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  1. On 11/28/2021 at 11:27 AM, Ranjeet01 said:

    Maybe these yatras should be predominantly male yatras and with women over the age of 45?

    Make it 60 just to be safe. 😅

    Also in the above article it says the woman's first husband accompanied her to the second marriage in Pakistan? Does that sound like the kind of thing a resident desi would do willingly? He's more likely to kill himself or his wife. This sounds like a Bollywood plot where the spurned beta love interest "gives away" the object of his affection to the stud to prove how pure and noble his unrequited love is, lmao. 

  2. 11 minutes ago, kcmidlands said:

    DO people still listen to the BBC Asian Network, i gave up years back, they are so disconnected with anything going on in the Asian community you'd be better off listening to Classic fm.

    They've not really reported on the farmers protest since it started, only when it fit's their narrative, it's the same with getting people like these two on, do the world a favour and stop listening to that station, it should have been shut down (and nearly was) years ago, it's not fir for purpose.

    I had to listen to it for a few weeks last summer (guy I was training under at work doesn't listen to anything else, lol), and I wanted to throw the radio out of the window after 5 minutes. 

    I was shocked at the political subtext of their discussions. It's not surprising but it's so blatant. Like the rest of the BBC and the self declared "impartial" media in the UK, it's actually a hodgepodge of Communism-lite in terms of social ethics but typically neo-Liberal in terms of economics. That's before you get to the British-Asian 5hit, which is really dull, low-IQ trash that predictably prioritises Muslims yet, paradoxically, has a very painfully progressive outlook where traditional Asian family values are ridiculed and eschewed for the broader Western hedonism that appeals to a largely middle-class professional Asian audience who holiday in Dubai and spend their day browsing Instagram. This latter cringe seems to be largely pushed onto Sikhs, Hindus, etc., while they're a little more sensitive to Islamic concerns, lol. I also heard a LOT of pandering to blacks which was strange, but then I realised it was that desire to socially engineer that homogeneous BAME identity they so badly want to become a thing.

    It's a completely transparent social engineering con, trying to turn our communities into a weird, brown mess of nothingness headed by a bunch of posh Musleh. AIDS for the ears.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Jacfsing2 said:

    The problem with religious liberalism within Sikhi is that it has no base or foundation in anything, and more of a feel good way of viewing religion.

    There's certainly a liberal (for want of a better word) aspect to Sikhi that shouldn't be erased or ignored. It's part of our beliefs for sure, and there is a place for it. But it's much more complex than clinging to leftwing or right-wing ideals. It's also NOT about sitting on the fence which is what most people incorrectly interpret something to be when someone says an ideology is neither left nor right. It's about applying behaviour (or responding) contextually as a situation demands. 

  4. 40 minutes ago, Ranjeet01 said:

    The overarching masters who are pro-muslim /pro-LGBT/pro-trans /pro -green /pro-vegan /pro-paedophile /pro-china. 

    You have to ask yourself the question  is that the pro-Hindutva types will also be hit if they they say anything that is anti-muslim/ anti-LGBT or even anti-China.

    These "Brahmin / Bania" types  will have to tow the line.

    I think Western (particularly American and Canadian) Hindus of Generation Y and later are more than willing to throw the Hindutva cause under the bus, because their Marxist creed carries more weight and relevance to their reality. You have to remember, Modi, for these types of high-status Western Indians has been characterized as the brown Trump. They can't be seen to be frothing at the mouth about Trumpler while letting apna Modi "genocide" Muslims. For some reason, UK Hindus are a little more cynical and less willing to turn on Modi and his cause (well, some of the slightly older ones in their 30s and 40s+) compared to their Atlantic counterparts who seemed to have let the American media set up residence in their brains, lol.

  5. It's that phenomenon I described a week or so ago: brown Western pappus with grievances against whitey (owing to Marxist brainwashing from the cradle) reaching for positions of authority, then using that power and status to enact typically vindictive policies that betray their innate brown-ness, lmao.

    We, as Sikhs, will not benefit from these Hindus and Muslims attaining these prominent roles unless we songh their feet, because unless we're of the "All religions are equal" category of Sikh (basically, relinquish any sense of separateness from the other SE Asian faiths), these dirty 5hits will throw us into the same category as white nationalists and school shooters.

