Sangin region of Helmand province in southern Afghanistan, long a Taliban stronghold. Gurpreet, who hails from Antelope (California), will be cremated as per Sikh rituals. The Department of Defense of US has confirmed the death of the Marine, who was supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. It may be mentioned here that 21-year-old US Army Sergeant Uday Singh became the first Indian to die in Operation Iraqi freedom when his convoy was ambushed in Habbaniyah near Baghdad on December 1, 2003. Chandigarh resident Lt Col Preet Mohinder Singh’s son Uday Singh studied in St Stephen's School, Sector 45, Chandigarh and after getting a Green Card, he joined the US Army and was sent to Iraq. Uday showed his mettle during the company's deployment in Kuwait from August to December 2001 and was awarded the Army Achievement Medal for his meritorious services. On September 8, 2003 his company moved to Iraq.
  8. http://m.timesofindia.com/india/Baptized-Sikh-employees-not-to-wear-kirpan-near-aircraft/articleshow/8274095.cms Baptized Sikh employees not to wear 'kirpan' near aircraft May 12, 2011, 07.02pm IST TNN?[ Yudhvir Rana ] AMRITSAR: Central Industrial Security Force has banned the Sikh employees to wear 'kirpan', Sikh's religious symbol, while performing their duties on airside at Sri Guru Ram Das International Airport. The force is entrusted with the task of airport security. "Amritsar is one of the ultra sensitive international airports in the country and we can't take chances with the security of passengers" said commandant of the Force, Sharad Kumar, while talking to TOI on Thrusday. He said Sikh employees were allowed to wear 'kirpan' in Airport terminal building and other places but not near the aircraft. The issue came to fore after Central Industrial Security Force prevented an airport employee Nirmal Singh to work near the aircraft while wearing his 'kirpan'. Nirmal Singh, a baptized Sikh, also lodged a complaint with Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee , Sikh's single largest representative body, to take notice of this interference into the religious affairs of the Sikhs. he also said that he had been working at airport since 2001. "On April 28th, a security force constable prevented me to work near the aircraft on the plea that I was wearing a kirpan" he said. Sharad Kumar made it clear that security was of paramount issue for them. "It is not a religious but security issue" he insisted. Meanwhile, showing its concern on the issue, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee president Avtar Singh Makkar demanded from government to immediately withdraw any such orders. "Kirpan is an essential part of Sikh's dresscode and can't be seprated from Sikhs" he said. He questioned if Sikh passangers could travel in the aircraft wearing six inch 'kirpan' then why an employee wearing it couldn't work near the a aircraft. He said that all the 19 baptized Sikh employees of airport were under trememdous mental tension due to Force's orders
  9. LEHARGAGA, PUNJAB - In yet another incident that will further enrage the sentiments of the Sikh community, residents of the southern town of Chadpura discovered that followers of Sauda cultist Ram Raheem humiliated and assaulted a young Amritdhari Sikh boy and forcibly sheared of his sacred kes (hair) . Sikhs consider kes as a gift from God, and do not remove them from their body under any circumstances. On May 6th of 2011, Sauda cult follower Tarsem Sinh forcibly took Balwinder Singh, age 12 to his nearby shop, and attacked and dishonored the young boy with the help of other cultist “premis”. When the boy resisted the assault, they began to beat him, and then began to shear of his kes with a pair of sharp scissors. The boy suffered several cuts on his head due to the altercation, in which the sacred hair from his head were removed. When Balwinder Singh reached home, his mother, Charanjit Kaur fainted upon seeing her son in this condition. Neighbors soon arrived to help the family – they were all shocked to see what had just occurred. The Charanjit Kaur and her husband Makhan Singh have approached Gurdwara Sangatpur Sahib Management and other Sikh organizations for help in this matter. The Punjab police, so far, has not taken any action against the premi cultists. ? Mother of Amritdhari boy who was assaulted by Cultists The family stated that the Jakhal Police station initially tried to cover-up the incident, and only filed the complaint paperwork after realizing the threat of action by Sikh organizations. Jakhal Police SHO, Dilbagh Singh has hinted that the police would take action against the cultists Tarsem Singh, son of Rangi Singh and two of his accomplices. Interestingly, in 2007, Sri Akal Takht Sahib, the Supreme Temporal and Religious Authority for the Sikhs ordered all Sauda Cult Dera be shutdown throughout Punjab. The ruling Akali Dal (Badal) party has yet to take action against the cult deras, despite the death of several Sikhs due to the ongoing tension between the cultists and the Sikh community.
  10. Anybody have info on what happened to this Singh? Are SOPW or any organisation aware of his welfare if he is in custody?
  11. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/namdhari-murder-hanspal-defends-sect-but-mum-on-charge-against-chiefs-nephew/775843/
  12. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/site/story/1984-riots-witness-pressurised-to-save-sajjan-kumar/1/135267.html
  13. This all took place under the noses of the international community. Leaders and personalities of the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Princess Anne were in Delhi when the genocide of Sikhs was in full swing and smoke filled the skies. When political parties seek the Sikh vote, we should raise why their party leaders didn't say anything when they were fully aware and present when Sikhs were being butchered. It's the same as if Winston Churchill was in town when the Austwicz massacres took place.
  14. As mentioned on Sikh Channel last night, it's quite possible the turban wearing officer was saying that to his colleague because that's how he normally deals with dastar wearing Sikhs. On this issue of anger, given that he has already been singled out of crowd, the treatment already meted out to him, he probably in fear of his safety. We assume it is a knee <banned word filter activated> reaction to such treatment but he's probably worried about the beating or 'chilli powder' treatment he's about to face.
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