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  1. I really am making a conscious effort to adjust my frame of mind so that I'm not viewing reality from a purely masculine and patriarchal perspective, but reading 5hit like this hammers home the absolute futility of it all. We know what she's going to come back with: "Sikhi is outdated / sexist / patriarchal / anti-female" and we're all pendu b**tards who wants to ruin her special day.
  2. Phone up the various Sikh charity organizations. Tell them you're a Muslim who's being disturbed by his Sikh neighbours who won't stop blasting kirtan. If they seem hesitant to help, say the magic L word. Tell them you need some LANGAR. There'll be trucks, TV cameras, and all sorts outside your B&B as quick as a flash.
  3. So there are individuals willing to conduct such a ceremony, but you don't want to pay their rates? Do you not feel the actual religious or spiritual method by which you are enjoined to your partner is worth the financial outlay? So, the problem isn't "Sikh society" but your frugality, because if the issue truly lay with these backwards Sikhs, you'd be unable to find even one individual willing to conduct whatever abominable concoction of religiosity you deem to be en vogue in the current year. As for the rights and wrongs of the ceremony itself I guess it's a matter of tradition. If the ceremony itself is deemed to be so objectionable, I'd find another spiritual framework to latch onto for your wedding aesthetic. If I was in your position and so certain of my convictions, I would reject the Anand Karaj on principle, and instead conduct a secular ceremony more suited to my beliefs and tastes. That's what someone of principle would do.
  4. I agree to a certain extent. Learning the classical methods is an art that requires time, specialist instruction, etc. The desire to do so should stem from a love for the medium as well as the "source" being venerated by the music itself. Do you really see any of these qualities in the average Punjabi Sikh?
  5. Nobody gives a 5hit, bro, especially so-called friends. Need to soldier up and do it yourself. That's the world all over.
  6. It'll be fine, bro. You're lucky you used a credit card! Don't go around to some dodgy Russian's place unless you've got Liam Neeson with you next time.
  7. That's what I mean. Even if the payment has gone through it can be reversed. You get the money back from the bank. Call them and explain what's happened. Probably get some reference from someone official if you can. Honestly, it shouldn't be a problem. You get your money back, you can stop stressing, and move forward to doing what you need to do next.
  8. You can cancel the transfer / payment if it's by credit card. Debit card is tougher from what I can recall.
  9. I would speak to a lawyer in the morning. It all depends on how you went through with the transaction.
  10. Don't give details but how did things get to the point of being homeless? Can it be sorted out?
  11. That's probably the best response to this question. The cultural and social aspect is important. But somewhere along the way the appreciation and "respect" of the cow became worship.
  12. When I go conspicuously silent about crusty uncles, then you'll know when I'm in that demographic. I think I've got at least a good 10-15 years left before that happens.
  13. Crusty old Singh uncles hogging the reins of power and the limelight (while getting nothing done), while the kind of person who actually gets noticed (rightly or wrongly) has to make their own way to bring attention to certain issues. Our leadership is pathetic. Absolute jokes.
  14. Exercise and eating light is best IMO. I tend not to go overboard with stuff I won't be able to do forever. The older you get the more commitments a person has. I can no longer dedicate 2+ hours working out everyday. So, eat enough to obtain energy for work and maintain an exercise routine, but not too much that you end up gaining a pound here and there, or not eating enough so you end up feeling weak and fuzzy brained. TV can jog on. Nonsense. Absorb good, high-minded thoughts and feelings and it will eventually reflect in your mindset. Glean bukwaas and you'll start chatting and thinking bukwaas, too.
  15. My cynicism and intimate knowledge of the Punjabi demeanour doesn't allow me to embrace this particular issue with as much positivity as others. I've seen where this type of narcotically-encouraged religiosity leads, and it's actually not as noble or as high-minded as it's being described here. Each to their own. If it works for someone, then fair enough.
  16. Is it a spiritual aid, though, or a hallucinogenic aid that induces a false religious exaltation? It's not a secret that non-Sikh westerners have used various substances to induce rapturous experiences that they claim are glimpses of the Divine. My point: is it the Sikhi that causes the experience or the drugs?
  17. Sad to read accounts of these things that are rarely acknowledged. What can you say to comfort anyone in this position? Messed up.
  18. That's a shame. I use to listen to his songs when driving. In fact he was a favourite of Punjabi long-haul and taxi drivers. Songs of lost loves and broken hearts in the pind. Pleasant, mournful voice. EDIT: Just realised I was thinking of Durga Rangila not Sardool Sikander. I got them mixed up.
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