  6. 1 hour ago, dallysingh101 said:

    I think you've got a soft spot for wasps. Don't open us up to even more than what they've done already because of it.  The way you constantly defend them makes me think that you're secretly having a relationship with one (or did have in the past).   

    Her name was Charlotte. 😅😁

    Aside from that, bro, with genuine respect, I think the reality is somewhere between the middle of both our perspectives, but obviously a little closer to my end of the spectrum. 👌

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  7. 1 hour ago, dallysingh101 said:

    Singh, I think you're completely missing the important bit about these people being pretty much allowed to get away with it because of english complicity via their media, police and social services.   

    That's not because of some calculated or devilish plan to see girls ruined. It's because they're 5hit scared of being labelled as racists coupled with elements of being incompetent. There's a huge difference between the likes of Saville, bent coppers with a predilection for girls, etc., and some meek, paunchy jobsworth sitting behind a desk terrified to do his job because of a threat to "communal relations". You rarely, if ever, make these distinctions, preferring to throw them all into the "white racist" category. It's way more nuanced than that.

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  8. 1 hour ago, dallysingh101 said:

    ...so it should be easier now.  But if we continue to produce fudhoo nonsense about Flying Juts and Jut and Juliet etc. etc. etc., then we're only producing shallow rubbish for our own to consume (and make themselves even more of a joke) as well as producing stuff that has no value to any interested outsider either. That stuff just largely confirms the dumbo stereotype, and comical turbaned figure caricature. 

    This is key. I'm glad you've raised this point. It's perhaps worthy of its own thread but I'll digress here. Our art as a unique group is woeful. There's a saying that if you want to gauge the progress or capabilities of a particular culture or civilisation, examine the art they produce (and by 'art' I'm not referring to paintings in the classical sense, but things like literature, films, music, etc). 

    If we think the West popularises and promotes art (particularly over the past 20 years) that's satisfies and appeals mostly to the lowest common denominator (because something that's "widely accessible" - a euphemism if I ever heard one - is what reaps the most profit), then who the heck is our art tailored to? The mentally deficient? 

    It doesn't help that our culture completely demeans the pursuit of creating art to be some worthless past time that distracts us from our primary activity of accumulating money. Even when someone from our community creates something that breaks out, the subtext or theme or message is polluted by whatever politics or cultural mood that's already heavily promoted as the norm at that time. It's rarely or ever about "big picture" thinking that goes beyond the basics  That's the West at least. In India it's low-IQ cr4p that's been done thousands of time previously.

    We need to develop a mindset where we aren't afraid to offend (in a smart sense) by being brave and original in thought. This adopting the mindset and socio-political inclinations of a dying civilisation in the West isn't doing us any favours. 


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  9. 28 minutes ago, Ranjeet01 said:

    We have to focus on what we do have control over. Since intra-Sikh matters are not a big matter in the mainstream, we identify and call out the traitors and shame them.

    Yes, this is it. We're in no position to punch up, so we punch at our level, i.e. Apne who are begging to be sat at the top table. But act now while these sellouts don't have any impactful power. Once they're admitted into the inner sanctum, lol, they'll be afforded all the privileges and benefits that will stop people of our frame of mind from bringing them down a peg or two. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    I don't agree. 


    I think in the UK, anti-imperialist Sikhs have played a very important role culturally, and will continue to do so. I think those 'yes men' (and women) who've kept up that grinning pro-sepoy narrative are the delusional ones. I think Sikh culture can and will play a very important cultural part in the UK in future. I think it already has in terms of outing the widespread grooming problem in english society. More is to come when we start sharing our true ithihaas with all the inspiring figures within - as opposed to the docile rural sepoy types. I mean look at how much interest just one film on Udham Singh has generated. Our Sikh culture has a lot to offer and people can learn a lot from it. We just need to dislodge and marginalise the puppets. 

    Who have the anti-grooming movements highlighted as being the primary movers and shakers in that field? Musleh, lol, the UK's pet minority. Nobody's going to shabash for Sikhs for putting Islamic communal practices under the microscope regardless of the objective truth involved. If anything, white liberals are itching to tar us with the islamophobe label for even going this far. We're (as in non-Leftist Sikhs) seen as an annoying thorn in the side of these laughable attempts at creating a uniform "BAME" identity because we'll end up getting nothing from that relationship aside from being forced to endure the sight of our females having Anand Karaj's with goreh, kaleh, and the rest of them.

