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  1. It might be interpreted as a piece designed to get the adrenaline pumping; to manipulate those of us who are easily excitable into leaping head-first into battles as a way of apparently honouring our ancestors' sacrifice; to refresh the memory of those of us who've forgotten about the ancient enemy that descended from the sands of Arabia. If I was a suspicious guy I'd think this was an article that wanted to achieve all those things. That's almost as damaging as the vindictive, hateful narrative of the Indian media.
  2. It panders to us; I read a lot of flattery in the above article. It also overlooks the affection with which the very early founding Sikhs had for the Sufi strand of Islam that was incorporated into the Sikh belief system. As a brief primer it's okay I suppose but its not the total picture. I guess it focuses on the martial aspect but does seem to neglect the deeper, philosophical side of things. I guess trying to introduce what are quite conflicting ideas into one simple article would be a bit much.
  3. Chased / moved from his native stronghold? Decided to expand operations to where demand was highest, lol?
  4. An alias or possibly of Portuguese-Goan descent? Those kind of names are very common among those Indians who live in places where colonial activities were centred.
  5. You can tell the Sikh guys who had jooreh when they were kids but cut their kesh when they got a little older. There's that "Singh" look that doesn't disappear in some people. Maybe I'm imagining things, lmao!
  6. Because it's a masculine image they hope to use as a visual summary of the type of people they'd like to attract as buyers of the product, or at least to pander to their customers who think they see something of themselves in the type of man portrayed in the bottle? Goodness, do you want me to get in touch with their marketing department, and ask them their reasoning for choosing to depict a Punjabi soldier in the artwork?
  7. Why are you moving the goalposts? He's not arguing the picture looks like a random Singh (who -- and this may come as a shock to you -- tend to drink like a fish at the best of times), but he's specifically saying the picture resembles Guru Ji. I want to know in which world has Guru Ji ever been drawn to resemble someone who looks like an Indian cavalry officer?
  8. Why'd you take it so personally? Is he your rishtadaar? Ghara vicho chacha lagda? Plus, the clown is arguing the artwork resembles Guru Gobind Singh, not just any random Singh on a horse. Aside from the beard and the horse, what artwork of Guru Sahib have you seen where they look like an Indian army officer? This foolishness is why we are a laughing stock. People who sympathize with this spurious attention seeking are as bad as the people who instigate it to begin with. So I reiterate: if he was such an ardent and purist advocate of the Sikh identity, why's he wearing a beanie w
  9. Proof that becoming proficient in a respectable profession doesn't mean you actually possess intelligence. The picture on the bottle is unmistakably of an Indian military officer in their usual ornate livery. Plus, if he was such an advocate of the Sikh religious identity, he wouldn't be caught dead wearing a f****g beanie instead of a dastaar. He looks like a tramp who's going to a Halloween party dressed as a barrister.
  10. It can't be gifted by a third party. You'll need to cultivate it yourself.
  11. So you spent a significant chunk of your life with your good lady (depending on when you got married). What can anyone say without annoying you? What you need to hear will probably upset you, not because it's untrue, but because you're obviously still hurting. Consider drawing a line underneath that period of your life. Not "forget" just acknowledge, appreciate, and unshackle yourself from that past. It's difficult. However, if you want to wallow, then nothing anyone says will ever be of use to you, because it just won't matter to you until you feel the need to start afresh.
  12. @Redoptics How old are you, bro? You don't have to be specific, just ballpark will do.
  13. I was referring more to modern day western-based Sikh organisations. What you're referring to is different.
  14. We promote people to lead us who don't represent the views of the majority, or at least people who seem determined to downplay our separateness. They tend to be establishment appeasers more concerned with promoting the current secular orthodoxy than someone agitating for Sikh interests in an exclusive sense. When these Sikh organisations see institutions like the Muslim Council of Britain, and the Jewish and Hindu equivalents pushing through their respective minority agendas in unequivocal terms, I wonder what goes through their minds? Do they possess minds, lol?
  15. The fact that we always seem to let this happen is hilarious and sad.
  16. It's tough to say. I think there'd be a variety of behaviour on a wide spectrum; some who err towards the more religiously spiritual side of things where an authentic and grounded lifestyle of "becoming" inseparable from the locals would be a priority. Others would probably emulate the British ex-pat mentality where they try to create a British-Sikh enclave that serves to have the best of both worlds while still maintaining their position as outsiders. The utterly Westernised amongst us wouldn't even bother going out there, lol. Regardless, the locals would never stop reminding us that we aren
  17. If you're of the mind that you're NOT going back and you're definitely going to make things work, i.e. absolute stubborness in a somewhat positive way, you'll have no choice but to stick it out. But how many people are capable of this one-track determination, especially when having to deal with married partners who don't share that same mentality, or when you're trying to placate pampered children who've known nothing but first-world luxury? It's an uphill struggle. That's when you start to separate the bundeh from the bachche, and you realise the extent to which someone's religious belief is
  18. I think the harshness of the climate and environment (and the obvious back-breaking work) is something that people can adjust to if they're determined to make a go of it. What I think most people of our background will struggle with is the chaotic and the corrupt adminstrative system. We complain about things here, which has always struck me as a "first-world problems" type of scenario; sure, things are getting progressively worse in the UK in terms of efficiency and reliability, BUT even the worst of the UK is nowhere near as soul-destroying as things over there. If you've lived a "
  19. Generally speaking (I'm not making this about your particular experience), if her last rites were performed according to Sikh maryada, then she wouldn't "be" with anyone, much less in a specific country with another person. That's what happens to so-called ghosts or spirits who haven't been able to pass over; they cling to people they loved or with whom they had an affinity when alive. Sikhi states, from the various things I've read over the years, that the worst thing that can possibly happen for the deceased is for their essence to remain tied to a living person or people. This would su
  20. I predict that Paris will be celebrating in May.
  21. Seems like we have our very own Bebe Vangah on this forum. I don't know whether to be impressed or worried.
  22. You've got a wise head on your shoulders. You'll be fine. There's no need for it all to end in acrimony and recriminations. I do think your parents are incapable of seeing any of the positives as you've described. I also believe they were relishing the opportunity of imposing their domineering selves on any potential daughters-in-law, but since you seem determined to flee the nest you'll rob them of this particular delight, too, lol. That would've caused you major problems in the future, btw. It's not often I suggest Sikh sons leave the family home and their parents, but in your cas
  23. You on a bit of Jew kick today, hey, bro?
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