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  1. You know you're starting to get old when PS3 is classed as retro. Well done, mate. That interface looks really tidy.
  2. Aside from the fact that the Republicans are just the other side of the rigged game, this is evidence of how to destroy a powerful man in this day and age when murder isn't on the cards: destroy his reputation. Accusations of rape, sexual misdemeanours, etc, are the go-to method.
  3. How many Sikhs in the West (if goreh let us into football, the bhainchods) would have the balls to brazenly do this? Instead, you'd have them either completely disavow Sikhi, or scour Guru Granth Sahib to dig out tenuous and obscure references that endorse LGBT behaviour.
  4. I've come across Sikhs like these quite a lot. Moderately educated but low emotional IQs, and really quite tone deaf to other people's intentions and emotions that aren't screamed in their faces to make it obvious. And it's mostly women, too. Notice how she cajoled herself into making the complaint at a later date. The ultimate sheep. Now she will spend the rest of her life bitterly complaining about how racist the NHS is, when in fact these organisations are crippled with social and political directives that, ironically, cater to people like her. When you're unable to read the room and a
  5. Fair play, this is accurate as evidenced recently in the UK where Muslims seem to be flooding into law enforcement and related sectors, and that's never going to be a good thing for Sikhs no matter what the sell-outs in our community will claim. If they want to recruit, then fair enough, but we all know that when Sikhs gain these positions, in times of conflict they tend to defer to the authority paying their bills instead of siding with their own kind. That is a big problem, and I'm not sure there's a solution to it.
  6. I could never deal with these Twitter "intellectuals." After the first couple of Tweets if whoever I'm tweeting is still chatting tatti, I'd just want to put his head through a wall. Life's too short, lol.
  7. It's all a question of scale I guess. Most Europeans don't think like Americans in the way you're conveying hopping from one separate nation to the next like it's a road trip where people drive through states. Stuff like language, culture / local customs, etc., are all rather concrete and definite over here. I don't think you have to learn a completely new language when you get to Milwaukee in order to converse with the locals. Borders are a thing although I guess you Commie ret4rds are determined to eliminate them, lol.
  8. That says a lot about you. More than you realise.
  9. I'm not sure it's an accurate idea, lol. I was a bit hyper. I think we notice the sell outs more keenly because when they turn coat, it seems to be really quite horrible to see one of your own almost relishing the betrayal. I don't think we're any more or less traitorous than other groups.
  10. It comes from not having our own political and cultural sovereignty; having to appease a ruling class above us in the hierarchy on whom we're forced to rely on for our "bread" because we don't have the means to "feed" ourselves, whether that's in India or anywhere in the West. i was probably being hyperbolic about the "disloyal hoes" remark because there have been Sikhs in the past who've bucked that trend.
  11. I've developed a robust mistrust and dislike for law enforcement and the intelligence services, and you know I'm far removed from the leftist SJW movement. I'm not "defund the police" or "kill a pig" deranged, lol, but I realise these institutions are the jackboots of the State that will not think twice when putting down citizens who go against the accepted narrative. What these institutions are doing by setting up stalls at Sikh religious events is no different to what the much derided British did when they recruited Sikhs back in the Empire days. They're getting their brown sepoys to s
  12. Unless someone's from Southall, Birmingham, or some similarly defined Punjabi ghetto, there aren't "thousands of Sikhs" living next to each other anywhere. We just happen to not easily take shittar from whites, blacks, or whomever else when we live in heavily mixed non-Sikh areas.
  13. Bill Gates Foundation paid the Guardian $3.5 million for a hit-piece article on breastfeeding after he launched his lab-made baby milk business. JUNE 2020 - Bill Gates announced a startup called BIOMILQ. It’s backed by some of the richest investors in the world, like Zuckerburg. It raised $3.5 million in Series A funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Breakthrough Energy Ventures is Bill Gates’ investment firm focused on climate change. SEPTEMBER 2020 - Remember that $3.5 million in BIOMILQ money? Well, according to a receipt from the Gates Foundation, it paid The Guardian $3.5 m
  14. Nothing wrong with having a strong and well-built physique. Not all of us have the physical build of money-lenders and merchants. You can't positively-discriminate certain physical characteristics out of a people who identify with a particular religion. If that's what a particular faction ACTUALLY desires, then come out and state it unequivocally, "We don't want this tribe in this religion."
  15. Why? He'd only have some sect-obsessed loyalist claim he wasn't a "real" Sikh because he didn't belong to one jatha or another, lol.
  16. This quote is similar in spirit to the quote by Jiddu Krishnamurthi: "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." Both quotes are basically suggesting that any individual who thrives in an environment that is, by all metrics, morally and ethically moribund, has lost their humanity whereby the suffering and injustice around them doesn't stir their conscience. If the evil individuals in power are flocking to be your friends and hailing you as a notable personality, there's a high probability you share many of the same characteristics as these powerful
  17. You've answered your own question, bro. Footballers, social media influencers, and apne flock to Dubai because: shallow.
  18. I would love for Sikh artists to create realistic paintings showing Guru Sahibs (those who fought on the battlefield) wearing full armour, etc. The previous century's artwork was good, but it didn't show the nitty gritty hardships of actual warfare. If you took those paintings at face value, you'd believe Sikhs would take to the battlefield wearing decorative cotton and silks, lol. Showing stuff like armour, etc, would ground our relatively recent history in a reality that would make it much more relatable to younger Sikhs who wanted to learn about our history.
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