    The thing is if we are to have any worthwhile cultural impact, it needs to be "mainstreamed." For that you need people on the "inside" who aren't liberals. But they only hire individuals who possess that particular mindset and ideology, so we can't get our message out at all. In fact we're deliberately misrepresented and slandered to shame us into compliance.

    This idealistic meritocracy is not how things are undertaken in the system of now. You're in if you sing from their hymn sheet. You're out if you don't. 

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  11. 5 minutes ago, Jacfsing2 said:

    I don’t think Bhagat Puran Singh ever got a Nobel prize, despite doing better sewa than Mother Theresa without any expectation of people converting. He actually gave his highest award back to the Indian government in 1984. 

    Unfashionable causes Vs Fashionable causes. Bossing cultural narratives. We just don't possess that "pull" or more accurately there's nothing we have that can be used or manipulated to benefit the powers-that-be. Like I've said previously, we're an antiquated little group who punched above its weight, now desperately trying to remain relevant by clinging to delusions of grandeur that don't have any place in current reality.

  12. Ravi Singh's not getting a Nobel Peace prize. If he truly believes he can fundraise his way to one, he's deluded. Sikhs don't carry any leverage or impact the world in the social and political arenas that such "prestigious" awards require. To be let into the "club", you basically need to perpetuate the narrative of the status quo that's permeated the culture and history of Western nations for the past 80-100 years.

    Admittedly, he's latched onto the "Muslim victim" narrative thinking that will get him in, but he's misunderstood his own role in the situation. Him being a Sikh bending over backwards for Musleh doesn't mean squat, because in the wider Western world it's not commonplace knowledge that Muslims and Sikhs have a volatile history. Sure, there's pockets of civilians who know the tension exists (limited arguably to the British isles due to obvious colonial history), but in terms of this conflict's place in the greater context of Earth's history, it's just a medieval regional squabble that's been dragged out over the centuries because, as others might see it, prejudices being passed down the generations. Heck, the masses of the North American continent think Musleh and Sikhs are the same. Mainland Europe doesn't give a 5hit. So what's the "hook" that's going to be used in order to "sell" the emotive rhetoric that is required as background context for these cynical narratives?

    If Ravi Singh was Jewish or Christian (or even a Yazidi), then maybe the Establishment would take him to their bosom, because of the cultural and religious heft such a gesture entails. But as it is, he's selling out his religion and its long-term stability in regards to image and perception for very little to no actual gain.

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  13. 20 minutes ago, proactive said:

     Ravi Singh KA is the person that some claim as the greatest Sikh of the 21st Century. I have a question of that person, I think his username is Premi5. Compare the greatest Sikh of the 20th Century Santi with Ravi Singh KA. Do you really think that Santji would be fine with Namaz in a Gurdwara? Santji understood the need for religious boundaries, just as a Muslim would not be ok with us doing Kirtan in a Mosque, Sikhs should not be going against the Rehat Maryada and allowing Namaz in a Gurdwara. 

    A fair amount of skulduggery goes on in this forum that seems innocuous on the surface.

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  14. 4 hours ago, proactive said:

    The offer was made last Friday and there has been opposition from both RW Hindu groups and Sikhs. This Friday Nihangs also stopped a committee from allowing Muslims to pray in a Gurdwara. It looks like the liberals are not getting their way. What is concerning is that the Akal Takht Jathedar or SGPC have not made a statement against this clear attack on the Rehat Maryada by Gurdwaras trying to win brownie points from liberals. 

    Namaz interrupted by right-wing groups as prayer at Gurugram gurdwara opposed- The New Indian Express

    I wish I could say I was surprised. I've been listening to katha from the main Sikh takhats on and off for at least 8 years, and one time or another the "big" kathavachaks (and the lesser known ones, too) cannot stop themselves from praising Mohammed, Islamic history and culture, etc., during their stints on stage. I knew it spelled bad news when I first heard them drag Islam into katha that was doing fine without any of the nonsense... well, here you go, this is the end result. These religious leaders and preachers tried being clever, thinking they could make allies of the Musleh against the Brahmin "machine", but like always our short-sightedness ends up biting us on the behind. We're only capable of chalakhiyan against our own. Chalakhiyan against one particular out-group ends up getting us involved with a notoriously deceptive and ruthless second group, which predictably ends with us doing our own besti.

