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  1. 11 hours ago, Not2Cool2Argue said:

    Yeah a family member had it shipped from UK. Yes there is a Tegh Kaur in the works. 

    But someone was saying that we should have Sikh figures as nurses, doctors, fire fighters...but I don't know if that's a good idea. We don't want Sikh ppl to identify only with worldly success and consider some jobs as better...it just deeply cements the panjabi sociopathic capitalism...but it is hard for kids to relate to these warrior types when all Sikhs they know aren't ones. Then again superheroes aren't relatable either...

    Yeah, typical of self-hating Sikhs to kvetch and squirm about our martial heritage at a time when we proudly stood on our own.  Instead, let's glorify being nameless cogs in the Western apparatus that looks at us sideways while glorifying their preferred pet minorities. Nothing wrong with worldly jobs at all, but it's hardly something to get little kids inspired about their history.

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  2. 29 minutes ago, proudkaur21 said:

    This ravi singh posted a screenshot of some Indian guy sending him hate and saying I will kill you so this guy commented in punjabi that you turned our kaum into langris and now you are trying to gain sympathy so ravi quoted him and commented this.

    "Apni shakal sambaal" doesn't make sense. "Shakal" is used in reference to mean face, complexion, or looks. "Apni jeeb / mooh / bootha sambaal" is more accurate if he wanted to tell someone to shut their mouth or control their tongue. Guy doesn't even know basic Punjabi grammar. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, 5aaban said:

    Films and social media "influencer" culture definitely has an impact on how they act when they approach a certain age. Many of them found it appalling and oppressing that I didn't engage in the same outrageous behaviour as them during that age. This film/social media culture has influenced young females dressing twice their age to be accepted in society as "normal". 

    It's been going on way before social media, bro. It was pretty bad in the 80s and 90s. Now it's just completely out in the open.

  4. 2 hours ago, BhForce said:

    Yeah, it can. Though those are "certain parts of London", S Central LA, Camden, NJ, and so on.

    Definitely not the places where these effete Sikhs live.

    We've all seen uncle ji's from India who are old & nice and non-aggressive. But even they present differently from these 25 year olds with full black beards who still look effeminate. It's honestly just uncanny. Like when you see a transgender, a man who is presenting as a female. You see a person dressed as a woman, yet you think something's wrong, you just don't know what.

    Is it the plastics?

    It's quite possible these lost brothers are that way because of lack of testosterone. All of the bleating about LGBT by these people is cringe.

    Is it me or do most of the Singhs you're describing seem to wear glasses / spectacles like these?


    There's definitely something lacking; testosterone might be it. I think it's a combination of a few things. Not having any exposure to actual trying life experiences that forces someone to change and grow (by reassessing the reality around them) is a huge contributing factor in my opinion. Comfort leads to the soul being subdued, and these types of Singhs have become accustomed to comfort and routine mostly as a result of their own "success." Success brings benefits but it also inculcates a person from experiencing the peaks and troughs of existence.

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  5. I've always found some of the contradictions in most decent working class and middle-class goreh to be mindboggling. Most of them protect and shield their girls with their lives from birth to around the age of 11 (when they start secondary school), but the parents go from micro-managing every aspect of their existence to practically pushing them into situations that lead to their girls doing stuff that girls twice their age should be encouraged to avoid.

    It's like they're afraid if they don't nudge their daughters to degeneracy, they'll grow up to be sheltered, fat spinsters. Goreh have completely got the balance wrong, and most of that is attributable to the culture they're exposed to in the media, particularly films and television, that pushes this completely degenerate "rites of passage" bull5hit about kids having to "experiment" with gandh and bukwaas in order to be "rounded" human beings. Complete and utter 5hit. This is one of the crumbling pillars of their society, and I've yet to hear anyone on their side identify it as something that needs to be corrected. Knocking Christianity on the head as a society (even the CofE with all its faults) was a big, big mistake for them.

