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  1. WJKK WJKF We have seen one person from the UK who had multiple forum ids for the past few years been posting lots of negative stuff and was acting as a troll. Few weeks ago, we deleted his more than 5 different ids but let one id remained under moderation. We had a sub-forum for young new mothers and in that sub-forum, we had no posting restrictions. Means that any guest can post a topic or reply without any moderation. We are now closing that loophole. We also posted the id names in every reply of his and it is quite funny that how one person is trying to instigate the fight online or possibly in person in gurdwaras. We humbly request that person to make a doc appointment and check if he is suffering from any bipolar personality disorder. Multiple ids are not allowed. Stay in Chardikala WJKK WJKF Pls. do report the post or reply you see on our forums.
  2. Sewadar

    New registration

    Yup, we added two n's. One 'n' name is already taken by someone. Any other spelling or name you would like to have?
  3. Upon many furious reports by members, we ran ip search tool (we rarely do that) on this thread to bring transparency to our members on what is going on. Please go back to all the pages and if you see the below admin note, it is the same person posing several different guest names and having several multiple members id's. They were all disabled except one as we do not encourage multiple ids. Admin Note: Same IP belonging to these members - SinghSabha1699, DhadrianwaleZindabad, SukhaSinghMehtab2015, GareebSikh1699, isingh1699, SheikhYoBooty
  4. Do you believe marriages between same-sex couples is valid in Sikh Dharam?
  5. Some airlines let the nut allergy person board the flight early before rest of the folks so that the person can clean/sanitize the seats around him. That is how it should happen.
  6. Do you think the Sikh community and its leadership along with Sangat is overall in good shape that almost 40 years ago?
  7. All are approved (4 of them today). I believe your account was approved few days ago. Can you confirm?
  8. Can a Non-Keshadhari Sikh be the representative of our Sikh religion (including in our social religious issues)?
  9. We have covered the part of developer & designer. We need help in the structure/layout of the website and the best is to show developer some comps (comparable websites). Focusing more on long term project with dynamic simple and short website.
  10. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh We have a project of creating a billboard advertisement in california sponsored by one of our sikhsangat reader/member. Now we are helping in creating a website so that thousands of non-sikhs can come and get further more information on sikhs. Website name will be printed on billboard. We need help from sangat here to get some comparable websites of other religions that you may know and think is very good and we should have something like that for sikhism. Any help will be appreciated.
  11. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Just a reminder for some of members here on not to use foul language. Those who will continue to use foul language and/or try to bypass the bad language filters will end up having their membership under "Quality Control" which will delay your posts/replies for more than a day (in most cases). There will be no sides taken by admins/mods when enforcing this rule. Stay in Chardi kala Gurfateh Ji
  12. Free doesnt mean useless. Infact we use a lot of opensource software. I just didnt know about letsencrypt.org
  13. @FreshMind13, thank you for that info. I only bought the cert for a year so will look at LetsEncrypt soon. The sad and confused reactions are now removed and requested changes to the forum homepage are now in place.
  14. We are now using SSL Please let us know if there are any issues e.g. missing images, broken links etc.
  15. So SSL certs are bought just need to get them working. Getting there. Thanks for the ideas we will have a discussion on these.
  16. So I am trying to install the SSL Certs as I type this. So you will see the sites go offline every now and then today.
  17. Fateh, I will start the process tomrrow.
  18. Wjkk Wjkf Nothing much same old same old. :) With regards to the forum, it is just a general upgrade, security patches etc. Wjkk Wjkf
  19. Fateh ji, The forum has just been upgraded. Please let us know if you encounter any errors. Admin
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