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  1. Depends on how they put the squeeze on people who refuse the vaccine. They can say, "It's optional," but if they won't let you do the weekly shop and go to work unless you've been vaccinated, then it's not much of a choice, is it? Personally, I'll delay it as much as possible, and see if there's any adverse reactions to it in those who've taken it when it launches. Cynical, yes, but I'm not being a hero. But this whole thing stinks. They want this 5hit in our bloodstream for some reason, and I wish I knew what the endgame is.
  2. I'm surprised the premise of the above study was accepted and allowed to be conducted.
  3. You have to remember that in the case of Saudi and Iran, any such "revolt" against faith might not entirely be a disavowing of God on purely spiritual terms, but more a politically influenced gesture of frustration and sadness by the population, in terms of how these two Islamic theocracies in particular make life very difficult for their people. When the ruling authorities of these countries claim their mandates to rule and act are derived from Islamic religious norms, the frustrations of the people who experience problems in that society will obviously be channelled towards what they perceive to be the source of their troubles, i.e. the Koran.
  4. Dr. Sangat Singh's History of the Sikhs is also a good take on our origins right up to the modern day as it relates to Brahmin mischief in our misfortunes. Good read.
  5. We should be smart enough to not fall into this trap. I, as an NRI realise the India media are looking for any opportunity to defame us, so why not those people who've actually suffered at the government's hands be careful with their words? We can't keep being setup like this, fall into the trap baited for us, and then get upset about it. Keep Indira out of it. Stick to farming talking points. They want us to clown ourselves, and we do it every time. This hot tempered bravado is present in nearly every Sikh, lol, but it needs to be controlled.
  6. BBC seem to have waded into the propaganda war against farmers by deviously implying that any overarching action carried out against farmers by the government is as a result of farmer malpractice and ignorance on their part. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-54930380 We have NO friends on either side of the dialectic. It's either follow either narrative or you're the enemy. Look how quick and easy it is to discredit the concerns of one group with one news article on a reputable news site.
  7. Has he said something that contradicts Sikhi? I don't know. I know of him and his general philosophy, which I assume is derived from the Vedic framework, but I can't say I've watched any of his videos meticulously enough to see if he's promoting an anti-Gurmat narrative. If he has said something that contradicts Sikhi, then I will retract my statement about his ideology not contradicting Sikhi. Has he said anything that contradicts Sikhi? If so, that information must be presented. If you don't like him because he's not Sikh, then be open and state that as well. Don't give the impression that I'm wholeheartedly endorsing someone when I have no more than a surface understanding of his intentions. If you know details about his heresy, then they need to be highlighted here. When kathavachaks refer to terms and philosophies that obviously aren't directly tuks from Gurbani but are derived from Dharmic sources -- which most of them do because part of their training is to study Indian scriptures -- then I assume that's par for the course, isn't it? I was listening to katha by Giani Pinderpal Singh where he started by describing the different types of guru (lower case) / teacher described in the Hindu granths. That info was used as the underlying basis from which he launched into Sikh-specific vichaar about our Gurus. So, it stands to reason there's information that's cross referenced. These gianis aren't referring to Vedic concepts they've manufactured themselves, are they? They must come from some other non-Sikh source?
  8. Jaggi aside, none of the above really contradicts Sikhi, because it's knowledge from the Vedic granths that even our gianis and parcharaks have to study for a grounding in Dharmic philosophy. I know that if Sikh parchaar occasionally veered towards this really interesting type of spiritual and holistic approach it would attract many lapsed Punjabis, particularly those raised in the West, who currently feel quite disconnected and adrift but can't quite put their finger on how to get themselves out of various ruts and troughs. It might also help warding off the vulture-like attention of other faiths seeking easy converts. Our history and the malign affects of Brahmanical mischief are essential to understand who we are, where we came from, and why we're in the shape we currently are, but some deeper theory of how the individual can enact day-to-day positive spiritual change, is needed for those who are a little more thoughtful and inquisitive.
  9. "Stories." No, a lifetime of observations and, to a lesser degree, drawing inferences where experiences are undefined. I don't sit at home listening to gossip. I leave that to wo... nevermind. You can cling to optimism and feel angry, helpless and confused when the world around you doesn't function according to your high-minded ideals. The Kali Yuga is the age where those who don't wish to drown in the entirely false illusion of reality offered by people such as yourself, feel compelled to raise their objections about the obvious falsities around them. The response to my words has only served to steel my resolve. I know I've touched a nerve. Instead of cowing me into silence, you've emboldened me further. Thank you.
  10. That particular woman who objects to what I observed, and takes it as an attack on all of them.
  11. That's very interesting. One would assume those parents would be pushing, in a positive way, their kids to achieve. Perhaps the success of the parents means the kids have been raised in an environment where that hunger to succeed and get out of the ghetto, as it were, just isn't a factor, mostly due to them never wanting for anything, because, let's be honest, apne view education as a conduit for materialism and social climbing rather than anything that enriches the mind solely for the pleasure of the pursuit itself.
  12. Don't get personal. Just don't bother. You just don't have it.
  13. Is there a footnote or addendum for Chatropokhiyan that states, "Not All Women"? Or is it something that's considered to be assumed and not worth mentioning? You can play with words and claim others who highlight these issues are slandering all women, but nothing in what's been stated targets every single woman alive. You can lie and force through your agenda, but then that just reveals your spiritual posturing to be as hollow and meaningless as your arguments. Do you know what statistical data is? It's drawing on information and data to present an inference based on various characteristics that are a broad occurrence, with the theory of probability, that doesn't take into account outlying extremes. It is as simple as that. And if this needs to be stated anytime a sensitive discussion occurs on this site, then you folk are in serious trouble up ahead.
  14. It's a problem that we need to eliminate. If we don't, it's going to be a huge problem when the time comes for unifying and moving forward.
  15. You're pushing your luck. You haven't "got" me, and this won't become a thing where I'm hounded into silence. I've done my penance. As for not deleting or editing, i left it up as a reminder of my mistake. A coward deletes. The mistake was done for all to see. If you don't want to see it, put me on ignore, and you don't see the post.
  16. They do, and I don't have a problem with it. The side issue is that this "sudden" discovery was deviously used as the basis to silence my contribution to non-Gurbani related discussions, i.e. women. It's an underhand tactic to shame me into silence. It hasn't worked. My mistake on this issue has very little, if anything, to do with what I was stating on another thread about an unrelated issue. I see clearly the game that was played, but I won't labour the point, because i DID make the original mistake.
  17. It's true. It seems there's an artificial threshold that a fellow Sikh can't cross (even when these discussions are approached with tact) that is simultaneously lowered to the point of nothing when it comes to non-Sikhs. Why is that? Is that the famous Sikh suicidal desire to placate the outsider at the expense of one's own?
  18. I like your straight talking. I prefer it that way. No games. Fair enough, Khalsa Ji.
  19. Or he was canny enough to realise this very public show of religious obedience would ensure the religious bodies in the Akal Takhat would be convinced of his dedication and affiliation with Sikhi, and therefore their beady eye of inspection would give him the benefit of the doubt. People who rise to such prominence and power are not innocent, straightforward souls. They are some of the most cunning, forward-thinking individuals ever to have lived. Cunning, yes, not evil. That's a clarification I unfortunately need to make for the simple-minded on here. No doubt there was respect and dedication for Sikhi on his part, but I suspect it was as much the equivalent of a modern day political PR tactic where a Prime Minister enters a Gurdwara with a ramaal or a gaudy orange turban during electioneering to convince the feeble minded rabble that's he's their guy, than a straightforward display of shardaa.
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