    What they've created are generations of their youth with mental health issues because they're forced to operate in a culture that's contrary to their inner natural state that - unless a kid is born a complete lost cause - is averse to most of what's pushed as "normal" in the Western world. With girls it causes a much deeper and more profound problem because when they've spent their tweens up-to their late teens 5ucking off all and sundry at parties and in park bushes on a night out, they've completely destroyed any opportunity of pair-bonding with an eventual long-term partner. Female mental health is in the drain, but you'll never hear the intellectual elites EVER identifying WHY it's where it is, because to do so would destroy the system they've got in place to f**k up these girls for life. It's a sick game they're lost in, and it saddens me to see secular-minded Sikhs in the West getting caught up in much of the same because we're sheep who can't think for ourselves.


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  6. 26 minutes ago, Recurve said:

    We bow to externalise what internally we should be doing simultaneously renouncing our mat to heed Gurmat- the giaan.

    Question to you why do they bow to Guru Granth Sahib? Who told them to?

    These people don't care or know about this. It's just something they've been told to do, so they do it. The next tier with a little more knowledge would reply with, "We bow because this is our Guru." What you've replied above is beyond the understanding of 95% of Sikhs. It's values that's are too abstract and complex for these people. It's like watching a party of chimps dressed up in finery to go to a tea party, lol. It's not natural to them. They just want to jump around and cause a mess, because that's what's natural to them. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Jacfsing2 said:

    Why marry with Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji if you don't believe in what the Guru is saying? Imagine going to Jesus or Muhammad and asking their blessing for a marriage when they don't even nominally consider them important.

    It's just rituals to these people. Their faction (ritualistic materialists) feel emboldened in dictating to those who want to preserve their religious ways and norms, because the wider culture has discarded all sense of sincere belief. On some level they realise they don't really believe in the metaphysics of the whole religion (because to do so would require them to overhaul their entire mindset and worldview) BUT the aesthetics (culturally, socially, physically) are just too much to discard in their entirety. Women are all about aesthetics and social acceptance; in these cases the overwhelming social creed of the broader culture overshadows the provincial, minority creed of their ethnicity, therefore they don't feel any guilt or fear because their religion has zero consequences for those who decide to act against its interests.

    So they realise the wider culture is incessantly agitating against "borders" or separation between creeds, and these types like Minreet Kaur realise they can inflict damage or pressure on their own religion by casting it in a negative light as a system that stands in the way of the enlightened "One Creed World" system that the wider culture wants to embrace wholeheartedly. But they reveal their low-IQs when they agitate for "oneness" in favour of Islam; arguably the one religion that is the antithesis of plurality and co-existence. But by the time these traitors 5hit out a couple of half-Sikh, half-Muslim mutts, these women realise the Abdul they married doesn't give a tatti about plurality and co-existence. It's too late.

    It's not too difficult to understand if you break it all down and have a decent grasp of the way different types of people think.

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  8. 22 minutes ago, Premi5 said:

    You’ve completely lost me

    The masses that consist of a religion's membership aren't geniuses or original thinkers. The habits and conduct a religion wants its followers to form and exemplify must be drilled into the heads of its congregation constantly without any hint of vagueness.

    By its very nature, a religion must be exclusionary of other competing belief systems else the people you have belonging to your religion can leave for greener pastures. Any hint of accommodating other competing religions is the death knell for a comparatively smaller and younger belief system.

    If you want your religion to grow and not fall victim to other competing religions you must state in your scriptures WHY you cannot join hands and live in Lullaby-Land with other larger, predatory religions who want to remove the followers from your religion and join them to theirs. It cannot just be a fleeting reference amongst thousands of verses that espouse occasionally contradictory edicts. There needs to be a consistent and concerted through-line that runs throughout the entire text.

    I ask you: does this sound like anything you've read in Guru Granth Sahib Ji?


  9. 1 hour ago, Premi5 said:

    I think she's just a 'liberal' . This has resulted from poor upbringing /failure to teach Sikh values by her parents. She should not identify herself as a Sikh.

    There we go again with this completely wilful misreading and ignorance of what Sikh religious texts instruct us. There is nothing she has done that isn't endorsed by our faith. If anything she's following it in the correct manner.

  10. ^^^ not blaming the victim, but a 17 year-old on a "night out." As much as Muslims have a lot to answer for when it comes to sex crimes, but goreh really need to dial back their sexual freedoms if they want a healthy society and future for themselves. They can't blame everything on immigrants. Some of the stuff they're facing is self imposed or at least things they've embraced they never should have. But that's their introspection process they'll need to undergo if they ever get to that stage as a race.

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