    We really do live in clown world when a right-wing Hindu group steps up to prevent something that WE shouldn't even have brought about in the first place! Absolute sharam.

    On the plus side, everyone begrudges Sikhs when we take up arms against any non-Sikh group that's giving us grief, yet nobody has any objections when we go to town against our own. With this in mind, if it ever comes to sorting out these liberal Sikh cucks, there won't be MUCH of a hullabaloo in terms of objections. Obviously, you'll have Sunny Hundal penning the obvious "Sikhs are terrorists in the waiting" articles, but that's to be expected.

    I told you fellers a few years ago those Instagram pictures of Sikhs holding umbrellas over praying Muslims was going to come back to haunt us. The optics of such images simply cannot be underestimated. We live in a world that most apne don't fully comprehend.

  15. On 11/25/2021 at 5:34 PM, ipledgeblue said:

    Things have changed now where some amrit-dhari bibis leave their head naked.

    That, to my mind, is absolutely mental. It's par for the course for unbaptised Sikh women; every single arrival from Punjab in the past 10-15 years walks around with their heads uncovered. But what are amritdhari bibyan sniffing when they don't cover their heads?

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  16. 1 hour ago, jkvlondon said:

    don't know if I can agree totally with the female bashing here , I have known many bibian who were more devout than their men and their attitude and bhagti lead to Guru ji opening up their mens eyes to sikhi and amrit jeevan. The problem is now bibian can choose to remove themselves from destructive unsikh households (frankly what the H did the parents do , by not making sure it was a good household??) because the previous stigma of divorce is considered much less and sufferable than not being able to live their life in a sikh way.

    I'm painting a very broad picture, which is why I included that anecdote about Sikh women who transform their husband's lives after marriage, effectively putting their husbands on the straight and narrow. It's very rare but I know of a couple of instances where it's happened. Granted, a hardened criminal from a messed up background isn't going to reform his ways and see the light just because his new Punjaban missus gives him grief, BUT guys who are less along the road of self-destruction, and a tad more amenable to compromise, have been known to buck up their ideas at the behest of their women.

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  17. 7 hours ago, Jacfsing2 said:

    I think objectively, Sikh men are more religious than Sikh women...

    I think women generally behave in an imitative manner whereas men err towards an innovative mindset. Outliers are obviously a reality in both cases but not the norm. If the Singh signals his dedication to his beliefs and his desire to see out his life according to those same beliefs, a Singhni who has no desire to create waves will recognise, admire, and quietly step in-line with her man. If the Singh, however, conveys a scattered, disorganised, or lax attitude to the important things, then his woman will also begin to convey a degree of similar behaviour. All this is only relevant IF both parties are on the same page, i.e. both parties wish to remain married (as opposed to one of them seeking a way out). Of course, we've all heard of instances where an NRI Punjabi guy prone to indulging in partying and drinking culture, etc., got married to a girl from the pind, and through a certain form of positive nagging she made him relinquish his destructive habits. Those women are rare. Nowadays, there's no desire to mould a diamond in the rough, lol. Not that they should, tbf, men should behave like men, not overgrown kids.

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  18. 39 minutes ago, Jacfsing2 said:

    I think objectively, Sikh men are more religious than Sikh women, and even after that you’re also assuming “religious” people can’t be just like everyone else in terms of looking for extra stuff. I’ve noticed their are a lot of Amritdharis who seem to care about the C-word than we would like to be believe in. 

    I'd rather not open that can of worms, but...

    That's something everyone knows is top of the list (especialy for our elders) when scouring for a potential partner but we pretend as if that's doesn't apply to us. I've seen and heard otherwise devout baptised Sikhs slip in the simple phrase when speaking to someone about a potential match for their kids, "Apne haun." 😂 Just those two words. We all know what they mean when they say "apne." They aren't alluding to excluding a Chinese or a Black Sikh convert, are they, lol? Anyone who thinks people who've taken Amrit and get married happen to magically find someone of the same C-background WITHOUT specifying beforehand is a liar or is in denial.

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